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Result Content Idea Research
1 Even if Biden wins, European leaders warn rebuilding relationships will take time
2 Macron follows a well-worn path of French presidents, by veering to the right
3 Containing the Anger Virus by Dominique Moisi
4 The West's Pandemic of Fear by Dominique Moisi
5 The Geopolitics of Holocaust Memory by Dominique Moisi
6 The déjà-vu virus? | The Strategist
7 ‘Sadness’ and Disbelief From a World Missing American Leadership
8 What's Right About France's Overtures Toward Russia? by Dominique Moisi
9 The Changing Geopolitics of European Emotion by Dominique Moisi
10 China, the US and the post-virus international order
11 Deng To Xi, The Troubling "Sovietization" Of China
12 Macron's Burst Of Global Activity Isn't Boosting His Popularity At Home
13 'A great feeling of sadness for any Parisian': Dominique Moisi
14 Herd Immunity And A Deepening Generational Divide
15 The transatlantic rupture | The Strategist
16 Europeans Erect Borders Against Coronavirus, but the Enemy Is Already Within
17 America, champion of democracy, reels in pain
18 Coronavirus: Europe struggles to adapt to a post-American world
19 That Virus Of French Arrogance, Striking At Home And Abroad
20 Tale of Two Demagogues
21 New Rumors About the Jews
22 The spirit of 2019 | The Strategist
23 Coronavirus: What Unites And Divides Us
24 Michael Krepon George W. Bush and Dick Cheney
25 Global leadership that exists only in Trump's imagination
26 Macron's NATO mistake | The Strategist
27 Nasty Paris mayoral race digs at capital's dirty underbelly
28 Why is France making overtures towards Russia? | The Strategist
29 The emotion of Notre Dame | The Strategist
30 France has the ambition Europe needs | The Strategist
31 A strategy for liberals | The Strategist
32 The folly of MbS | The Strategist
33 An Italian warning for France | The Strategist
34 The New York Times vs. American Exceptionalism
35 France to Lead Joint Effort in War on Terrorism in Sahel Region
36 Bannon in Lille | The Strategist
37 Europe's Yellow Fever
38 Cynicism in Syria | The Strategist
39 Europe's Populist Storm Rattles the Windows of the E.U. But Fails to Move the Foundations
40 Religion And Nationalism: Is Southeast Asia Turning Into The Next Middle East?
41 What now for UK-France security relations?
42 The Roots of the Rohingya Crisis
43 The lost lessons of World War I | The Strategist
44 Are Rumours of the Death of Democracy Exaggerated? | Reporting Democracy
45 Will new measures to fight terrorism in the Sahel region be enough?
46 The Debate
47 Europeans fear Trump may threaten not just the transatlantic bond, but the state of their union
48 Opinion | Was 9/11 a Historical Turning Point?
49 Macron vows tax cuts, pay rise; will France’s anger subside?
50 ‘Don’t poke the bear’: European leaders refine their approach to Trump
51 The war of the worlds
52 Is it Time for France to Abandon Laïcité?
53 Bogged down in Brexit, Britain tries to flex G7 muscles
54 In Trump times, agreeing to disagree becomes norm at G7 meetings
55 From Italy and within, Macron assailed by political foes
56 Thousands rally in Paris to protest slaying of Holocaust survivor
57 Why Paris doesn't want a Scottish Yes
58 The Trump-Macron Friendship Is Falling Apart at the G-7. That Spells Trouble for the French President
59 Jilted France, Angry Italy: Divorce at the Heart of EU
60 The Ann Coulter of France is a Jew of Algerian heritage
61 View: Is Emmanuel Macron the new Napoleon Bonaparte of France?
62 France's presidential front-runner is a Trump-like surprise
63 Coronavirus — Global Brief: Why We Never Talked About The Hong Kong Flu
64 A post-alliance US? | The Strategist
65 How populism can still be beaten back | Op-eds – Gulf News
66 Democracy in distress
67 The Brexit Delusion
68 Franco-German relations: Brothers in arms?
69 All Eyes On Italy
70 A China Card For The Middle East
71 Can France And Germany Come Together?
72 After election 2010, Europe asks why US no longer smitten with Obama
73 The ambition Europe needs
74 Brexit Limbo
75 Trump, Putin And The False Definition Of A 'New Cold War'
76 The changing balance of power in Europe | Op-eds – Gulf News
77 France's Emmanuel Macron Reaps the Benefits of Being the Anti-Trump
78 China, Deconstructing Xi Jinping's Imperial Temptation
79 France’s Macron denounces nationalism as a ‘betrayal of patriotism’ in rebuke to Trump at WWI remembrance
80 Resisting the temptations of Bonapartism | Op-eds – Gulf News
81 Tents, Trumpets and Tantrums: Gaddafi's Visit to Paris
82 BBC NEWS | Europe | The house that Jacques Chirac built
83 Who first used the term Arab Spring?
84 Why Germany rebuffed France over its Gypsy crackdown
85 Macron puts forward EU blueprint to counter nationalism
86 Pakistan Army emotionally blackmails its population with its own idea of India
87 IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn quits over sex charge
88 Why France moved forcefully on Ivory Coast, Libya
89 Burma's final solution | GUEST COLUMN
90 League of nationalists
91 The Playbill Weekend Streaming Guide: What to Watch September 18-20
92 The Congress of Vienna revisited
93 Can The European Welfare State Survive?
94 Which way forward? Europe divided on post-Brexit path
95 How a Sarkozy Loss Will Hasten a New Napoleon
96 French prez Hollande will pick lover in time for Obama visit
97 Muslims and the secular city: How right-wing populists shape the French debate over Islam
98 Why UK's 'frenemy' France is most keen on Brexit in EU
99 Which way forward?
100 Too Much Information by Gareth Evans