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1 NASA's giant Webb telescope succeeds in key pre-launch test
2 Priceless Astronomy Data Saved After Collapse of Arecibo Telescope
3 The Arecibo Radio Telescope Collapsed Last December, but Its Legacy of Discovery and Innovation Continues
4 Line of SpaceX Starlink satellites in sky baffles residents, bugs astronomers
5 Shoemaker NEO Grant Winners Advance Their Work
6 Outback radio telescope discovers dense, spinning, dead star
7 James Webb Space Telescope May Detect Extraterrestrial Life in Next 5-10 Years | The Weather Channel
8 Exoplanet Discovery: NASA's Hubble Space Telescope Witnesses Growing, Feeding Giant Planet
9 Origami in Space Engineering: Rediscovering the Meaning of Discovery
10 Black Hole Pairs Found in Distant Merging Galaxies Provide Crucial Insight Into the Early Universe
11 Radio Astronomers Discover 8 New Millisecond Pulsars With MeerKAT Telescope
12 Discovery of methanol in a 'warm' planet-forming disk
13 'Oddball' star shocks scientists with strange supernova
14 Are we alone in the universe? This new study could be the key to discovering life on other planets
15 Astronomers photograph giant exoplanet in unusual large orbit
16 Cryostats Enable Astrophysics Research
17 Stargazing: Is there a planet-size black hole at the edge of our solar system?
18 Newfound super-Earth has speedy orbit around red dwarf star
19 Harvard Astrophysicists Help Make Historic Discovery in Understanding Black Hole's Magnetic Fields | News
20 View from Mars Hill: 125 years and counting -- the 24-inch Clark Telescope
21 Supernovae twins open up new possibilities for precision cosmology: Findings will enhance dark energy experiments at major telescopes
22 Exoplanets and their characterization the focus of STScl workshop
23 A rare glimpse of a star before it went supernova defies expectations
24 Telescope Market (2021 – 2027) – Growth Opportunity and Business Growth: Celestron, Meade, Vixen Optics, TAKAHASHI – KSU | The Sentinel Newspaper
25 Astronomers Detect Another Mysterious Ghostly Circle in Extragalactic Space
26 Lego's 2,354-Piece Space Shuttle Discovery Is Worth Every Penny
27 NASA's Kepler space telescope discovers FIVE double-sun planets that 'could support alien life'
28 Twin Supernovae Open Up New Possibilities for Precision Cosmology
29 NASAs Hubble Telescope Captures Death Throes of Massive Star Before it Turned to Supernova
30 The visitors from deep space baffling scientists
31 Astronomers discover a new extragalactic circular radio source
32 Scientists catch exciting magnetic waves in action in the Sun's photosphere
33 Supernovae Twins Open Up New Possibilities for Precision Cosmology | Berkeley Lab
34 Lego marks first space shuttle flight with new set featuring Discovery and Hubble Space Telescope
35 Unexpected Discovery: Hubble Space Telescope Uncovers Concentration of Small Black Holes
36 FAST Detects 3D Spin-velocity Alignment In A Pulsar
37 Free telescope discovery kits available
38 Exploring Comet Thermal History: Observing a Burnt-Out Comet Covered With Talcum Powder
39 Lego Space Shuttle Discovery Reviews, Issues and More: Why the 2,354-Piece Set Gets Positive Impressions
40 Watch: NASA shares Hubble Space Telescope’s ‘voyage of discovery’
41 Lego's NASA Space Shuttle Discovery Model Includes Hubble Telescope
42 TESS Finds Massive Exoplanet around 10-Billion-Year-Old Dwarf Star | Astronomy
43 Space Telescope Delivers the Goods: 2,200 Possible Planets – Exoplanet Exploration: Planets Beyond our Solar System
44 Dark Energy Experiment 16 Years in the Making Could Illuminate Origin, Evolution, Fate of Universe
45 Lowell Discovery Telescope resumes observations
46 Hubble telescope finds rare double quasars in ancient galactic collisions
47 Discovery of two new giant radio galaxies offers fresh insights into the universe
48 NASA's SOFIA Discovers Water on Sunlit Surface of Moon
49 News | 15 of Spitzer's Greatest Discoveries From 15 Years in Space
50 Faint super-planet discovered by radio telescope | University of Hawaiʻi System News
51 Hubble Telescope Observations Make Unexpected Discovery Regarding Dark Matter Theories
52 Hubble Space Telescope in safe mode after software glitch
53 Roman Telescope Predicted to Find 100,000 Transiting Planets – Exoplanet Exploration: Planets Beyond our Solar System
54 Lego Space Shuttle Discovery Set With Hubble Telescope
55 Lego's NASA Space Shuttle Discovery set with Hubble is a space geek's dream (review)
56 Fountain Hills project could house Valley's largest telescope
57 News | NASA Telescope Reveals Largest Batch of Earth-Size, Habitable-Zone Planets Around Single Star
58 A smashing discovery | UDaily
59 Geology helps astronomers find habitable planets: Findings will help better identify Earth-like planets that could sustain life
60 Gaia 'discovery machine' updates star catalogue
61 Discovery Alert: A Forgotten Planet Found in a Triple-Star System
62 Lego Collectors Set Commemorates Discovery Space Shuttle and Hubble Telescope
63 The 10 biggest space discoveries and stories of 2020
64 Massive Flare Seen on Closest Star to the Solar System: What It Means for Chances of Alien Neighbors
65 NAU astronomers discover activity on distant planetary object – NAU News
66 Hubble Voyage of Discovery: Opening Our Eyes to the Grandeur and Mystery of Space [Video]
67 South African astronomy has a long, rich history of discovery – and a promising future
68 NASA to announce 'exciting new discovery' about the moon today
69 EAC Discovery Park Campus resumes telescope observing | Local News Stories |
70 Video: Arecibo Observatory Telescope Collapses, Ending Era Of World-Class Research
71 Bucknell astronomers make important discovery
72 NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope Ends Mission of Astronomical Discovery
73 Earth's Second Known Minimoon is Natural Object, Astronomers Say | Astronomy
74 At the Edge of Time, a Litter of Galactic Puppies
75 NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope Ends 16-Year Mission of Discovery
76 Excess X-rays from neutron stars could lead to discovery of new particle
77 Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico to be demolished
78 Infrared Imaging, Adaptive Optics Spurred Nobel-Worthy Discovery
79 UAH scientists are part of first discovery of giant neutron star flare outside Milky Way
80 Hubble Space Telescope Makes a frEGGs-cellent Discovery
81 Quasar discovery sets new distance record
82 Legacy of shattered alien-seeking Arecibo telescope will live on for millions of years
83 Discovery of rare 'quadruply imaged quasars' can help solve cosmological puzzles
84 Maunakea telescope finds hints of life on Venus | University of Hawaiʻi System News
85 Three scientists on what we learned from the Arecibo radio telescope
86 New Hubble Data Explains Missing Dark Matter
87 The Andromeda galaxy's halo is even more massive than scientists expected, Hubble telescope reveals
88 Pasha 92: How we discovered two new giant radio galaxies
89 South Africa develops a transient-tracking “intelligent observatory”
90 Cometary Activity Spotted on Distant Centaur | Astronomy
91 Newfound exoplanet could be 'Rosetta Stone' for studies of alien atmospheres
92 Discovery Alert: Burning Questions for a Hot Super-Earth
93 UH Researchers Join in Discovery of Second Minimoon
94 Historic Image Of Black Hole In Polarized Light From Event Horizon Telescope
95 Celebrate the 91st anniversary of Pluto’s discovery
96 Most distant quasar with powerful radio jets discovered
97 Asteroid discovered by UH telescope will make close pass Monday | University of Hawaiʻi System News
98 Alien Hunters Discover Mysterious Signal from Proxima Centauri
99 New Australian telescope maps millions of galaxies at record speed
100 Discovery Center team returns to fundraising | Local News |