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Result Content Idea Research
1 Six years after genocide, displaced Yezidis stuck between home and a hard place
2 More than 1,200 Arab families barred from...
3 Will The Yazidi Nightmare Ever End?
4 Coronavirus: Restrictions at Iraqi checkpoints risking lives of critically ill patients
5 Iraq enforces border positions to prevent Turkish advance | | AW
6 Iraqi Religious Minority Worried About Turkey Assault
7 A shot at statehood
8 Kurds shoot down celebratory gunfire after coronavirus victory in Iraqi province
9 Displaced Yazidi Woman Paints Life After IS Genocide
10 As visitors stay home, Iraqi Kurdistan tourism collapses
11 Investigators build a case for IS crimes against Yazidis
12 Iraqi border forces to cooperate with Turkey to 'secure' border areas
13 Hundreds of Yazidis Displaced Amid Turkey's Incursion in Northeast Syria
14 Investigators Build Case for IS Crimes Against Yazidis
15 U.S. mulls leaving some troops in Syria to guard oil: Pentagon
16 More than 3,000 Syrian refugees arrive in northern Iraq
17 Peshmerga fighters receive English language certificates in Dohuk
18 Turkey’s airstrikes in northern Iraq threaten Christian villages
19 Hundreds of Syrian Kurds Seek Refuge in Iraq
20 Group says Iraqi women fighting to return home face hurdles
21 Coronavirus updates: the latest from the...
22 Coronavirus: the latest updates from the...
23 Syrians using smugglers to seek refuge in Iraq
24 Turkey says solider killed in clash with PKK in northern Iraq
25 Artifacts dating to 5000 BC discovered in Iraq's Dohuk
26 Sinjar area remains key to securing Iraq
27 Turkey begins offensive against Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq
28 Coronavirus: Latest updates from the Kurdistan...
29 War rocks the Middle East, but love must go on
30 After IS captivity, virus blocks Yazidi's homecoming
31 Opinion
32 Uptick in suicides signals deepening mental health crisis for Iraq's Yazidis
33 In Iraq, Turkey has no Muslim Brotherhood to serve its agenda | | AW
34 She faced her ISIS rapist in court, then watched him sentenced to death
35 Surge of IS Violence Seen in Syria
36 Nobel laureate Mukwege quits local DR Congo COVID-19 team
37 Iraqi Kurdish opposition parties report attacks on offices
38 Flesh and blood
39 Four Years on, Evidence of ISIS Crimes Lost to Time
40 SOS Children's Villages to begin work in Iraq
41 'Kurdish model in Iraq can't be duplicated elsewhere'
42 US Troops Welcomed by Civilians in Iraq After Syria Withdrawal
43 5 years on, Yazidis still live with ISIS massacre, enslavement || AW
44 Yazidi man accused of Germany honor killing arrested in Iraq
45 Rescuers scour Syria for Yazidis still trapped in enslavement
46 The rivaling philosophies of Barzani and Ocalan weigh over Syria's Kurds (Timeline)
47 April 13: Latest COVID-19 updates from the...
48 PKK terrorists prevent Yazidis from returning home | Daily Sabah
49 UN Panel Reports on ISIS Crimes on Yezidis
50 Protesters storm Turkish military camp in Iraq's Kurdish region
51 Coronavirus Prevents Yazidi Teenager Abducted by ISIS From Reuniting with Family
52 Iraq Daily Roundup: 17 Killed; Ongoing Turkish Operations
53 For a Yazidi Woman, Justice for ISIS Crimes Is Still Elusive
54 How ISIS Changed the Yezidi Religion
55 Preparing refugees and internally displaced people for pandemic
56 When the weapons fall silent: Reconciliation in Sinjar after ISIS
57 INDIA – IRAQ Fighting to get the Yazidi genocide recognised after surviving the horrors of the Islamic State
58 Duhok International Airport, Kurdistan
59 Marking 5 Years Since IS Attack on Yazidis
60 Iraq's Yazidis remain displaced five years after ISIS genocide
61 A Kurdish referendum on independence risks backfiring
62 Iraq: Kurdish judge commits suicide live on Facebook
63 UNHCR increases aid in north-east Syria
64 Clinic rescues hearts, and minds, of young Yazidis abused by ISIS
65 How far will Turkey's anti-PKK operation in northern Iraq go?
66 Trump is condemning millions of Syrians to Assad and Iran’s cruelty
67 Yazidi doctor awarded for his work helping women calls for justice
68 The Peshmerga Regression
69 Iraqi Kurds vent anger with violent protest against Turkey
70 Kurds and Yazidis Calling for US Military Intervention in Iraq | Time
71 Refugees Flood Kurdistan Border as ISIS Advances
72 Syria Kurds return 25 Yazidis freed from IS to Iraq
73 Iraqi Couple Who Rescued Yazidi Girls From ISIS Given Top Rights Award
74 Winter brings fresh threat to Iraq’s refugees who fled the Isis advance
75 Iraq prepares for COVID-19
76 The Yazidi people: who are they and why are they on the run?
77 Iraq Daily Roundup: 14 Killed; Security Forces Attack ISIS
78 Who Are the Yazidis, the Ancient, Persecuted Religious Minority Struggling to Survive in Iraq?
79 Turkey attacks Kurds in northeast Syria | Pictures
80 Kurds and Turkey Accuse Each Other of Cease-Fire Violations
81 Iraq's Kurdistan region on track to complete two power projects
82 A year in pictures 2019 | MSF
83 World Health Organization declares coronavirus a 'pandemic'; Trump restricts travel from Europe
84 The past and future of Iraq’s minorities
85 Angelina Jolie on the Syrians and Iraqis Who Can’t Go Home
86 The U.S. strategy leaves Yazidis exposed to the Islamic State
87 Iraq: What a Kurdish Military Return to Kirkuk Means for the Province
88 Iraq-Syria crossing under Peshmerga control: Officials
89 Iraq: Integrity Commission chief dies in car accident
90 Syria: Aid Restrictions Hinder Covid-19 Response
91 Former ICC chief prosecutor pushes for Yazidi genocide case
92 Iraq reopens strategic highway after three-year closure
93 ISHM: January 11, 2019
94 Iraqi gov't launches social development fund to fight poverty
95 Who are the Yazidis and why are they persecuted?
96 Turkey Bombs Kurdish Militants in Northern Iraq
97 ‘You had the Nobel Prize?’ Trump asks Yazidi activist, ex-IS captive Nadia Murad
98 Tensions rekindle in Iraq's oil-rich Kirkuk | Azhar Al-Rubaie | AW
99 Peshmerga redeploy to strategic Iraq border crossing
100 Islamic State widow reveals she helped CIA in hunt for Baghdadi