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1 Solar Cycle 25 Is Here. NASA, NOAA Scientists Explain What That Means
2 Increased solar activity could cause tech trouble on Earth
3 Why the weather in space matters on Earth
4 A new solar cycle just started. Here's what that means.
5 Sun Enters the New 'Solar Cycle 25' and Here’s What It Means
6 Northern California officials wary of solar storm threat to the grid
7 NASA, NOAA to Discuss Solar Cycle Prediction During Media Telecon
8 Solar Cycle 25 Has Begun. Experts From NASA and NOAA Explain What It Means
9 Solar cycle 25: The scientific community’s forecast about its intensity and peak
10 Daybook-Sunday-General
11 Doug Biesecker
12 Scientists Predict Weak Sun Activity During Next Solar Cycle
13 Largest sunspot in more than 20 years facing Earth
14 Scientists tackle a burning question: When will our quiet sun turn violent?
15 Experts cool on prediction of a new 'mini Ice Age' for next 30 years
16 How 'Space Weather' Affects Planes And Power Grids
17 Northern Lights in Northeast Ohio this weekend? It’s possible, but it doesn’t look good
18 Scientists predict a new solar cycle is about to begin and that it might be stronger than the last one
19 Physicist Explains How Geomagnetic Storms May Bring Aurora Borealis to US
20 Blog: The 1984 Honorable Mention All-State Football lists (4/14/20)
21 Massive solar storm bombards Earth tonight
22 Should we worry about geomagnetic storms caused by solar activity?
23 Northern Lights possible over Iowa tonight
24 Solar Cycles End with 'Terminator' Events That Herald New Era of Activity on Sun, Studies Say
25 Rare Aurora Borealis Sighting in the US (PHOTOS)
26 NASA Is Trying To Save Us From The Sun
27 NOAA's Satellite, DSCOVR, Keeps an Eye Out for Space Weather
28 Politics delayed Al Gore's favorite satellite for 10 years, but in two weeks, it'll fly
29 Scientists predict sun's activity will be weak during next solar cycle
30 'Northern Lights' show as far south as Atlanta
31 Calm solar cycle prompts questions about impact on Earth
32 New Year's Day geomagnetic storm WARNING: Phones, internet and TV 'to be knocked out'
33 Tropical Storm Hanna forms; Gonzalo strength remains steady
34 Massive solar storms coming: Where to watch aurora borealis
35 Why the Northern Lights and other auroras are becoming more rare
36 Global Warming or Little Ice Age: Which Will It Be?
37 Funding Puts DSCOVR Weather Satellite on Schedule for January Liftoff
38 Why a Refrigerator-Sized Spacecraft Could be Humanity's Best Hope Against Solar Storms
39 Updated: Al Gore's favorite satellite finally to launch … sort of
40 SpaceX rocket ship blasts off into orbit with 2 Americans
41 Sun Unleashes Strongest Flare Yet of 2012
42 What's Happening to the Sun?
43 Trump speaks at swank GOP fundraiser, his DC hotel profits
44 NASA astronauts aim for Florida coast to end SpaceX flight
45 Emails show Trump nominee involved in shelving CDC virus guide
46 Why Hong Kong should not takes its eyes off the sun
47 Trump Picks Pardon Requests From Wealthy Pals and GOP Donors
48 Will the 'Town Too Tough to Die' survive the coronavirus pandemic?
49 Records show few signs of radical ties in protests
50 Mid-Penn Colonial Division baseball predicted order of finish, preseason MVP
51 Astronauts: SpaceX Dragon capsule ‘came alive’ on descent
52 Protecting the Power Grid From Solar Storms
53 POLITICO Playbook: Bringing back Obama
54 ‘I’m not a bad guy’: Police video captures distraught Floyd
55 Trump looks for permanent national intelligence director
56 ‘Bummed out’: SpaceX launch scrubbed because of bad weather
57 Deep Space Climate Observatory arrives at Florida launch site
58 Major retailers call on states to adopt uniform reopening plans
59 States reverse openings, require masks amid virus resurgence
60 Isaias weakens; may strengthen on path to virus-hit Florida
61 American Airlines will drop flights to 15 cities in October
62 Body camera footage shows Calif. officer rescue disabled man from oncoming train
63 SpaceX opens era of amateur astronauts, cosmic movie sets
64 NASA rolls out 'Launch America' campaign
65 Beirut: Wedding photo shoot video captures blast
66 Groceries are getting more expensive
67 FDA approves 1st fully transparent surgical mask
68 Police: Multiple people shot, some fatally, in separate Cincinnati shootings
69 Solar storm sparks dazzling northern lights
70 New and improved space weather observatory goes live next month
71 Officials: US seizes Iranian gas heading for Venezuela
72 Little evidence that protests spread coronavirus in US
73 COVID-19 measures could disrupt rare polio-like disease
74 National Zoo awaits birth of pandemic panda cub
75 Woman who lost dad to coronavirus calls Trump 'preexisting condition' at DNC
76 Father, son with COVID-19 forced into Hawaii isolation facility after breaking quarantine
77 Wilford Brimley, 'Cocoon' and 'Natural' actor, dies at 85
78 CDC blames salmonella outbreak on backyard birds
79 3 men rescued from Pacific island after writing 'SOS' in sand
80 Navy investigates video of dogs attacking Kaepernick stand-in
81 United Airlines posts $1.6 billion loss in virus-scarred 2Q
82 Christopher Columbus statues taken down at 2 Chicago parks
83 Trump credits new border wall with stopping migrants, virus
84 Sylvester police investigate ‘criminal damage’ at local eatery
85 Ex-husband of 'Real Housewives' star is charged in assault
86 5 people wounded in shooting at flea market in San Antonio
87 More fireworks in Americans' hands for July 4 raises risks
88 US Attorney: Feds will stay in Portland until attacks end
89 Zindzi Mandela, daughter of anti-apartheid figures Nelson and Winnie, dies at 59
90 AMC to offer 15-cent tickets on first day of reopening
91 Sonar, divers search for 'Glee' star thought to have drowned
92 TSA finds rifle, ammunition in checked bag at NJ airport
93 GOP leaders, Trump to discuss virus aid as crisis deepens
94 Pinky-swear gets suicidal Florida teen off overpass ledge
95 White House coronavirus task force briefings are back with Trump at the helm
96 Pence cancels some political events because of virus spikes
97 Alabama executes inmate after Supreme Court denies last-minute stay
98 Justice Ginsburg says cancer has returned, won't retire
99 Walmart releases schedule for its parking lot drive-in theaters
100 Oregon, Oregon State drop 'Civil War' name for rivalry