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1 Main Character For Judge Dredd: Mega-City One Reportedly Revealed
2 Will Karl Urban return as Judge Dredd?
3 Dredd And 8 Other Underrated Hero Movies
4 The Boys star Karl Urban would "love" Judge Dredd TV series return
5 The Boys star Karl Urban: "I will be there" for Judge Dredd: Mega City One series
6 The Boys' Karl Urban responds to Dredd replacement call
7 Karl Urban Is Still Open to Returning for Judge Dredd: Mega-City One
8 Artist Celal Koc Shares Multiple Pinups Of Judge Dredd's Judge Anderson
9 Karl Urban is not on board with Duncan Jones' Judge Dredd casting ideas
10 How 'Judge Dredd Megazine' Is Celebrating 30th Birthday
11 Judge Dredd: Karl Urban Is Still All-In on a Mega-City One Return
12 Judge Dredd Megazine To Serialise 2000AD Encyclopedia
13 Karl Urban really wants to return as Judge Dredd in ‘Mega-City One’ series
14 Judge Dredd TV Reboot: Karl Urban Wants to Return as Dredd
15 Karl Urban Addresses Possible Return In Judge Dredd TV Show
16 Karl Urban Roasts Duncan Jones On Twitter After Suggesting New Dredd Actor
17 Why Do 9 Justices Serve on the Supreme Court?
18 Judge Dredd TV series written but on hold due to pandemic
19 Judge Dredd gets live action follow-up, but not how you'd expect
20 Karl Urban's Wasted MCU Potential Can Never Be Redeemed
21 Appeals court hears arguments in territorial citizenship case
22 Judge Dredd Foreshadowed Our Covid Reality
23 Judge Dredd Uprising: The Live Experience preview takes you inside Brit-Cit circa 2040
24 'Judge Dredd' Writer on How 'End of Days' Presents a New Challenge
25 This Week in Genre History: Judge Dredd was guilty of being a bad movie 25 years ago
26 Judge Dredd Uprising | Sci-fi based immersive theatre 2021
27 Too brutal, too fascistic, too British: will Hollywood ever get Judge Dredd right?
28 Judge Dredd, Dredd 3D and the Importance of Tone
29 Who is Judge Dredd and why it matters that media invoke the cartoon character
30 Judge Dredd Uprising live experience coming to London in 2021
31 Defense Noted: 10 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About Dredd
32 Writer Peter Briggs Remembers the Arnold Schwarzenegger 'Judge Dredd' Horror Movie That Never Was [Phantom Limbs]
33 Alex Garland Will Never Direct Another ‘Dredd’ Movie: ‘It Was a Crude Experience’
34 No, That 'Dredd' Sequel Still Isn't Happening, But Karl Urban Remains Interested
35 Dredd TV Show Is Written and Ready to Go, Karl Urban & Sylvester Stallone Both Wanted
36 Dredd 2 Update: Karl Urban Is Sure Another Judge Dredd Movie Will Get Made Someday
37 First look: Wander back to Mega-City One in IDW's new Judge Dredd: False Witness #1
38 Karl Urban Imagines He May Have to Play Dredd and Billy Butcher at the Same Time
39 Rebellion Offers "Dredd" TV & Film Updates
40 Lost Judge Dredd Scripts to Be Collected in America: Lost & Found
41 'Essential Judge Dredd' Graphic Novel Line to Launch This Fall
42 MINT CONDITION: Judge Dredd (1977)
43 Karl Urban still keen on Judge Dredd return for Mega-City One TV series
44 Karl Urban Is Ready to Return as Dredd in Mega-City One, But Will He Get the Chance?
45 Judge Dredd Uprising: The Live Experience will bring Brit-Cit to life in London in 2021
46 Maurice Roeves Dies: ‘The Last Of The Mohicans’ & ‘Judge Dredd’ Actor Was 83
47 Rob Williams and Simon Fraser to resurrect Judge Dredd’s greatest supporting character in new 2000 AD prog
48 Who Is Peacemaker? John Cena's Suicide Squad 2 Character Explained
49 WIRE Buzz: Judge Dredd coming to life in London; Star Trek: Lower Decks premiere; Portals
50 Judge Dredd Brings Fan-Favourite Judge Back From The Dead [Spoilers]
51 Comic Book Review
53 REVIEW: Judge Dredd: False Witness #1 is a Harrowing Dredd Yarn
54 Exclusive: Karl Urban Says He’ll Return As Judge Dredd If He Gets The Chance
55 Clean Up The Streets In The Upcoming Judge Dredd Tabletop RPG From Modiphius Entertainment
56 The Boys' Karl Urban Hopes to Play Billy and Judge Dredd at the Same Time Someday
57 Pat Mills on his mission to revitalise comics for our new ‘science fiction reality'
58 Attractions news: Super Nintendo World | Judge Dredd | Punchdrunk & Niantic
59 Judge Dredd: False Witness #1 Review
60 DROKKING SCROTNIG!: Celebrating the holidays with 2000 AD’s Judge Dredd
61 Judge Dredd Progs 2178-2182: Chimpsky’s Law
62 Judge Dredd Prog 2177: Due Process
63 Judge Dredd Progs 2174-2175: Hair of the Dog
64 Teen 'Judge Dredd' Among All-Ages '2000 AD' Comics Set for 2020
65 Judge Dredd TV Show Won’t Focus ONLY On Dredd | Screen Rant
66 Was Judge Dredd (1995) Really That Bad?
67 Death Metal: A New Dark Knight Is... Judge Dredd Batman? | CBR
68 25 Years Later: Judge Dredd
69 REVIEW: Judge Dredd False Witness #1 -- "High-Grade Science Fiction"
70 Judge Dredd Prog 2183: Combat Ready
71 New Judge Dredd Artwork Revealed for 'Best of 2000 AD' Anthology (Exclusive)
72 This is the role Karl Urban would love to play again
73 Judge Dredd: False Witness #1: Freedom is a State of Mind
74 Judge Dredd Turned Stan Lee Into a Mystical Martial Arts Master
75 400 pages of Judge Dredd available for free
76 Comic Book Review
77 JUDGE DREDD FALSE WITNESS #1 Looks At Current/Future Year Immigration
78 Karl Urban hopes to return as Judge Dredd for Mega City One TV series
79 Comic Book Review
80 Judge Dredd TV Series on Hold Due to Pandemic | Game Rant
81 Judge Dredd Series Will Focus On The People In His Life
82 Judge Dredd 100-Page Giant: What You’ve Been Missing
83 Judge Dredd Is Basically Non-Fiction Now
84 Ronald McDonald & Burger King Teamed Up to Take Down... Judge Dredd!?
85 Karl Urban Says He’d Take Any Opportunity To Play Judge Dredd Again
86 New live Judge Dredd experience coming to London in 2021
87 Watch: Judge Dredd inspires Cursed Murphy's new video
88 Incredibly Cool Animated JUDGE DREDD Proof of Concept Test Inspired By AKIRA's Bike Chase Sequence
89 Comic Book Reivew
90 Alex Garland has no interest in returning to the world of Dredd
91 2000 AD Artist Nick Percival Casts Kermit, Miss Piggy as Judges Dredd & Anderson
92 Xbox Series X's The Ascent Looks Like Diablo Meets Judge Dredd – IGN First
93 Judge Dredd Prog 2169: Cold Case
94 2000AD Promotes Judge Dredd Comic About A City Under Viral Quarantine and an Impounded Cruise Ship...
95 Karl Urban Addresses The Future Of ‘Dredd’
96 Karl Urban Says He'd Love To Make a DREDD Sequel But Doesn't Think It's Gonna Happen
97 2000 AD graphic novels unveiled for 2020!
98 Dredd 2 Updates: Will A Movie Sequel Ever Happen? | Screen Rant
99 Free Judge Dredd comics are here to help make self isolation fun
100 Judge Dredd Mega-City One: Stallone & Urban Wanted