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1 Rep. Devin Nunes looks to retain his seat in California's 22nd Congressional District
2 Devin Nunes’ legal setbacks pile up, but his lawsuits go on with appeals and new filings
3 Ad watch: Did Devin Nunes ‘vacation on the taxpayers dime,’ as Democrat’s ad says?
4 Devin Nunes election ads fuel racism, mislead on COVID-19
5 Suspect charged in Tulare County for allegedly threatening Devin Nunes’ wife
6 Trump’s former intelligence chief told him to be careful with Devin Nunes, book says
7 South Valley man charged with stalking wife of Congressman Devin Nunes
8 Trump nominates former Nunes aide to be intelligence community watchdog
9 Man Charged With Stalking, Threatening Devin Nunes' Wife, An Elementary School Teacher
10 Federal Judge Dismisses Bulk of Devin Nunes Family’s Defamation Suit
11 Los Angeles man accused of harassing Devin Nunes' wife in Tulare
12 Nunes and Russian interference: Letters to the editor, Aug. 28, 2020
13 Nunes lawsuit broadens conspiracy allegations following judge's order
14 This Democrat gave Devin Nunes a close race. Now he’s going after Kevin McCarthy
15 Devin Nunes May Be Trump's 'Person' Who Witnessed the Antifa Plane 'Firsthand'
16 Creek Fire live updates: Containment at 27%; Nunes, Magsig update residents
17 Rep. Devin Nunes on California’s reopening strategy amid coronavirus pandemic
18 Nunes: GOP should make sure Mueller team is 'held accountable' after phones deleted
19 Impeachment? Again???!!! A talk with Devin Nunes
20 Nunes changes tactics from filing civil lawsuits to criminal complaints
21 The Energy 202: Many California Republicans side with Trump in dismissing climate change as wildfire cause
22 Rep. Nunes releases new book titled 'Countdown to Socialism'
23 White House political staff is accused of wrongly intervening to block John Bolton book
24 Devin Nunes declines to say whether he received foreign information meant to damage Biden
25 Devin Nunes Can’t Sue Twitter Over Cow and Mom Parodies, Judge Says
26 Devin Nunes’ attorney says he’s at ‘dead end’ in quest to reveal identity of Twitter cow
27 Judge again tells Devin Nunes he can’t sue Twitter over fake cow’s tweets
28 2 years after ‘fake farmer’ challenge, Devin Nunes reports income from agriculture
29 New York Times review rekindles debate about labeling Portuguese as Hispanic
30 Early Edition: September 24, 2020
31 U.S. judge questions Bolton’s political motives as he battles White House lawsuit for book profits
32 Public health experts say stay in. Devin Nunes and other defiant officials say, ‘It’s a great time to just go out.’
33 FOX26 talks to Rep. Devin Nunes
34 Biden gets major endorsements today
35 Group asks Congress to investigate how Devin Nunes is paying for his lawsuits
36 Secret CIA assessment: Putin ‘probably directing’ influence operation to denigrate Biden
37 The Devin Nunes-Ukraine allegations, explained
38 Devin Nunes Says Decision to Cancel School in California Was ‘Overkill’
39 Judge tells Devin Nunes for 3rd time he can’t sue Twitter over anonymous tweets
40 Devin Nunes dealt another legal defeat in libel lawsuits, this time in Iowa
41 How Devin Nunes raises millions: Lawsuits, a ‘deep state’ doll and Fox News spots
42 Text messages point to Rep. Devin Nunes in Ukraine scheme at heart of Trump impeachment
43 Devin Nunes opponent Phil Arballo on uphill Congressional campaign: 'I want to serve'
44 $50K per day: Devin Nunes is raking in cash for 2020 re-election campaign
45 Devin Nunes Podcast talks socialism in Fresno CA, COVID-19
46 Ted Lieu tells Devin Nunes to 'shove it' after Republican colleague threatens lawsuit
47 What, exactly, is Devin Nunes doing?
48 Devin Nunes has dangerous views on coronavirus and schools. He should keep them to himself
49 Devin Nunes sues Washington Post. It’s his 7th lawsuit in 12 months
50 Trump won't commit to peaceful transfer if he loses election
51 Devin Nunes lives on a congressman’s salary. How is he funding so many lawsuits?
52 Trump hails Devin Nunes as an impeachment hero, the ‘other side’s worst nightmare’
53 Devin Nunes’ opponent has raised big money this year. Nunes is millions ahead
54 You are never going to believe what Devin Nunes said about coronavirus and the media
55 California primary: Devin Nunes' district a Trump stronghold
56 Judge moves Devin Nunes’ Washington Post lawsuit. It’s his second court setback in one week
57 Devin Nunes’ lawyer facing prospect of sanctions after two recent, rare court warnings
58 Devin Nunes’ Democratic opponent takes out first TV ad buy – and doesn’t mention Nunes
59 GOP’s Devin Nunes Can’t Sue Twitter Over Tweets by Fake Cow
60 Judge Orders Transfer Of Devin Nunes’ CNN Case From Virginia To New York
61 Devin Nunes’ impeachment defense marks a breakthrough — for his opponents
62 Nunes' lies catch up with him in plot to smear Joe Biden
63 Rep. Devin Nunes files $435 million defamation lawsuit against CNN
64 Column: Do Devin Nunes' constituents think he's ridiculous too?
65 Occupation description on ballot an issue in East Bay judicial race
66 Nunes opponent pins hopes on shifting demographics in uphill battle | TheHill
67 Trump-appointed judge tosses out Rep. Devin Nunes' defamation lawsuit
68 Devin Nunes Is Living in a Fantasyland
69 Devin Nunes’s opening statement at the public impeachment hearing, annotated
70 Talking to Rep. Devin Nunes on Great Day
71 Guest columnist: Devin Nunes deserves an apology from news media
72 Devin Nunes’ lawsuit against Trump research firm dismissed by Virginia judge
73 Rep. Devin Nunes speaks to FOX26 about reopening cities and towns
74 Devin Nunes, GOP Impeachment Warrior, Appears to Have Deep Ties to Trump’s Ukraine Effort
75 US Magistrate Judge Stays Discovery, as CNN Seeks Dismissal of Devin Nunes' Defamation Suit | New York Law Journal
76 At Glitzy GOP Fundraiser, Devin Nunes Dodges Questions About Contact With Lev Parnas
77 Devin Nunes’ challenger hauls in $700,000 after impeachment hearings
78 Today's D Brief: Protests spread anew; Armed civilians gather to 'help police'; Gen. Berger, live; Election-data firm, hacked; And a bit more.
79 Devin Nunes’ setback in Twitter lawsuit drives big fundraising haul for Democratic opponent
80 Rep. Devin Nunes: 'Shameful' that Democrats brought House back to vote on USPS conspiracy theory
81 Devin Nunes' family files $25 million lawsuit against reporter over Iowa dairy farm article
82 Twitter’s new argument in Devin Nunes lawsuit: It can’t be sued over internet cow’s tweets
83 Who is Devin Nunes suing?
84 CA Rep. Devin Nunes stonewalls a reporter's questions. Why?
85 Devin Nunes’ lawsuit over Iowa farm story called a ‘fishing expedition’ by Esquire Magazine
86 Rep. Devin Nunes: Congress was misled about Steele dossier
87 California Republican Devin Nunes has a new podcast. Is it worth a listen?
88 Devin Nunes Defamation Lawsuit Hits Snag as Judge Rules He Needs to Identify What's Actually Defamatory
89 What happened at Devin Nunes water forum with Interior Secretary? We can’t tell you. Here’s why
90 Devin Nunes filed six lawsuits in 2019. Where are they now?
91 Collins presses Trump on Nunes' coronavirus comments
92 Devin Nunes draws ire during Trump impeachment hearings
93 'Optimistic' Devin Nunes planning late May winery tour fundraiser
94 Rep. Devin Nunes talks about impeachment
95 Devin Nunes aide exchanged information with Lev Parnas about Ukraine campaign, documents reveal
96 Twitter demands legal fees from Devin Nunes’ attorney in new filing over fake cow’s identity
97 The Shows: Sunday listings for Sept. 20, 2020
98 Why can't Devin Nunes answer easy questions about Ukraine?
99 Blackburn: Mueller's team caught 'trying to execute a cover-up'
100 COVID-19: Fact-checking Devin Nunes on coronavirus pandemic