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Result Content Idea Research
1 How to play Fortnite Split Screen
2 Slacked IS OUT! CDL RosterMania Begins!
3 xQc loses 2 million Twitch followers as platform clamps down on bots
4 Call of Duty Mobile $2m World Championship 2021 announced: schedule & format
5 CadiaN’s crazy comeback | Richard Lewis reacts
6 Leaked recording captures discussion of CSGO ESEA Premier match fixing
7 TimTheTatman claims Twitch might not let him play with Dr Disrespect off-stream
8 Vitality’s apEX on why CIS is the “best region” in CSGO
9 Riot Games has started work on a League of Legends cinematic universe
10 Apex Legends dev confirms Loba’s Season 9 changes: Ultimate & Tactical
11 Ludwig explains why he’ll never do another Twitch subathon again
12 Dexerto acquires leading gaming and esports newsletter
13 Who is the Season 9 Legend in Apex Legends? Valk Leaks, abilities, teasers
14 Riot Games conducting their own Valorant match-fixing investigation among players
15 Nintendo responds to fan asking for Rayman to join Smash Ultimate
16 Ludwig’s historic Twitch subathon finally ends after 31 days of non-stop streaming
17 Yuurih: Furia ‘deserves’ title of Brazil’s premier CSGO team over MiBR
18 Flashpoint Season 3 announced as path to Stockholm CSGO Major 2021
19 Are Mega Evolutions coming to Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl?
20 Overwatch League 2021 season: schedule, standings, more
21 Josh Richards responds to Nessa Barrett & Jaden Hossler relationship drama
22 How to use the TikTok shapeshifting filter
23 Activision issuing “hardware bans” for Warzone cheaters caught multiple times
24 GTA 6 setting hinted at in Rockstar Games job posting
25 What are Shadow Items in TFT Set 5? New Reckoning mechanic
26 Top 10 moments from CSGO’s tricksy Hobbit
27 Valve ease restrictions on VAC-banned players for CSGO Majors
28 G2 Nexa explains decision to bench kennyS: “It was something he needed”
29 Ben Askren roasts Jake Paul over bizarre open workout footage
30 Apex Legends Season 9 will have “a ton” of Titanfall content
31 Envy CEO: How Envy Gaming will expand with $40m investment
32 Blizzard reportedly planned to release Overwatch Mobile alongside Overwatch 2
33 Apex Legends leak shows Respawn testing Titanfall 2 weapon in-game
34 How to mod vehicles in Fortnite: Where to find Chonkers off-road tires for cars
35 Heroic deserve more respect | Richard Lewis reacts
36 How to upgrade weapons in Resident Evil Village
37 Smash Ultimate goes 3D with insane Kingdom Hearts 3 mod
38 xQc threatens GTA RP player with NoPixel ban over confiscated phone
39 Riot confirms even more Yoru buffs are coming in Episode 2
40 How to get Shiny Trubbish & Garbodor in Pokemon Go
41 New Warzone sniper reticle breaks the game completely
42 Addison Rae slammed after comparing herself to Britney Spears
43 CSGO exploit allows hackers to steal passwords, and Valve hasn’t fixed it
44 Twitch & YouTube stats expose massive gap between male and female viewership
45 Warzone’s Attack Helicopters removed again due to new invisibility glitch
46 Warzone spray glitch lets players shoot while downed
47 Millionaire xQc says he can’t stream on Twitch after forgetting to pay electricity bill
48 YouTuber ReviewBrah finally puts Shake Shack’s hype to the test
49 Jake Paul reveals “repeated head traumas” from boxing after brain scan
50 The Rock teases major Fortnite Season 6 crossover with cryptic video
51 League of Legends Gwen guide: abilities, runes, builds, tips & tricks
52 Overwatch players call for DVa’s April Fool’s buff to be permanent
53 Twitch bans streamer for “innapropriate attire” – but not for hot tub stream
54 Everything we know about Valorant map six: name, release date, more
55 Apex Legends promises “free stuff” for code:net errors after giving a free Heirloom
56 New LoL champion Gwen revealed: abilities, release date, more
57 Why is #BoycottGenshinImpact trending? Genshin Impact sparks backlash after racism concerns
58 GTA RP resurgence fires GTA 5 past League of Legends as most-watched game in 2021
59 Infinity Ward responds after deleting two new Modern Warfare maps
60 Tfue explains why Ninja and other big streamers quit playing Fortnite
61 Pokimane criticizes new Among Us map for being “too much”
62 Oddworld Soulstorm review – Much more than a remake
63 Clever Apex Legends trick makes hip fire incredibly accurate
64 Apex Legends dev reveals surprising statistic about the ‘best’ SMG
65 How to activate crossplay in Outriders for PS5, Xbox & PC
66 PewDiePie just threw shade at David Dobrik again
67 Twitch streamer SmashGodxXx banned after allegedly assaulting girlfriend on stream
68 CoD 2021 reportedly titled ‘WWII: Vanguard’ with Sledgehammer developing
69 Where to forage Bouncy Eggs in Fortnite & unlock free Tactical Quaxes pickaxe
70 Outriders ‘no HUD’ bug can be fixed with a few simple steps
71 BLAST Premier now viewable in 157 territories following new deals
72 Ludwig becomes second Twitch streamer ever to hit 200k subs, is chasing Ninja’s record
73 Former Smash Bros pro ZeRo reportedly in hospital after suicide attempt
74 xQc banned again from GTA RP NoPixel after drama with “encouraging” chat hoppers
75 Chess Grandmaster Hikaru strikes Eric Hansen’s Chessbrah YouTube channel for copyright
76 GTA 6 rumors spread again as mystery page appears on Rockstar website
77 Revealed: Ludwig will walk away with just 0.6% of record-breaking Twitch sub haul
78 Outriders review – The looter shooter 2021 needed
79 Best England EURO 2020 team using FIFA 21 ratings: The Dexerto XI
80 Riot wants “close to 30 Agents” before adding Valorant ban system
81 GTA 6 leak potentially spills ‘Project Americas’ map details with release date hint
82 Streamers criticize Twitch over hot tub streams controversy
83 Call of Duty 2021 set to use Modern Warfare 2019’s engine
84 Apex Legends April Fool’s Day 2021 update: Gold Mozambique and more
85 Overwatch players want Baptiste’s Immortality Field meme rework to go live
86 James Charles faces further accusations of flirting with underage teen
87 Disgruntled Dunkin’ Donuts employee goes viral with “nasty” secrets on TikTok
88 Epic Games threatens to ban Clix & other stars for playing Fortnite wagers
89 Warzone Season 2 Reloaded patch notes: AUG nerfs, attachment changes, more
90 Ludwig is now banning Twitch fans who gift too many subs in his subathon
91 Dream responds to accusations he used racial slur in old YouTube stream
92 Logan Paul responds to Addison Rae dating rumors: “She’s a friend”
93 Target takes drastic measures to stop Pokemon card scalpers
94 Ludwig becomes most-subbed Twitch streamer with insane 150-hour subathon
95 Demetrious Johnson on Twitch streaming, Warzone, and fighting Adriano Moraes
96 Ludwig bans Dream from his Twitch channel for gifting subs in subathon stream
97 Furious mother’s freakout goes viral after child spends hundreds on Fortnite V-Bucks
98 OTK streamer Nmplol mocks Twitch for censoring “obese”
99 Amouranth overtakes Pokimane as top female streamer on Twitch
100 PewDiePie predicts David Dobrik YouTube return while roasting apology videos