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Result Content Idea Research
1 Potential COVID-19 vaccine has re-energized anti-vaccination groups, health experts warn
2 IBM drops out of facial recognition software market; cites mass surveillance, human rights and racial justice concerns
3 Customers, community and COVID
4 Michael Doane RIP
5 Enterprise hits and misses
6 Democracy will “decline into irrelevance” unless government tackles online misinformation
7 Keeping essential workers safe and productive
8 The mask debate | Coronavirus |
9 Why corporate values count
10 Time to decompose your enterprise suites, says the MACH Alliance
11 Sapphire Now 2020
12 Sapphire Now 2020
13 Looking beyond the Coronavirus pandemic to the new normal
14 Enterprise hits and misses
15 The digital policy divide between the US and the EU
16 Trust me
17 Meet the Anxious Consumer
18 Legislature takes an intermission on summer action | Coronavirus
19 Mondelez forays into cakes category through brand Cadbury
20 And the beat goes on
21 Presidential debate planning proceeds despite virus worries
22 From content to experience to context
23 Dreamforce 2019
24 Your virtual events are legacy
25 Keeping your distance no problem in House virus debate
26 Data Privacy Day
27 DigiFest Temecula announces A-list attendees
28 FREE Hugh Wheelan: The RI DigiFest 2020 comes as ESG holds its own despite COVID-19 fears
29 Digi-Tech Pharma & Artificial Intelligence | 2-Day Conference: London, UK
30 UK faces 'no win' decision over Huawei as the firm's CEO calls the US "over-concerned" about China's capabilities
31 Quantum tech
32 Enterprise hits and misses
33 My learnings from 21+ years of SaaS and cloud
34 The innocent have nothing to fear from facial recognition tech, right? Well...
35 UK Parliament to hold virtual debates amid virus lockdown
36 Enterprise hits and misses
37 Smart Data policy and practice
38 Zoho takes their B2B data privacy stand
39 ZohoDay 2020 first take
40 Agile has failed? It's just getting started
41 Are you really disrupting, or are you running in place? Weighing both sides of the disruption debate
42 Enterprise hits and misses
43 Think deep work isn't relevant to software engineers? Think again
44 Creative, actually: 'Digi Kiwis' lift the lid on Boris Johnson's video masterstroke
45 ‘Privacy has taken a back seat’ as governments pursue digital contact tracing
46 The technician as a sensor
47 The real world impact of IoT, AR, and RPA technologies
48 4th Annual Digi-Tech Pharma & AI Conference, 2020 (London, United Kingdom
49 Sleepwalking to China
50 Remember the human connection!
51 COVID-19 triggers debate for self-reliant societies – adding new dimension to global sustainability
52 Outside US, top scientists steer debate away from politics
53 Earning B2B buyer trust
54 US Defense Department awards Microsoft lucrative JEDI contract ahead of Amazon
55 Misinterpreting data comes with a price tag
56 Enterprise hits and misses
57 Why purpose transformation matters as much as digital transformation
58 Enterprise hits and misses
59 WEF 2020
60 Acumatica Summit 2020 first take
61 Enterprise hits and misses
62 Digi Yatra to bring facial recognition system to airports: Here’s how it works
63 WEF 2020
64 The EU pitches ethical AI regulation and "a single European data space". (Try not to be too underwhelmed...)
65 Political parties make their pitch to business
66 Spending conspiracies, lack of transparency and questions of ethos
67 Enterprise hits and misses
68 Enterprise hits and misses
69 Dreamforce 2019
70 Inforum 2019
71 AI and ethics
72 UK’s Knowledge Transfer Network says, ‘Don’t shoot the messenger!' in the Corona crisis
73 The Daily 202: Steve Bullock won't be on the debate stage. But he'll keep talking about his signature issue.
74 Government launches tech competition aimed at improving the future of the UK’s railways
75 India's answer to a capacity problem country-wide: Digi Yatra
76 Can Digi and Smart rebound from COVID-19?
77 Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's big ask
78 "You have to be brave enough!"
79 Making sense of the "dynamic drop in global manufacturing"
80 Dismissing ethical issues means AI has a long way yet to go in the enterprise
81 Politicians will not have their content moderated on social media platforms
82 Digital advertising
83 WEF 2020
84 Doteveryone interim CEO Catherine Miller
85 Covid reality: Cost of human lives and how to fund healthcare
86 Three reasons why multi-cloud is back
87 Mexico's Hot Debate: Is Beer Essential?
88 "What we're seeing right now will not go away"
89 Europe's legislators deliver emphatic 'Non!' to Facebook's vision of self-serving internet regulation
90 Enterprise hits and misses
91 Electrolube Joins the Debate on Cleaning and Surface Preparation
92 'Digimon ReArise' Guide: Reroll, Widget and Digiwalk Explained
93 Dreamforce 2019
94 The robots are coming? Not enough of them in some cases...
95 Is real-time customer feedback a dream, or a nightmare? My in-person challenge to HappyOrNot co-founder Ville Levaniemi
96 Enterprise hits and misses
97 NRF 2020
98 AI has a black box explainability problem
99 Has AI really caused a massive retraining need? Then we need a retraining roadmap
100 Digi-Key Announces Exclusive Global Distribution Partnership with Directed Energy, Inc.