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Result Content Idea Research
1 A remnant planetary core in the hot-Neptune desert
2 Podcast Extra: Q&A with Nobel Prize winner Didier Queloz
3 The Interview
4 University of Geneva: Award-winning physics research and education
5 James Peebles, Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz share Nobel Prize for Physics
6 In space exploration, Switzerland punches above its weight
7 Daily briefing: Why protests haven't lead to a surge in COVID-19
8 Why Nobel Prize-Winning Scientists Universally Oppose Moving to Mars
9 Nobel Prize in Physics to James Peebles, Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz
10 Physics Nobel goes to exoplanet and cosmology pioneers
11 Nobel Prize in Physics winners 'forever changed our conceptions of the world'
12 University of Cambridge’s Didier Queloz wins Nobel Prize in Physics for first discovery of an exoplanet
13 Nobel prize brightens up bad day for exoplanet pioneer Didier Queloz
14 Didier Queloz is hunting for exoplanets in the Milky Way
15 Nobel Winners Changed Our Understanding with Exoplanet Discovery
16 Nobel Prize in Physics Awarded for Studies of Earth’s Place in the Universe
17 Exploring the Cosmos with Nobel Laureates
18 Nobel Prize-Winning Astronomer Says We May Find Alien Life Within 30 Years
19 Three win Nobel Prize in Physics for work to understand cosmos
20 Europe’s CHEOPS satellite blasts off on hunt for distant planets
21 Nobel Prize Physics Laureate on Colonizing Another Planet: ‘It’s Completely Crazy’
22 Fix climate crisis because Earth is all we've got, Physics Nobel prize winner says
23 “The Alien Planet So Light It Would Float on Water”
24 Nobel Prize in Physics
25 James Peebles, Michel Mayor & Didier Queloz Get Nobel Prize for Understanding Evolution of Universe
26 Three Scientists Have Won The Nobel Prize In Physics For Astronomical Discoveries
27 Nobel Prize In Physics Awarded To James Peebles, Michel Mayor, Didier Queloz
28 Nobel prize in physics for discovery of exoplanet orbiting a star
29 How the Nobel Prize-Winning Exoplanet Was Found
30 'With the Nobel Prize, you've reached the Olympus of science'
31 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics: Evolution of the universe and discovery of exoplanet orbiting solar-type star
32 Physics Nobel awarded for discoveries about the universe’s evolution and exoplanets
33 Nobel Prize Winners Talk Secrets of the Universe with Astronauts in Space
34 Fix climate crisis because Earth is all we've got says Nobel Prize winner
35 From ‘weirdo’ PhD stargazer to Nobel Physics laureate
36 All the Exoplanets That Came Before 1995
37 Nobel Prize for Physics awarded for cosmology and exoplanet breakthroughs
38 Nobel Prize winner says humanity must focus on 'blue sky research'
39 What this year's Physics Nobel laureates unravelled about the universe
40 Scientists who discovered an exoplanet win Nobel Prize for Physics
41 Daily briefing: How biological advances have changed who we think we are
42 Cosmology and Exoplanets Win 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics
43 Scientists Discover An Ultra-Light Planet, So Light It Can Float in a Swimming Pool
44 James Peebles, Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz win 2019 Nobel Prize for Physics
45 Nobel-Winning Exoplanet Hunters Are Case Study In Innovation
46 Nobel Prize in Physics awarded to trio for ‘groundbreaking discoveries’ about the universe
47 2019 Physics Nobel awarded to 3 scientists for discoveries in cosmology
48 Exoplanet researchers welcome 'cataclysmic' Nobel-prize announcement
49 Exoplanet hunting instrument created in part by UCI astronomer makes first observations
50 Nobel Prize Winner Believes We Could Find Alien Life Within 30 Years
51 3 Researchers Awarded Nobel Prize In Physics
52 Nobel Prize-winning scientist says alien life to be found in 30 years
53 Swiss Nobel Prize winners attend official ceremony
54 Alien life ‘will be found within 30 years’ as Nobel Prize winner claims he’s ‘convinced’ ET is out there
55 Nobel Prize in Physics Honors Contributions to Cosmology
56 Nobel Prize in Physics Awarded to Cosmology, Exoplanet Researchers
57 Mars mission off? Expert warns experts to fix Earth before leaving
58 Who Really Discovered the First Exoplanet?
59 A Dazzling Quarter Century of Exoplanet Discovery
60 The Exoplanet Hunter’s Toolkit: the science of searching for other worlds
61 Physics Nobel awarded for Big Bang-related theory and exoplanet discovery
62 Astronomers pinpoint rare binary brown dwarf
63 “Confirmed” –The Presence of an Earth Around the Nearest Star
64 American And Swiss Scientists To Share Nobel Prize In Physics
65 Nobel Prize in Physics awarded for discovery of dark matter, exoplanets
66 Exoplanet researcher awarded for groundbreaking work
67 Physics Nobel honors architect of modern cosmology, discoverers of other worlds
68 Swiss and Canadian-American scientists win 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics
69 How finding the first exoplanet changed our perception of the universe
70 Scientists behind major cosmic finds named as Nobel winners
71 How was first exoplanet found?
72 Nobel at Noon: Physics
73 Science of far-away planets and infant universe wins Nobel prize
74 Meet the 2019 Nobel Prize Winners
75 Get the new decade off to a great start with the January 2020 issue of Physics World magazine
76 Nobel literature winner dreams of a new narrative style
77 The Planet That Took Us Beyond the Solar System
78 2019 Nobel Laureates photos: Abhijit Banerjee to James Peebles & Abiy Ahmed Ali; check out the full list here
79 British science is in jeopardy despite Nobel Prize wins
80 The search for extrasolar planets continues
81 Nobel Prize: From physics to peace
82 Nobel Prize in Physics for two breakthroughs: Evidence for the Big Bang and a way to find exoplanets
83 In the final frontier, how should we behave?
84 Science’s Most Prestigious Prize Awarded For Biggest Questions
85 3 scientists share 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics
86 How the first exoplanets were discovered |
87 Review: Imagined Life
88 Research: Evolution of the universe and discovery of exoplanet orbiting solar-type star
89 Swiss project launched to name exoplanet
90 Science journalists will meet in Italy in 2020, before ESOF. Can you help with a pencil?
91 20 Years Later--a Q&A with the first Astronomer to Detect a Planet Orbiting Another Sun
92 Nobel Prize in physics: 2019 winners made significant cosmological discoveries
93 Astronomer L. Ilsedore Cleeves Joins the Ranks of UVA's Packard Fellows
94 Can there be any form of life on exoplanets?
95 Five minutes on ... the transit of Mercury, with an astrophysicist
96 The ‘golden age of astrophysics’: will we find the galaxy's planets?
97 Newly discovered exoplanet trio could unravel the mysteries of super-Earth formation
98 3 Scientists Win Physics Nobel For Work On The Universe's Evolution
99 Swiss space telescope CHEOPS: Rocket launch set for December 17, 2019
100 Meet the 10 brilliant Cambridge scientists newly elected as fellows of the Royal Society