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1 Actors' Playhouse Presents THE WIZARD OF OZ Live Onstage With A New Weekend Performance Schedule
2 Margaret Hamilton, The Wicked Witch of the West, Suffered 3rd-Degree Burns While Filming “The Wizard of Oz”
3 Reds sign catcher Rocky Gale. invite him to spring training
4 Winona Ryder's Experience Making a Cher Movie 'Terrified' Her Parents
5 The Children's Theatre of Cincinnati Announces 102nd Season
6 The timeless appeal of one-man-and-his-dog stories
7 Appreciation: In just three seasons of 'Gilligan's Island,' Dawn Wells left a lasting mark
8 'The Wizard of Oz': How Old Was Judy Garland When She Played Dorothy?
9 Judy Garland Had Only One Friend While Filming 'The Wizard of Oz' — and It Wasn't Any of Her Fellow Leads
10 No 'Wizard' this year, but lots of themed activities
11 Destination Kansas: The OZ Museum in Wamego
12 George Gale Decker | News, Sports, Jobs
13 Dorothy M. Marker | News, Sports, Jobs
14 Tuesday night obituary update | Recent News
15 'The Wizard of Oz': Judy Garland Had a Painful and Dangerous Process to Become Dorothy
16 5 Craziest Wizard Of Oz Fan Theories (& 5 That Totally Make Sense)
17 5 Midwest Cities Where You Can Discover 'The Wizard Of Oz'
18 How Dorothy Gale In 'The Wizard of Oz' Became This Season's Style Icon
19 The Impact Dorothy Gale Made on Young Film Heroines
20 'The Wizard of Oz': Inside Judy Garland's Disturbing Treatment While Filming: '[Drugs Were] A Way of Life'
21 The Wizard Of Oz: 10 Things Fans Didn't Know About The Cast
22 Judy's Garland's Stiff Competition for the Role of Dorothy in 'The Wizard of Oz'
23 The Wizard Of Oz: 5 Things The Movie Changed From The Book (& 5 That Stayed The Same)
24 Remember when Judy Garland wore a gingham pinafore in "The Wizard of Oz"?
25 Here's What They Mean on 'The Crown' When They Say 'Friend of Dorothy'
26 Review: The O.Z. #1 Brings a Devastating War to The Wizard of Oz
27 'The Wizard of Oz': Judy Garland's Mother Allowed Her Daughter to Be Subjected to This Abuse on the Film's Set
28 The 'The Wizard of Oz' is Fit for a Pandemic 81 Years Later
29 Judy Garland Said She Was 'A Walking Advertisement For Sleeping Pills' And That Working 72 Hours Straight Was 'A Way of Life' For Her
30 History Guy: Actress who played witch in ‘Wizard of Oz’ visited Topeka in 1979
31 Especially in a Pandemic, There's No Place Like Home
32 Return to The O.Z.
33 'Once Upon a Time' recap: Dorothy Gale, meet Little Red Riding Hood
34 History with Phil: The story behind 'The Wizard of Oz'
35 Dorothy's dress from 'Wizard of Oz' sells for a pretty $1.56 million
36 Emerald City and the Evergreen Allure of Dorothy Gale
37 Dorothy Gale's Iconic Wizard of Oz Dress Is Up for Auction 80 Years After the Film's Release
38 The Untold Truth Of Dorothy Spinner From Doom Patrol Season 2
39 The Wizard of Oz meets The Hurt Locker in David Pepose's latest comic 'The O.Z.'
40 Why Return To Oz Is Terrifying | Game Rant
41 What Made Judy Garland’s Life So Tragic
42 Michigan Wizard of Oz Festival to be 'a virtual experience' June 12-13
43 Biggest cast ever at Davenport Junior Theatre makes 'Oz' soar over rainbow
44 Media trick-or-treater, 94, proves having fun on Halloween has no age limit
45 Follow the yellow brick road to Westwood's production of 'The Wizard of Oz' Feb. 27-29
46 Photographs of 17-year-old Judy Garland on set of the 1939 Wizard of Oz go up for auction
47 KI High to present 'The Wizard of Oz'
48 Tulsa Ballet to revive 'Dorothy and the Prince of Oz'
49 "Emerald City" is a Refreshing Take on Oz, But it's Still Problematic
50 Judy Garland Was Put on a Strict Diet and Encouraged to Take "Pep Pills" While Filming 'The Wizard of Oz'
51 The Wizard of Oz at 80: how the world fell under its dark spell
52 ‘SNL’: ‘Wizard of Oz’ Sketch About Mad Munchkins Is Wicked Funny
53 New chapter in her life: Ford finds comfort living in Columbus
54 Now Is the Winter of Our Online Content
55 'Dorothy in Wonderland': When worlds collide
56 The Wizard of Oz
57 'The Wizard of Oz' opens tonight at BCHS
58 Whatever Happened To Fairuza Balk?
59 Who Is 'Once Upon A Time's Dorothy Gale & How Will She Defeat The Wicked Witch?
60 'Doom Patrol': The significance of Dorothy's coming-of-age scene and the red boots, explained
61 Holly Willoughby dons brunette plaits, a plaid dress as she transforms into Dorothy
62 Mercy Health-St. Rita's patients visit with Dorothy Gale
63 Christmas in Oz: Theatre Guild follows Yellow Brick Road to holiday spirit
64 Dorothy hit the yellow brick road 80 years ago: Vintage photos of ‘The Wizard of Oz’
65 'The Wizard of Oz' seeks to inspire with dance and a magical story
66 Adria Arjona Portrays Dorothy Gale on NBC's 'Emerald City'
67 Tree in cemetery carved to honor Dorothy of 'Oz'
68 'Finding Dorothy' Pulls Back The Curtain On 'The Wizard of Oz'
69 Can You Believe It's November – 2020 Is Almost Gone…
70 How much did homes sell for near you?
71 Cancer Support Community Pasadena celebrates 30 years with virtual gala
72 Worlds Collide as SINoALICE Commences the Act of Reality
73 Wizard of Oz, Wonderland & Peter Pan Unite in One Epic Comic Crossover
74 Kick Off Your Ruby Slippers — This Wizard of Oz Hotel Room Has a Glittery Emerald Bedspread
75 St. Tammany property transfers, Dec.29, 2020 to Jan. 4, 2021: See a list of home and other sales
76 Why Dorothy's red shoes deserve their status as gay icons, even in changing times
77 Finlandia University Galery presents the 30th Annual Contemporary Finnish American Artist Series Exhibition, virtual reception
78 Luciano: For Dorothy, the yellow brick road quietly began in central Illinois
79 Smithsonian's Oz expert to share 'The Saga of the Ruby Slippers'
80 Eriksmoen: North Dakota mother and daughter represented people they cared about in 'Wizard of Oz' and the real-life Emerald City
81 'Emerald City' Season One Blu-ray review
82 15 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The Wizard Of Oz | TheThings
83 Doom Patrol Interview: Abigail Shapiro on Playing Dorothy Spinner
84 Horrific stories behind The Wizard of Oz from Munchkin mayhem to asbestos snow
85 Emma Roberts rocks a modern take on Dorothy Gale's outfit
86 Good Natured: There's No Place Like a Squirrelly Home
87 Under the Spell of America’s Bad Boy
88 So What Does It Mean to Be a 'Friend of Dorothy?'
89 How the arts fared in this year's Australia Day Honours
90 Notice to Creditors of Estates
91 Doom Patrol: Dorothy Spinner Is Season 2's Greatest Threat | CBR
92 The Yellow Brick Road to Risk Management
93 Everything to Know About Judy Garland's Complicated Family History
94 Google commemorates the 80th anniversary of 'The Wizard of Oz' with a head-spinning surprise
95 Doom Patrol s2 reveals first look at new hero and surprise return
96 40 Behind-the-Scenes Photos of "The Wizard of Oz"
97 Review: The Wizard of Oz | Opinion |
98 Delightful 'Wizard of Oz' revival now on Mt. Airy stage
99 Somewhere over the curve, Charleston artists could fly
100 On the Market: Follow the road to this yellow brick house in Easton