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Result Content Idea Research
1 Cochrane Review confirms effectiveness of MMR vaccines
2 Measles Vaccines Reported Safe Once Again
3 Study Confirms Safety, Effectiveness of Children's Vaccines | Health News
4 Data On 23 Million Children Shows No Link Between Autism And MMR Vaccine
5 Cochrane supports safety & effectiveness of MMR vaccines
6 Study: Vaccines Are Safe, Don't Cause Autism
7 Significant methodological flaws in a 2020 study claiming to show unvaccinated children are healthier
8 Questioning the second dose of live MMR vaccine
9 An open call for influenza vaccination pending the new wave of COVID‐19
10 RE: Does repeated influenza vaccination prevent severe/fatal influenza in older adults? It might be, but also not
11 Lively and Refreshing Wines at the Right Price
12 Baloxavir: Roche's new oseltamivir?
13 Effectiveness of flu jab studied
14 Updated review questions benefits of flu vaccine in elderly
15 A jab 'to cure all flu'?
16 Flu jab and pneumonia
17 Vitamin D linked to MS
18 Coffee and multiple sclerosis
19 Promising Forecast for Autism Spectrum Disorders | Autism Spectrum Disorders | JAMA
20 It may not be perfect, but the influenza vaccine has saved many people's lives
21 Why healthcare workers need seasonal influenza vaccination
22 Pneumococcal Disease: Changing Under the Pressure of Vaccination
23 The Social Value of Childhood Vaccination in the United States
24 Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine: Will the Phoenix Rise Again?
25 Tamiflu side effects in children
26 Do Not Ignore a Headache
27 Napoli Afragola Station / Zaha Hadid Architects
28 Zaha Hadid Architects NapoliAfragola High Speed Train Station
29 Antivirals and swine flu
30 Simulation Study of the Effect of Influenza and Influenza Vaccination on Risk of Acquiring Guillain-Barré Syndrome
31 Abdominal massage for constipation
32 Azathioprine: Old Drug, New Data
33 MicroRNA-Based Attenuation of Influenza Virus across Susceptible Hosts
34 'napoli afragola' railway station by zaha hadid architects
35 Wellington launch for NZ's flu immunisation campaign
36 Can people with MS be disease free in the long term?
37 Debate Regarding Oseltamivir Use for Seasonal and Pandemic Influenza
38 Scientific Advocacy and Biases of the Ideological and Industry Kinds
39 Cost-effectiveness of Pharmaceutical-based Pandemic Influenza Mitigation Strategies
40 Case Report of Subcutaneous Nodules and Sterile Abscesses Due to Delayed Type Hypersensitivity to Aluminum-Containing Vaccines
41 Antimicrobial Resistance
42 A Measles Death, Vaccines, and the Media's Failure to Inform