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Result Content Idea Research
1 Implementing ECHR judgments: Latest decisions from Committee of Ministers
2 Children's climate change case at the European Court of Human Rights: what's at stake?
3 Does Climate Change Violate Children's Human Rights? A European Court May Soon Decide
4 Article 6(1) of ECHR is not separate ground to challenge arbitral awards
5 Journalist Ilya Azar files claim against Russian authorities with ECHR
6 Ukraine v. Russia: ECHR attaches Netherlands’ MH17 case
7 Minister of Justice's Court Appointments Were Illegal: Ruling Upheld by ECHR
8 European Rights Court Finds Russia Denied Physicist Fair Trial In Treason Case
9 Marina Litvinenko submits €3.5m ECHR claim against Russia
10 ECHR's Grand Chamber Confirms Court's Ruling in Landsréttur Case
11 Human rights conference to mark 70 years of ECHR
12 Ukrainian woman first time ever defends rights at ECHR in domestic violence case
13 Steve Baker mocked online for citing ECHR to back up anti-lockdown argument
14 Fact-Check: ECHR's Ruling on Insulting Prophet Shared With Missing Context
15 ECHR Ruling Prompts Calls for Probe Against UNM-Era-Prosecutor-Turned-Judge
16 ECHR rejects French citizen's complaint about poor government Covid measures
17 UK rebuked over failure to enforce Troubles court rulings
18 From Iceland — Icelandic Politicians Respond To ECHR Grand Chamber Ruling
19 Law column: Privacy, photographs and the European Court of Human Rights
20 ECHR finds Turkey guilty of violating rights of journalist Ahmet Şık
21 Protecting human rights in pandemics and other emergencies: challenges faced by prosecutors
22 ECHR finds Turkey guilty of violating rights of Cumhuriyet journalists
23 Brexit: Michel Barnier claims UK has conceded on human rights
24 ECHR halts extradition of ‘drugs lord with India link
25 European Court Rejects Case from Dead Serbian Soldier's Father
26 ECHR rules in Ukraine's favor in claim on pension payment in ORDLO | KyivPost
27 ECHR applies urgent measure in case of Armenian prisoners of war kept in Azerbaijan
28 President congratulates Marialena Tsirli for her election as ECHR's Registrar | Kathimerini
29 Women and Human Rights – Personal Stories
30 CoE ‘Strongly Urges’ Russia to Compensate Georgian Deportation Victims
31 ECtHR: Judge appointed in tainted process violated defendant's rights
32 UNIAN: Ukraine among leaders by complaints lodged against it with ECHR | KyivPost
33 Austrian Supreme Court confirms arbitral tribunal's ruling to hold virtual hearing despite one party's objection
34 The ECHR Verdict Is The Nail In The Corbynite Coffin
35 European court lifts 'interim measure' on Turkey over Nagorno-Karabakh
36 EU's mask slips as leaked document exposes 'desire to keep Britain under its Courts'
37 Russia moves to expel American human rights activist
38 Cyprus asks Committee of Ministers to adopt Interim Resolution for Turkey's disregard of ECHR judgments
39 Armenia requests ECHR to apply new interim measure against Azerbaijan
40 Hague court begins hearing climate case against Royal Dutch Shell
41 Environment – The ECHR addresses global warming for the first time
42 Deportation of man with children in UK was 'disproportionate', court rules
43 Halya Coynash: ECHR move merges Dutch case with Ukraine's over MH17 | KyivPost
44 ECHR demands Azerbaijan to provide information about 6 Armenian POWs
45 European Union accession to the European Convention on Human Rights
46 Taiwanese in Norway to seek appeal in legal battle over 'China' labeling
47 BCLP Paris – Competition and Distribution Newsletter – December 2020 | Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner
48 New factsheet on the execution of ECHR judgments concerning environment
49 The ECHR takes up the issue of global warming
50 ECHR hastens case of death of 19-year-old Machalikashvili during Pankisi special op
51 The Varosha property question
52 New criminal record disclosure rules take effect
53 Ten citizens went missing on Goris-Shushi road, Armenia applies to ECHR
54 Protecting refugees in Europe: the ECHR and beyond
55 ECHR obliges Azerbaijan to provide information on 11 Armenian PoWs and 10 captured civilians
56 ECHR finds Georgia in violation of right to life in Roin Shavadze murder case
57 Top court says legal to expel unvaccinated children from kindergartens | Kathimerini
58 Croatia Urged to Toughen its Response to Human Trafficking
59 Armenia petitions to ECHR to ensure right to life of 10 missing civilians
60 Turkey: New resolution on Osman Kavala makes clear his detention must end immediately
61 Article 2 and the provision of healthcare
62 Implementing ECHR judgments: Latest decisions from the Committee of Ministers
63 ECHR grants Armenian side's petitions on 10 captured, 3 detained Armenians
64 Implementing ECHR judgments: latest decisions from the Council of Europe's Committee of Ministers
65 Implementing ECHR judgments
66 ECHR halts extradition of 'drug lord'
67 France: Spectacular U-turn on successor criminal liability in M&A transactions
68 ECHR Rejects Turkey's Bid To Lift Interim Measure Requested By Armenia
69 Protecting our Human Rights in Europe for 70 years
70 ECHR upholds Armenia's application, applies interim measure against Azerbaijan
71 Kickstarting Reform in Bosnia Requires Harnessing Diaspora's Energy
72 'Popular Outcry Is Not Proof': Why the High Court Sided With Ryan Beckwith
73 Rights Court Faults Russia Over Physicist's Spying Conviction
74 European Court of Human Rights presidency will test Spano
75 Labour civil war: Keir Starmer blasts Corbyn for ‘bad as it gets’ EHRC report response
76 Submission to the European Court of Human Rights in A.M. v. Russia
77 Greek Court Rules Unvaccinated Nursery, Kindergarten Students Can Be Barred
78 HELP conference “Marking 70 years of ECHR in critical times”
79 ECHR Case of Montanaro & Others v Malta decided on the 1st September 2020
80 Kristiansand conference to mark the 70th anniversary of the ECHR
81 ECHR Rules Against Romania For Deporting Pakistani 'Terrorists'
82 Greek Woman Elected as Secretary General of European Court of Human Rights
83 Data case defeat increases Tory pressure to quit ECHR
84 Annual International Forum on ECHR case-law
85 Appeal by terror leader Gulen rejected by ECHR
86 Marking 70 years of the ECHR in critical times: 2020 HELP Network e-Conference
87 Venice Commission denounces Putin constitutional amendments which avoid ECtHR ruling enforcement
88 Coronavirus: Exceptional measures at the European Court of Human Rights
89 European Court of Human Rights condemns France over ‘inhuman’ living conditions for asylum-seekers
90 ECHR finds France violation in Palestinian convictions
91 Spain: ECHR judgment a blow to refugee and migrant rights
92 More than 250 Italian trainee judges benefit from the HELP course: Introduction to the ECHR and the ECtHR
93 Supervision of the execution of ECHR judgments
94 European governments urged to abide by ECHR when responding to COVID-19 crisis
95 Russia annually pays around $13 million in ECHR decisions
96 Petsas Slams SYRIZA's Irresponsibility in Handling City Plaza Hotel Occupation | greece , politics
97 Polish judges complain to ECHR over Supreme Court independence
98 ECHR orders Armenia and Azerbaijan to stop hostilities
99 What the EU's Legislative E2E Encryption Drive Means for Your Privacy
100 Protecting the environment using human rights law