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1 Fossils of huge Ninjatitan dinosaur that lived 140 million years ago found in Argentina
2 New Sauropod Dinosaur Discovered in Uzbekistan | Paleontology
3 When Meteorites and Dinosaur Bones Are Art Materials
4 The Outsized Influence of Teen T. Rex and Other Young Dinosaurs
5 Medium-size dinos are missing from the fossil record. Here's why.
6 Dinosaur extinction facts and information | National Geographic
7 As bills pile up for many jobless workers, state’s ‘dinosaur’ benefits system provides only frustration
8 Dinosaur species: 'Everyone's unique': Paleontologists examined 14 skulls of Plateosaurus trossingensis
9 Peabody renovation offers unique view of iconic dinosaur mural
10 Funds being raised to pick at 9-ton Utah rock full of dinosaur bones
11 8-Year-Old Calls Out NPR For Lack Of Dinosaur Stories
12 Where Did the Dinosaur-Killing Impactor Come From?
13 What Really Killed The Dinosaurs? Harvard Researchers Propose New Theory
14 Tim’s Travels: Dinosaur exhibits at The Magic House
15 Asteroid Dust Found in Crater Closes Case of Dinosaur Extinction
16 First rebbachisaurid dinosaur remains found in Asia
17 Dinosaurs come to life at Dino Safari
18 New diplodocus-like dinosaur, Dzharatitanis kingi, identified from a fossil
19 Prehistoric dinosaur exhibit returns to Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History
20 San Antonio, Texas was home to biggest flying ‘dinosaur’ ever: Quetzalcoatlus: named after Aztec god
21 Dinosaur found in Argentina could be oldest titanosaur ever discovered
22 Jurassic Wonder Dinosaur Drive-Thru comes alive in Salem this weekend
23 Fresno Fairgrounds to host Jurassic Empire, a drive-thru dinosaur exhibit
24 The pandemic has left a huge cache of dinosaur bones stuck in the Sahara
25 Scientists have found dust from the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs inside the crater it left
26 Our earliest primate ancestors rapidly spread after dinosaur extinction
27 Climate change helped some dinosaurs migrate to Greenland
28 Dust From Asteroid That Ended Dinosaur Reign Closes Case on Impact Extinction Theory
29 Dinos on Whidbey? This Freeland yard is a Jurassic Park |
30 Meet Massachusetts' Official State Dinosaur | Smart News
31 Jurassic Leadership And The Dinosaur Within Us
32 Space dust in Chicxulub crater confirms that asteroid killed off dinosaurs
33 Climate Change May Have Aided Dinosaurs' Journey From South America to Greenland
34 Ever wondered how dinosaurs would wear ties? Tweet sparks hilarious debate
35 DMNS-funded research sheds light on rare dinosaur discovery
36 Trending space & science stories: Wild Wool & Dinosaur Demise
37 Teen dinosaurs left no room for other dinosaurs, so they could be the cool kids that ate everything
38 Teenage T. rexes outcompeted smaller rivals, new study suggests
39 Life-sized dinosaur models greet visitors eye to eye at Fairplex in Pomona
40 4-year-old discovers impressive dinosaur footprint on Wales beach
41 Some dinosaur migration was delayed by climate, study shows
42 Cocaine addicted hospital porter ‘dressed up as a dinosaur’ and disrupted evening drug administration
43 Dinosaur Jr. to drop new album in April
44 Oldest primate fossils indicate our ancestors walked with dinosaurs
45 CO2 Dip May Have Helped Dinosaurs Walk From South America to Greenland
46 The Cold Case That Took 66 Million Years To Solve: An Asteroid Caused Dinosaur Extinction
47 Rare’s unreleased N64 game Dinosaur Planet has leaked
48 Dinosaur safari hits Haywood this weekend | News |
49 Dinosaur Jr. Announce New Album, Share Lead Single ‘I Ran Away’
50 Oklahoma was once home to some of the largest dinosaurs on the fossil record
51 Sandra Oh videobombed by dinosaur toys while presenting Palm Springs at Golden Globes
52 Asteroid dust is the final proof that a monster space rock destroyed the dinosaurs
53 Dinosaurs attack, Girl Scouts on the move, and another fair pops-up
54 Pioneering prehistoric landscape reconstruction reveals early dinosaurs lived on tropical islands
55 Boy's dinosaur email to NPR goes viral, leads to San Diego Natural History Museum
56 Dinosaur Fossil Discovered May Reveal the Largest Animal to Ever Walk on the Planet
57 Life-sized Cabazon Dinosaurs decked out for Valentine's Day
58 Weekend best bets: Drive-through dinosaur tour and explore Black history in Durham
59 Dancing on Ice dinosaur had crying Holly Willoughby dashing off set in rehearsals
60 Dwayne Johnson tells his daughter he is a dinosaur, her reaction is winning hearts online
61 Early Dinosaurs In The UK Lived In A Caribbean-Like Tropical Island Paradise
62 Meteorite caused dinosaur extinction, Belgian study confirms
63 Dinosaurs invading central Alabama at Jurassic Quest in Bessemer
64 Meet the azhdarchids, flying reptilian giraffes which ate dinosaurs
65 Researchers Find Asteroid Dust In Crater; Confirms Dinosaur Extinction Theory
66 Dinosaurs and underwhelm | Columns |
67 Iridium levels of submerged crater support dinosaur extinction theory
68 Study: Dinosaurs migrated in stages
69 I was a lead on Dinosaur Planet and this week’s leak brought back great memories
70 8-Year-Old Sends Stern Letter Urging NPR To Broadcast More Dinosaur Stories
71 Star Fox: 10 Things You Never Knew About Rare's Canceled Dinosaur Planet
72 Florida on a Tankful: Dinosaurs Invade Leu Gardens
73 N.J. town has a dinosaur park and a Target. What it doesn’t have is a supermarket.
74 Dinosaur Discoveries Are Booming
75 'Like nothing seen in nature before': strange dinosaur has scientists enthralled
76 Massive new dinosaur might be the largest creature to ever roam Earth
77 1st preserved dinosaur butthole is 'perfect' and 'unique,' paleontologist says
78 Dinosaur found in Argentina may be largest land animal ever
79 Dinosaur fossils could belong to the world's largest ever creature
80 Dinosaur Unearthed in Argentina Could Be Largest Land Animal Ever
81 Why the World's Biggest Dinosaurs Keep Getting Cut Down to Size
82 With a Mane and Strange Shoulder Rods, This New Dinosaur Was Quite a 'Little Show-Off'
83 Fossilized skull reveals how crested dinosaur got its fancy headgear
84 The 10 coolest dinosaur findings of 2020
85 Paleontologists Discover Southern Hemisphere's 1st Dinosaur With Feathers
86 Was Spinosaurus an Underwater Killer or a Giant Wading Bird?
87 Scientists digitally rebuilt this dinosaur's brain and made some surprising discoveries
88 Massachusetts might soon have an official state dinosaur. A bunch of other states already do
89 Scientists retract claim of finding tiniest dinosaur
90 We’ve Rarely Seen a Dinosaur Brain Like This Before
91 Why some dinosaurs had such long necks
92 Dinosaurs may have 'flashed' each other with their bottoms, newly discovered fossil shows
93 The Top Ten Dinosaur Discoveries of 2020 | Science
94 125 million-year-old dinosaur found buried by a volcanic eruption in China
95 BU Student Discovers a Yet-to-Be Named Dinosaur in China
96 'Dueling Dinosaurs' fossil, hidden from science for 14 years, could finally reveal its secrets
97 Possible Dinosaur DNA Has Been Found
98 Does Massachusetts Need an Official State Dinosaur?
99 New dinosaur species related to Tyrannosaurus rex discovered by scientists in England
100 These Winged Dinosaurs Hurtled Through the Trees Like Haywire Hang Gliders