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1 German court rules against Yemeni plaintiffs in lethal drone strike case
2 Ex-German detainee in Syria joins lawsuits against Assad regime torture
3 Australia has Revealed its Part in Afghan War Crimes, Now the UK Must Face Up to Its Own
4 Syrian State Torture Trial Opens in Germany
5 Syrian intelligence officers to stand trial in Germany for crimes against humanity | Daily Sabah
6 Syrians file complaint in Germany over sex abuse in Assad’s jails
7 Can Syrian sexual violence survivors get justice in Germany?
8 Ex-officer accused of human rights crimes in Argentina found living in Berlin
9 ICC must investigate arms companies linked to Yemen war crimes allegations
10 European human rights litigation and global corporate responsibility
11 Calendrier du 1 juin au 7 juin 2020
12 Cristian González Cabrera
13 Syrians in Germany file case against Assad over torture and abuse
14 Eight years after the Ali Enterprises factory fire in Pakistan, victims and their families are still fighting for justice
15 Alleged Syrian war criminals face landmark trial in Germany
16 Media Investigation Reveals Frontex Is 'Involved in Illegal Asylum Pushbacks'
17 Wolfgang Kaleck
18 First trial on state sponsored torture in Syria to hold in Germany
19 German prosecutors probe inspection firm over Brazil dam burst
20 Syrian doctor held in Germany for 'crimes against humanity'
21 German prosecutors charge Syrian officials with crimes against humanity
22 German arms companies accused of aiding war crimes in Yemen
23 Germany: 'President Assad officials' charged with torture in Syria
24 Syria Regime under World Scrutiny
25 “They Were Beating Me Like Crazy”: Video Documents Illegal Refugee Pushbacks in Croatia
26 Spain's removal of migrants in Melilla backed by European Court of Human Rights
27 How bankrupt Phil Shiner is still living in his home after millionaire backer stepped in to buy it
28 3 Syrian Ex-Intelligence Officials Arrested On Charges Of Torture
29 Syria’s long road to justice and the man hoping to walk it there
30 Patrick Kroker, Author at Just Security
31 Amnesty calls for investigation into 'EU violation of humanitarian law in Yemen'
32 German NGO seeks arrest warrant for Donald Trump's deputy CIA director
33 International Criminal Court probing the UK for possible war crimes
34 Forensic Architecture's Project at Whitney Biennial Reveals Museum Vice Chair's Company May Be Complicit in War Crimes
35 Seizing opportunities and broad strategy both essential in human rights litigation
36 Justice for Syria: Civil Society, The UN Mechanism and National Proceedings
37 Universal Jurisdiction Annual Review 2020: Terrorism and international crimes: prosecuting atrocities for what they are
38 Kather: We hope for arrest warrants against torturers
39 France's Lafarge has charge of crimes against humanity lifted
40 The torture survivors suing the Syrian regime
41 "Lopsided contracts" expose garment industry frailties | Apparel Industry News
42 Germany issues international arrest warrant for top Assad officer
43 Prosecuting Syrian War-Crimes Suspects From Berlin
44 Italian officials and German firm face legal action over Saudi arms sales
45 In Germany, CIA official charged with torture
46 Victims of 2017 pesticide poisoning in Maharashtra file cases in Switzerland against Syngenta
47 Complaint filed against Syngenta over pesticide sales in India
48 "Make Way for Justice": universal jurisdiction in 2014 scrutinized by three NGOs
49 Trump’s new CIA chief pick’s torture past clouds her future
50 Italian officials allegedly met with Syria's top military adviser
51 Landmark trial against alleged Syrian war criminals: What next?
52 To the Core-Group and Co-Sponsoring States to the MLA Initiative
53 Time for justice: Prosecuting German collaborators of Pinochet regime
54 Yemenis win in German court over US drone strikes
56 In landmark move, Yavatmal pesticide contact poisoni..ile case in Bern against agrochemical company Syngenta
57 For Syrian victims, the path to justice runs through Europe
58 Uzbekistan: European Cotton Traders Reject NGO Claims of Forced Child Labor
59 Is There a Warrant for CIA Director Nominee Gina Haspel's Arrest?
60 Assad's henchmen: The painstaking hunt for Syrian war criminals in Europe
61 Three Maharashtra Farmers Sue Syngenta in Switzerland for Pesticide Poisoning
62 Is Mexico's Wind Sector Repeating Fossil Fuels' Mistakes?
63 How Syrian War Crimes Are Being Investigated — in Europe
64 NGO Charges Croatian Police With 'Inhumane Treatment of Refugees'
65 With Syria's War Nearly Over, Victims Take The Battle To European Courts
66 Fashion’s $16 Billion Debt To Garment Workers Should Spark Reform, Not Sympathy
67 Human rights bodies voice concerns to UCI over Bahrain team
68 ‘Pesticide poisoning’: 3 Maharashtra farmers sue Syngenta in Basel
69 Lafarge charged with complicity in Syria crimes against humanity
70 Torture survivors file criminal complaint against senior Syria officials
71 Lafarge faces legal complaint over actions in Syria
72 Refugees Returned to Greece Sue Macedonia in Strasbourg
73 Lawyer Wolfgang Kaleck: Bush, Rumsfeld & Cheney Are a Troika of Tyranny & Should Be in Prison
74 Why is Germany putting an Afghan man on trial for war crimes?
75 Syrian Woman Torture Survivor Hopes for Justice in Germany Trials
76 Pampanga WWII rape victims take case to United Nations
77 Here’s how perpetrators of crimes in Syria are being prosecuted
78 Court hears case on Germany's role in US drone deaths in Yemen
79 ICC Reopens Probe of Alleged British Iraq War Crimes
80 Joint Letter on UK War Crimes Cover-Up Allegations
81 Warren Kanders, Former Whitney Museum Vice Chair, Vows to Exit Tear Gas Trade
82 International pressure grows on India over arbitrary detentions
83 How easy is it to hold Swiss companies to account abroad?
84 German court convicts Tamil man over assassination of Kadirgamar
85 To be truly remorseful, Germany should pay for Namibia genocide
86 Germany hears testimonies of Syrians tortured in Assad's prisons
87 Rwanda trial: A victory for international law?
88 German clothing discounter KiK on trial for Pakistan factory fire
89 How Bahrain uses sport to whitewash a legacy of torture and human rights abuses
90 14400 people tortured to death in Syria – Middle East Monitor
91 Accountability for the Syrian Regime: An Overview
92 German court rejects suit over Baldia factory fire
93 The UK Is Facing a Fresh Iraq War Crimes Probe
94 Michael Ratner obituary
95 Auditing firm RINA defends actions over fatal Ali Enterprises fire
96 Apparel factory auditing appears in the firing line
97 Can the Application of Universal Jurisdiction Foster Accountability in Sri Lanka?
98 Pakistan's 'industrial 9/11'
99 'Assad's men' charged with torture
100 Fearing Pinochet 1998 experience, former US president Bush cuts short EU visit