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Result Content Idea Research
1 What's the point: Ansible, Puppet, Rust, Kong Mesh, etcd, and Prometheus • DEVCLASS
2 LinkedIn debuts Java machine learning framework Dagli • DEVCLASS
3 Azure gets classy with Java resource management libraries
4 That's another fine service mesh you've gotten us into: Consul refines access control, adds basic visualisation • DEVCLASS
5 Build it and they will come: JetBrains gets grip on MongoDB with v2020.3 of database IDE
6 Quick reminder: Continuous Lifecycle Online 2021 call for presentation is ending soon • DEVCLASS
7 Kuma mesh gets ready for multi-zone catches • DEVCLASS
8 KEDA 2.0 scales up the scale of its Kubernetes scaling-up
9 Python snakes within hissing distance of Java in battle of the langs
10 Kong climbs down the stack to add UDP to its API gateway
11 Tick tock: Microsoft prepares to switch off support for Helm V2, warns tardy users they're going off the charts • DEVCLASS
12 Cake bakes in .NET 5. C# 9 support for RC1 taste test • DEVCLASS
13 CNCF relaxes Sandbox process, welcomes new Incubating project
14 GitLab calls on first responders to 'triage incidents' as version 13.3 hoves into view
15 Snyk buys DeepCode to inject AI into DevSecOps mix • DEVCLASS
16 Stackery slots security, CI/CD to Lambda loving platform • DEVCLASS
17 JupyterLab extension Elyra toasts first major release with code snippet helper • DEVCLASS
18 Applitools casts robot eye on apps through Github and Microsoft Visual Studio • DEVCLASS
19 Python 3.9 lands with union operators and type hinting generics
20 Docker delays dead data delete, pushes on with pull purge
21 Kids programming language Scratch nails top 20 in latest dev rankings • DEVCLASS
22 Dragonfly and Argo sail into CNCF incubator • DEVCLASS
23 Running containers and Kubernetes? You're completely normal, CNCF figures show • DEVCLASS
24 Azure says service is running fine, but is adding capacity anyway...
25 Behold! Linkerd 2.8 rises with multi-cluster capabilities • DEVCLASS
26 SaltStack Enterprise 6.3 lets ops take the pulse of their infrastructure
27 What's the point: BigQuery Omni, Fluent Bit, Swift, Wicket, and more
28 Hello terminal! GitHub makes its way into the command line
29 Istio 1.7: Security improvements take centre stage as users continue to speculate about the service mesh's future
30 JFrog sets sail on the K8s seas with ChartCenter • DEVCLASS
31 What's the point: GitLab, Contour, porting .NET apps, HAProxy, and CLion • DEVCLASS
32 DataStax sends Cassandra newbies ad Astra with new cloud service
33 Kong Enterprise goes into hybrid mode for 2.1 release • DEVCLASS
34 What's that coming over the hill? Rancher drives Longhorn over the 1.0 line
35 Worth-the-wait K8s? Kubernetes 1.19 lands, giving admins time to slow down • DEVCLASS
36 Kudo(s) for Kubeflow: D2iQ preps machine learning platform for enterprise • DEVCLASS
37 AWS AppFlow trickles out, aiming to tighten the net around SaaS apps
38 MCubed Online: Join us for one day of practical tips for real-world machine learning • DEVCLASS
39 I node what you'll do next summer: Red Hat drops veil on OpenShift 4.5, pushing virtualization and edge use-cases
40 Microsoft backs off on TLS 2.0 only plan for Azure DevOps
41 Vatican signs up IBM and Microsoft as AI ethics apostles • DEVCLASS
42 Need a break? Continuous Lifecycle makes one-day appearance online • DEVCLASS
43 Et tu, Atlassian? Company sharpens cloud focus, announces end of server line • DEVCLASS
44 All meshed up: Istio 1.6 welcomes legacy workloads, improves the upgrade process • DEVCLASS
45 Is it that time again already? GitLab pushes out security release remediating XSS and MitM attacks
46 Sony takes a Flutter on embedded system interfaces • DEVCLASS
47 Red Hat kicks off long goodbye for CoreOS Container Linux
48 CNCF starts new artifact hub • DEVCLASS
49 Paul Cormier takes over as Red Hat CEO cites DEC as an inspiration
50 CNCF plants SPIFFE and SPIRE into its incubator, looks to grow secure cloud projects
51 'You still have quite a bit of control coming from operations': CloudBees CEO about DevSecOps and a pinch of AI in its future
52 Java, C and Python tie up programming language top 3...again
53 HashiCorp Consul 1.8 will help services get chatty with those beyond the mesh • DEVCLASS
54 CircleCI spins out Insights data
55 ShardingSphere pulls itself up ladder to top tier of Apache Software Foundation projects
56 Red Hat rolls OpenStack train up to Platform 16 • DEVCLASS
57 Google binds mobile dev's glances to Android Studio 3.6 • DEVCLASS
58 What's the point: IBM shifts OpenShift onto mainframes, GitLab, JetBrains and Istio all on bug hunts • DEVCLASS
59 GitLab 12.8 becomes more Windows dev friendly
60 13.5 is alive: GitLab makes security tweaks, adds 'popular' Group Wikis as this month's model tiptoes out • DEVCLASS
61 Intel oneAPI reaches 1.0 milestone, gets university help for AMD support • DEVCLASS
62 Open sauce: Rancher 2.5 puts new UI forward, gets to continuously delivering
63 Databricks tries making data sources more digestible • DEVCLASS
64 Press one for Halp: Atlassian swallows Slack-to-helpdesk company
65 iXsystems supercharges OpenZFS storage – Blocks and Files
66 AWS Outposts racks up S3 support – Blocks and Files
67 Veeam embraces container backup by buying Kasten – Blocks and Files
68 Red Hat shifts automated data pipeline into OpenShift – Blocks and Files
69 Dell bakes VMware support into VXRail, ObjectScale and PowerProtect systems
70 Cohesity speeds up flash performance, hangs out with more hardware vendors
71 Hardware fault shuts Tokyo Stock Exchange for the day – Blocks and Files
72 Scality replanting 10000 trees lost in California fires – Blocks and Files
73 Western Digital carves flash and disk drives into separate divisions
74 Nutanix Clusters takes on-premises Nutanix to AWS – Blocks and Files
75 Seagate ships 18TB Exos disk drive – Blocks and Files
76 Who are the top HCI vendors (and why do tech analysts disagree)?
77 Seven storage suppliers settle on AWS Outposts – Blocks and Files
78 WD rolls out go-faster Black gaming SSDs, including chewy little gumstick
79 Commvault hooks up Metallic with Azure Blobs – Blocks and Files
80 Lenovo fills HCI niches via software hookups – Blocks and Files
81 Cloudian object storage gains observability and analytics tool
82 Hitachi Vantara packs Optane into HCI systems – Blocks and Files
83 MayaData launches Kubera; a Kubernetes management service
84 Fungible Inc: Our DPU composes much smaller data centre bills
85 PowerMax maxes more with vVOL replication, better DR and cloud tiering
86 Lose the 36-year-old: Quobyte pushes folks to ditch NFS for its 'secure' scale-out, self-service, policy-driven software
87 Array with you: StorONE claims failed SSD rebuild in minutes, 16TB disk in under 5 hours
88 NetApp loves Iguazio's AI pipeline software – Blocks and Files
89 Hitachi Vantara joins WekaIO fast filer OEM fan club – Blocks and Files
90 WANdisco launches LiveData Migrator on AWS – Blocks and Files
91 Snowflake completes biggest software IPO of all time
92 Kioxia demos speedy NVMe E3.S SSD – Blocks and Files
93 Micron said to be mulling action against Chinese DRAM maker CXMT
94 Pure Storage delivers Purity six appeal – Blocks and Files
95 Commvault integrates Metallic backup with Microsoft Azure Blob Storage
96 VAST Data adds SMB support with Universal Storage upgrade
97 Datto files confidentially for $1bn IPO – Blocks and Files
98 Micron raises its NVMe SSD game with two client gumsticks – Blocks and Files
99 Infinidat closes mystery funding round – Blocks and Files
100 Snowflake 'preps $20bn IPO' – Blocks and Files