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1 White House Press Aide TJ Ducklo Resigns Over Threats Against Reporter
2 The Awkward Feeling of Rooting for the White House Press Secretary
3 Reporter Forgoes Covering President as Romance Blossoms with Biden Aide Battling Cancer: ‘Didn’t Think Twice’
4 Nashville native TJ Ducklo named Biden's deputy press secretary
5 Psaki on Ducklo resignation: 'He's no longer employed here, and I think that speaks for itself'
6 Soil removed and site cleared five hours after chemical spill
7 Biden Campaign Staffer TJ Ducklo Is in Treatment for Stage IV Lung Cancer
8 Kenosha News Editorial: Pot, meet the kettle: The handling of the Ducklo scandal
9 CNN skips asking about Cuomo nursing home scandal, TJ Ducklo fiasco at Biden Wisconsin town hall
10 BIRTHDAY OF THE DAY: TJ Ducklo, national press secretary for Joe Biden’s campaign
11 Nashville native goes from student council president to Joe Biden's presidential campaign
12 Axios Political Reporter Alexi McCammond Is Teen Vogue's New Editor
13 POLITICO Playbook: Trump compares impeachment to 'The Apprentice'
14 How to Cover a Snowstorm and the Case of TJ Ducklo
15 Editorial: TJ Ducklo: A lesson in accountability | Opinion |
16 White House aide suspended for threatening reporter
17 Politico loses scoop to People
18 CNN's Jim Acosta accused of 'whataboutism' for invoking Trump in tweet about TJ Ducklo controversy
19 Deputy White House Press Secretary joins Good Morning Utah, discusses Biden’s COVID-19 plan
20 McCammond's Story: Is There an Expiration Date for Tweets?
21 Biden builds out communications staff with chief photographer and deputy press secretary
22 Reporter gives up covering Biden for relationship with his aide: ‘Didn’t think twice’
23 Are TJ Ducklo and Alexi McCammond dating?...
24 Deputy press secretary discusses president's COVID-19 relief package with News 13
25 7 Lung Cancer Symptoms to Know; This Disease Can Be Tricky to Catch Early & Doesn’t Just Affect Smokers
26 Joe Biden spokesman T.J. Ducklo ducks question on Dem using teleprompters as interview crutch
27 White House fills top vacancy on communications team after embarrassing exit by prior staffer
28 Chris Meagher joins White House press office
29 Biden to work to end executions as government sets 3 more
30 TJ Ducklo cancer: Joe Biden's press secretary diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer
31 Biden national press secretary talks campaign trail, focus on Florida
32 Parsing The Press: Conflicts Of Interest And Off-The-Record Threats
33 Biden considers elevating Mayor Pete's spokesperson
34 Biden looks to Obama alums for help selecting temporary Cabinet secretaries
35 Ousted Teen Vogue editor Alexi McCammond, 27, is spotted for the first time since standing down
36 It's the end of the ride
37 Meet the Press Secretary: Top Biden aide faces dual 2020 battles, says campaign 'has given me purpose'
38 White House deputy press secretary reportedly threatened to 'destroy' reporter
39 Livonian takes 'once-in-a-lifetime' deputy press secretary job in Joe Biden White House
40 What was Andrew Cuomo thinking?
41 Who is Versha Sharma? Teen Vogue hires new editor-in-chief after Alexi McCammond's controversial exit
42 Biden aide: The president-elect knows the media's job is to 'hold him accountable'
43 TJ Ducklo biography: 13 things about Alexi McCammond’s boyfriend who wanted to destroy Tara Palmeri
44 Biden aide suspended over reporter threat
45 Lara Trump Visits Michigan, Continues Last Minute Campaign Push
46 We knew media would coddle Biden — here's why it's much worse | TheHill
47 From the Right: A snapshot of Democratic control today
48 As Biden increases travel, campaign boosts ground game in North Carolina
49 TJ Ducklo Attends White House Briefing
50 Inside Joe Biden’s plan to avoid a midterm ‘shellacking’
51 The historian Jon Meacham, who wrote of ‘the soul of America,’ has been working on Biden’s speeches.
52 Security guard who met Biden in elevator gives first nominating speech at Democratic convention
53 Robbery and assault, Ducklo (near Dalby)
54 Biden calls for speeding up release of Covid shots
55 Biden urges the distribution of nearly all available coronavirus vaccine
56 WATCH: Biden seeks to close Guantanamo Bay after review
57 What’s In Store For The Entertainment Industry With A Joe Biden-Kamala Harris Administration
58 President Biden's first month with the press
59 MSNBC host scolds Biden spokesperson for dodging court-packing question
60 Inside the Teen Vogue mess — which is really a Condé Nast mess
61 Teen Vogue’s new editor apologizes for past racist tweets after staff complaints: ‘There’s no excuse’
62 POLITICO Playbook PM: We regret to inform you that Larry Kudlow is saying things again
63 Next Post: Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jen Psaki, February 16, 2021
64 Jockeying for jobs: Tensions simmer inside Biden transition as new administration takes shape
65 MAGA media looks to turn White House briefing room into a battlefield
66 Execution Rescheduled for Only Woman on Federal Death Row
67 Biden Says He Will Release All Vaccine Doses After Taking Office
68 Tucker Carlson criticized for saying Democrats hate America
69 The Big Role That Big Donors Still Play, Quietly, for Joe Biden
70 TJ Ducklo, Joe Biden's Press Secretary: 5 Fast Facts
71 Estrich: What Was He Thinking?
72 Yes, Biden Called Trump’s Travel Restrictions Xenophobic
73 Meet the Rapid Response director: Top Biden aide on how the 2020 campaign was unlike any other
74 1600: Trump beat conviction, but he's not in the clear
75 10 things you need to know today: February 14, 2021
76 US election 2020: Trump and Biden feud over debate topics
77 Some states want to buy their own COVID vaccines. The Biden administration says no.
78 Fact-check: Is someone making less than $15 per hour living in poverty?
79 Ulta pauses ad campaign over Alexi McCammond tweet controversy
80 What's holding up another economic stimulus plan?
81 After Biden’s Exposure to Trump, His Team Is Cagey on Health Questions
82 CNN's Stelter to Biden Spox On Lack of Press Availability: Why Not Prove Trump 'Wrong' and Do More Interviews?
83 Biden Campaign Hopping Mad at CBS and ABC for Gifting Trump Bonus Airtime
84 Facebook rejected Biden request to pull false Trump ad about Ukraine
85 Right-wing media focuses on 'imaginary controversy' suggesting Biden won't debate Trump
86 Atlanta mayor in the spotlight and on Biden's VP short list
87 Biden’s flexibility on policy could mean fierce fights if he wins
88 POLITICO Playbook PM: Announcing the new Playbook team
89 After first round of vaccine distributions, bulk of planning remains unfinished
90 If Biden can't answer questions without a script, how can he run the country?
91 Fact Check: Trump Falsely Asserts Biden Was Fed Questions
92 Video: Biden Plays Mario Kart With His Granddaughter Naomi
93 Fact check: Does Biden want to 'lock down' nation?
94 How Biden Won Big in South Carolina and Super Tuesday
95 Chattanooga native, presidential historian Jon Meacham helping Joe Biden with speeches
96 White House says U.S. states can't directly purchase Covid vaccine under emergency use authorization
97 Harris suspends travel after two in her orbit test positive for the coronavirus
98 Biden Cabinet: Expertise, diversity and Obama class reunion
99 Axios deletes tweet fact-checking Harris claim Biden admin 'starting from scratch' with vaccine rollout
100 November 2020: Top Doctors