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1 The Top 10: Technologies that are just about to solve big problems but probably won't ever work
2 University worker suspended for alleged grade tampering unfairly dismissed, tribunal rules
3 Academic accused of 'colluding' with Bucks grammar schools to 'skew' 11-Plus scores wrongly suspended
4 Academic wrongly suspended for alleged grade tampering set to receive damages, tribunal rules
5 Vascular Network afternoon symposium: Organ-on-a-Chip
6 Detection of unusual hybrid schistosomes in Malawi
7 An outbreak of intestinal schistosomiasis, alongside increasing urogenital schistosomiasis prevalence, in primary school children on the shoreline of Lake Malawi, Mangochi District, Malawi
8 Celebrating NHLI's recent academic promotions | Imperial News
9 Your Guide to Finding Calm in Colorado This Year
10 New app raises £1m to "democratise access to sex therapy"
11 Bovines, Bilharzia and Benin: does Schistosoma hybridization happen in cattle?
12 Author J.K. Rowling Accused of Transphobia Amid Social Media Backlash
13 London coronavirus: Orthodox Jewish communities warned after Covid-19 clusters
14 Assisted dying will save NHS cash and provide organs, argue Scottish academics
15 Doctor Hilary gives Grim Reaper warning over 'human soup' scenes as pubs re-open
16 Keswick shoppers asked to cover their face while in stores | ITV News
17 The good news you may have missed this week, from Andy Murray to JK Rowling
18 BDS Founder: Israel-Invented Coronavirus Vaccine Would Be OK For Boycotters To Use
19 Chemical probes pave the way for a better understanding of disease development | Imperial News
20 The most popular tech gadget from the year you were born
21 Hugs in briefings & scooting in the halls – what Downing St life for Carrie Symonds & Boris Johnson’s son wil
22 30 tech innovators to watch in Europe 2019
23 Assisted dying laws are in need of review
24 Get informed on the top stories of the day in one quick scan
25 General election 2019: Second Brexit referendum will be needed unless a majority is won, report says
26 New York Today: How to Watch the Solar Eclipse
27 Tissue-specific genetic features inform prediction of drug side effects in clinical trials
28 Covid-19 outbreak making consumers more cautious about sharing Ubers and items
29 New focus on intestinal schistosomiasis: Emergence of Biomphalaria snails and transmission of Schistosoma mansoni in Lake Malawi
30 More than half of car drivers think cyclists are not fully human, according to new study
31 Transgender activists are outraged at J.K Rowling's new book about a cross-dressing serial killer
32 Jane Seymour tells of the 'frightening' moment she found out her fourth husband was cheating on her
33 Can't get to sleep? A wilderness weekend can help
34 A single-cell view on alga-virus interactions reveals sequential transcriptional programs and infection states
35 What J.K. Rowling Can Teach Us About Blockchain’s Relationship to Magic
36 Actress Sues City of Santa Monica Over Collission at ICE Rink
37 Academic designs new app to revolutionise revision
38 The cult of Mary Beard | News
39 Performance of a real-time PCR approach for diagnosing Schistosoma haematobium infections of different intensity in urine samples from Zanzibar
40 Ex-nurse urges women not to miss smear tests after cancer diagnosis | ITV News
41 Boss of Brighton's i360 quits before crucial meeting
42 Gardener, 74, grows onion so huge it could feed up to 30 people
43 Cambodia: Three Years and Still No Effective Investigation Into Dr. Kem Ley's Killing
44 Thanksgiving service: Brian MacArthur | Register
45 Evaluation of integrated interventions layered on mass drug administration for urogenital schistosomiasis elimination: a cluster-randomised trial
46 Risk of severe maternal morbidity or death in relation to elevated hemoglobin A1c preconception, and in early pregnancy: A population-based cohort study
47 Elimination of schistosomiasis requires multifactorial diagnostics: evidence from high- and low-prevalence areas in the Nile Delta, Egypt
48 Alexandria and Arlington home sales
49 Active particles as mobile microelectrodes for selective bacteria electroporation and transport
50 Climate change stress: Are you suffering from eco-anxiety?
51 News > Science > Nanoscale tweezers can perform single-molecule 'biopsies'
52 Fisher lass hooks interest for Whitby’s new Fish & Ships Festival as new Emma Stothard sculpture revealed
53 Children at risk as Charedi parents say no to vaccinations
54 Fear of xenophobic backlash has refugee artists in Malaysia pulling out of Refugee Fest 2020
55 Unfinished yet ‘part of city’s DNA, Wilberforce portrait comes home to Hull
56 World’s Longest Tunnel Slide Is Failing to Attract Thrill-Seekers
57 We Might Soon Resurrect Extinct Species. Is It Worth the Cost?
58 9 studies that prove cats make the best pets
59 Memorial service: Professor Norman Stone | Register
60 Collateral damage from laws around euthanasia
61 Harry Potter's Legacy Is Under Attack By The Very People Who Created It — But Potterheads Are Fighting Back
62 Why a British Fight Over Israel and Anti-Semitism Matters to the Rest of Us
63 Here's Why Black Friday is Hazardous to Your Health
64 Martin Lewis gives important advice to Tesco shoppers after delivery price changes
65 Anna Stothard's idol Douglas Adams 'was her mother Sally's lover'
66 Let people have right to die when they choose
67 Tory tweets criticism of Sadiq Khan's "Jihadi associates" and their infleunce
68 How to make sure Amazon doesn't rip you off on Black Friday
69 Success story Hong Kong reimposes tough new virus restrictions
70 Covid-19 update: A £516 billion deficit?
71 Take pride, but keep fighting homophobia
72 The old-school album club for modern music fans
73 What do Modi haters say when confronted with the TINA factor?
74 Thieves walk Harley Davidson into back of van in Skyview Ranch parkade
75 SB officer's video transcript on 'dangerous' Shias read out at inquiry
76 Revival Of Indian Economy: PM Modi Is Doing His Job, What About Others ?
77 Reese names street after father and son physicians
78 Is Milk Causing Your Acne? A New Study Finds A Surprising Link Between Dairy & Your Skin
79 These Are The 7 Myers-Briggs Types That Are Most Likely To Be Cat People
80 Most valuable private U.S. coin collection, worth $200 million, will go up for auction
81 Nanoscale tweezers can perform single-molecule 'biopsies' on individual cells | Imperial News
82 Kelly Taylor an honorary Wheat Kings alumnus
83 Oral Transmission of Trypanosoma cruzi, Brazilian Amazon
84 This government really is stupid. Labour must get smart on Brexit
85 You should write a book and here’s how
86 GMB viewers attack Dr Hilary Jones for sympathising with GP
87 'Harry Potter' author J.K. Rowling doubles down on her transgender heresy and woke Twitter is melting down
88 My affair with Douglas Adams and returning to my husband
89 Knife crime: Javid demands end to 'senseless violence'
90 Barcelona brand suffers after independence turmoil
91 The multidisciplinarity of parasitology
92 MACS Fine Arts Festival at Calvary Baptist Academy
93 Duleep Singh, the man they called the Maharajah of Mulgrave
94 How Often Should You Orgasm? Self Love Can Be Self Care
95 Low-carb or high carb diet: What I want you to know about the ‘healthiest diet’, as an NHS Doctor
96 Lady bits or labia? The Vagina Museum brings anatomy to light
97 Hilton Head Wedding Vendors
98 Top Putin aide linked to downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17
99 What Is Eid al-Adha? Five Facts About the Muslim Holiday
100 Girls losing battle with boys for places in county's top school