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1 Ford CEO Farley tweets about GM 'reversing course' after it quits Trump alliance
2 Is Rupert Murdoch dumping Trump?
3 Latest news on the Trump-Biden transition: Live updates
4 Finley: Dumping Trump won't heal America
5 The long love affair between Fox News and Trump may be over. Here’s how it all soured last week.
6 Fox News Gets Ready to Dump Trump
7 Fox News Meets Trump Voter Fraud Claims With Skepticism
8 Trump May Have Based False Claims About ‘Secretly Dumped Ballots’ On A Typo And Retracted Tweet
9 President Trump says "we hereby claim" Michigan, citing claim of ballots being dumped
10 The party of stupid | Columnists |
11 'About Half A Scaramucci': Twitter reacts to Donald Trump dumping Sidney Powell from legal team
12 La. absentee ballot showing vote for President Trump found stolen, opened and dumped in TX trash
13 UPDATED: Trump Campaign Appeals Bucks County Judge's Decision
14 Is Netanyahu dumping Trump?
15 Fox News Hits a Dangerous New Low
16 Report: Deutsche Bank ‘Eager’ To Dump $340 Million In Loans To Trump Businesses After Election
17 In Georgia, Pence Sidesteps Trump False Claims
18 Dump Trump AND!!! Singing Across the Generation Gap for a 21st-Century Revolution
19 Trump and allies spread falsehoods to cast doubt on election
20 Trump derides 'surprise ballot dumps’ as Biden takes slim lead
21 Top Republicans Are Silent on Biden Victory as Trump Refuses to Concede
22 Another law firm bails out on Trump campaign
23 Three Key Differences Between Biden And Trump On China
24 Madame Tussauds in Berlin dumps Trump before U.S. election
25 As U.S. election nears, researchers are following the trail of fake news
26 Lawyers begin dumping Trump as incumbent president's lawsuits flounder
27 AP FACT CHECK: Trump's vote falsehoods, into day of defeat
28 Fox, Newsmax, and the danger of low expectations
29 GOP clerk's typo in Michigan fuels false 'vote dumping' claims
30 AP FACT CHECK: Trump sees voting chaos that does not exist
31 Fact check: Video shows chickens dumped in Saudi Arabia, not U.S election ballots
32 No, President Trump, 'ballot dumps' in key states were not a magical surprise
33 Madame Tussauds in Berlin Dumps Donald Trump's Wax Figure in the Trash Ahead of Election Day
34 Lil Wayne’s Trump Endorsement Got Him Dumped
35 Fact check: Vote spikes in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania do not prove election fraud
36 US Election Loser Trump Just Got Dumped By Fox News Too
37 How the Trump Campaign Reacted When Fox News Called Arizona for Biden
38 The Disinformation Is Coming From Inside the White House
39 'We demand a recount in Jesus' name:' RI Trump supporters hold rally
40 Twitter warns Donald Trump presidential election tweet about 'surprise ballot dumps' possibly misleading
41 'It Feels Glorious': Democrats Across the US Finally Exhale—for Now
42 Inside Donald Trump’s 2020 undoing
43 Social networks fail to corral Trump's misinformation about U.S. vote count
44 Melania reportedly waiting to dump the Trump claims former aides
45 Fact check: Trump ballots were not thrown out as claimed by fake poll worker
46 The Election That Broke the Republican Party
47 IN BRIEF: Enviros sue over Trump rule postponing coal-ash pond closures
48 Biden lead in Nevada grows, pushing him closer to victory
49 Clerical Error Prompts Unfounded Claims About Michigan Results
50 50 Cent Reacts to Lil Wayne's Girlfriend Reportedly Dumping Him Over Trump Support: "You Can't Dump Little Wayne"
51 1600: Trump's sons tweet lonely, desperate cry for help
52 Fact check: Wisconsin did not 'find' 100K ballots around 4 a.m. the morning after the election, or take break from counting votes
53 No, ballots for Donald Trump weren't discovered in a Georgia dumpster
54 FactChat is now stuffed with false claims about ballots
55 Weaponizing the Trump rout to throttle the Republican scourge
56 Trump Leaves Biden a Quarantine…But Against China
57 Pelosi calls Trump a 'psychopathic nut' as he challenges 2020 election
58 Fact check: 'Joke' post behind viral article on ballot dumping claim
59 Trump national security adviser Robert O'Brien says it looks like Biden has won
60 Trump Floats Baseless Conspiracy Theory About ‘Very Strange’ Ballot Dumps As Michigan, Wisconsin Tilt Blue
61 Evidence of ballot dumping found in Wis., Mich.
62 Distrust Authorities, Including Me
63 Trump or Biden: Who would boost growth, restore jobs faster? Here’s an Election Day guide on the economy
64 Instead Of Losing Family And Friends Over Politics, Experts Say Communicate
65 Eric Trump retweets video falsely claiming man burned 80 Trump ballots
66 Biden sets out stall on global trade with appeal to allies to negotiate new 'rules of the road'
67 Trump tries to corner Beijing… but what does Australian wine have to do with it? RT’s Boom Bust finds out
68 Trump's Ballot-Counting Demand Would Disenfranchise Overseas Troops
69 Top business leaders tell Donald Trump to admit defeat as transition needs to begin for sake of Americans' saf
70 Somehow, I'm not feeling the love
71 U.S. Expels Migrant Children From Other Countries to Mexico
72 Obama gives us one of the best reasons to dump Trump
73 Kentucky Postal Worker Charged For Throwing 111 Ballots In Dumpster
74 President-elect Joe Biden calls Trump 'one of the most irresponsible' presidents: 'Outrageous what he's doing'
75 Antidumping duties remain in place on non-oriented electrical steel imports
76 Alameda County Had Less Love For Trump Than Most Of CA
77 Data dump causes spike in Orange County COVID-19 cases but it’s not ‘far from reality’
78 Trump Tweets Charts Detailing Disappearance of Election Night Lead Due to Pro-Biden ‘Vote Dumping’
79 Yasmin Vossoughian: Trump’s refusal to concede the Presidency, “The current President is holding the American public hostage”
80 Measuring how red Texas has become with Abby Livingston: podcast and transcript
81 Report: AT&T looking to dump CNN, network may have hit ratings peak 'hating' President Trump
82 'Dumped in rivers ... creeks ... wastepaper baskets': Trump's falsehoods on mail-in ballots
83 Town officials charged in probe of hazardous waste dumping
84 Breaking the deadlock
85 Analysis: GOP senators dumping Trump? Not in Georgia
86 Trump claimed ballots were 'dumped in a river.' The reality is far from it.
87 Trump and Biden town halls: highlights and analysis
88 Why are billionaires dumping Trump?
89 New York Postal Worker Accused Of Dumping Mail In Woods
90 Is it time to dump Trump?
91 Shingle Mountain: How a pile of toxic waste was dumped in a community of color
92 Older voters are dumping Trump
93 Biden creates 'safe harbor' for renegade Republicans who've dumped Trump
94 GOP Stalwarts Lay Out Roadmap to Dump Trump
95 Town halls with Biden and Trump: Live updates
96 Huawei is shrinking its smartphone business in a fight to save the brand
97 US election 2020: 'Rigged' votes, body doubles and other false claims
98 Dumping Trump is the only way marijuana legalization will happen
99 TV tonight: ’60 Minutes’ profiles Republicans out to dump Trump
100 How to dump Trump: Rick Wilson on Running Against the Devil