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1 EVS Broadcast Equipment announces the departure of its CFO
2 Automakers look to electrify sales of EVs with cheaper models
3 “Electric fuel” tax for EVs, VW ID.4 road-trip charging, Volvo online sales: Today's Car News
4 Blackbird Teams Up With EVS on International Sporting Events
5 Multifuel stations way forward for EVs
6 Volvo is shifting to online sales starting with EVs—with a different role for dealerships
7 The Station: Another Uber spinout is born and EVs dominate SPACs
8 Volkswagen Raises Target for EVs in U.S. Product Mix
9 Congressman Andy Levin is all-in on EVs
10 There's a Surge of New EVs. We Take Them for a Spin
11 Consumer Reports Cover Highlights Hot New EVs
12 PSA pushing FCA forward on EVs
13 Lego Inspired Ample To Create A Battery Swapping System For All EVs
14 This Futuristic Trailer Was Designed to Be Towed By Your EV
15 EVs And The Environment
16 4,700 Hyundai Ioniq, Kona EVs Recalled for Battery Fire Issue
17 Push for electric vehicles raises questions on energy sources
18 EVs Could Make Dealerships a Thing of the Past, Too
19 FedEx to convert parcel fleet to EVs by 2040, eyeing a carbon neutral future
20 Increased variety of EVs boosts industry's recovery
21 A growing appetite for EVs tasks the supply chain to scale
22 Hyundai recalling 4,700 US EVs for battery swap | Automotive Industry News | just-auto
23 Will EVs Create A Transportation Class Divide?
24 Karickhoff bill creates commission to study workforce needs for EVs
25 Massive Texas power outage teaches hard lessons about EVs
26 GM evaluating second U.S. battery plant for EVs amid construction of $2.3 billion facility in Ohio
27 RACQ calls on Australian government to do more for EVs
28 Grants for used EVs needed to tackle “green gap” in vehicle uptake
29 EVs have New Momentum, but Let's Keep Our Eye on the Ball
30 Finding key to low-cost, fast production of solid-state batteries for EVs
31 Global Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Technologies: 11kW On-board Chargers Likely to become a Standard on BEVs by 2027
32 Install charging points for EVs: Delhi transport minister to malls, hotels and market complexes
33 EVs make huge gains helped by incentives, tougher CO2 rules
34 How EVs were a lifeline for 3 families (and 6 cats) during the Texas blackout
35 Nexteer Expands Portfolio for EVs
36 SRP offers $1,000 rebates to drivers buying or leasing EVs
37 The industry is racing to modernize the way in which EVs are built
38 Indigo Tech to Deliver Grid Sustainable Robotic Wheel EVs for The Digital-First Economy
39 ‘Ola unit can make 10 millontwo-wheeler EVs’
40 EVs Will Rule the World—If They Can Find the Parts
41 Volvo Wants to Sell Only EVs by 2030
42 Upcoming EVs in India: Ola electric scooter revealed
43 Huawei Plans to Make EVs After U.S. Sanctions, Reuters Says
44 SUNY Poly startup NoMIS Power Group developing silicon carbide chips for EVs and other applications
45 10 EVs and Their Gas-Burning Alternatives
46 Electric cars: Colorado’s shift to EVs nears “tipping point”
47 As GM and Ford launch more EVs, dealers decide: Costly upgrades or obsolescence?
48 J.D. Power Finds The Best Way To Sell EVs Is Getting Butts In Seats
49 XPeng Delivered Way Fewer EVs Last Month. Here's Why.
50 Here are the mileage ranges of the top EVs
51 Using two-way power, electric vehicles may help during power crisis
52 New US bill provides $8 billion for companies building EVs, batteries and more
53 CommonWealth Magazine
54 Can solid state batteries power up for the next generation of EVs?
55 Elon Musk: Tesla EVs Not Connecting to Starlink Internet Due to Massive Network—Only for Aircraft, and MORE
56 Study: EVs use less raw material than gasoline vehicles
57 Cities Rev Up Transition to EVs with Car Sharing Programs
58 ZTE joins list of Chinese tech companies eyeing EVs
59 EVS Broadcast Equipment reports 2020 results Brussels Stock Exchange:EVS
60 Startup Ample Launches New Battery Swap For EVs That Could Avoid The Failures Of Previous Ventures
61 Warren Buffett Is Getting Deeper Into EVs
62 EVs and raw materials, dealership EV upgrades, Volvo's shift to all-EV: Today's Car News
63 Aston Martin pledges to build EVs in UK from 2025
64 Car Radio, Podcast 43, Pts 1/2: Vivian on Cadillac EVs, Cole Smith on EV racing/NASCAR, Priddle/Envision, Moye/Beep, Dolphin/Prefix
65 VW expects half of U.S. sales to be electric vehicles by 2030
66 How Far Would More Efficient EVs Go With Oil Extraction Energy?
67 A fix may be on the way for a tax incentive rule that makes the Chevrolet Bolt EV pricier
68 Inside the industry: Pre-registering EVs helps manufacturers avoid emissions fines
69 Hybrid Cars and Evs Onboard Camera Market Size, Share, Growth Survey 2020 to 2027 and Industry Analysis Report – KSU | The Sentinel Newspaper
70 Delhi offers lowest electricity tariff for charging EVs: Kailash Gahlot
71 EVs Are Growing In All Directions
72 Inside GM’s Plans to Convert Its Factories for EVs
73 These EVs Declined In Sales In America After Range Improvements: Leaf, Bolt, Model 3
74 Kia Accelerates Electric-Vehicle Plans, Promises 11 EVs by 2026
75 VW considers electric convertible: Why are there so few drop-top EVs?
76 California Board, Utilities Offer Point-of-Purchase Price Reduction for Eligible EVs
77 EVs are just one part of sustainable transportation | Greenbiz
78 Toyota's 2021 Includes Two New Full-Electric Vehicles, a New Plug-In Hybrid
79 Colorado Pushes Shift to EVs to Counteract Climate Change
80 The Rise in EVs Boosts Lithium Miner Stocks SQM, Albemarle
81 Eaton to Develop Gearing for EVs
82 National Hot Rod Association Wants To Help Develop EVs
83 Despite Super Bowl Bragging, GM Is Part of Why U.S. Isn’t Beating Norway in EVs
84 EVs and Charging Stations: Virginia Going Zero Emissions Under New Vehicle Legislation
85 Hyundai recalls Kona EVs over battery fire risk
86 Postal Service stirs ire by buying gas trucks and a few EVs
87 Hyundai to recall 82,000 EVs for fire risk
88 Planning 500,000 charging points for EVs by 2025, Shell becomes the latest company swept up in EV charging boom
89 EVs can’t succeed without supercharging networks
90 Tesla Model 3 and Model Y EVs prices drop in affordability play
91 Greenest cars; Foxconn and Fisker; American-made raw materials for EVs: Today's Car News
92 Inside Clean Energy: How Norway Shot to No. 1 in EVs
93 ABCs Of EVs: Direct Current Explained
94 Why Tesla Is Shifting More EVs To Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries
95 Lawmaker Seeks to Stop Postal Service Contract With Limited EVs
96 Log 9 develops ultra-fast charging battery technology for EVs
97 Mining in America is necessary for EVs but controversial with environmentalists
98 Jaguar To Turn All Electric By 2025, Land Rover EVs Start In 2024
99 Ford Europe Goes All-In On EVs
100 10 investors predict MaaS, on-demand delivery and EVs will dominate mobility's post-pandemic future