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1 Support For Abolishing Electoral College Hits Nearly 10-Year High: Poll
2 Could a Trump Electoral College scheme work in North Carolina?
3 The Case for Dumping the Electoral College
4 Why does Maine split its Electoral College votes for president?
5 How the Electoral College could end in a 269-269 tie
6 Get rid of the Electoral College? Support to end it climbs to 10-year high, poll says
7 Vision 2020: Electoral College vs popular vote in America
8 Alternative proposal to Electoral College could make matters worse
9 In the Race for the White House, What Happens in an Electoral College Tie?
10 Electoral college explained: how Biden faces an uphill battle in the US election
11 Think The Electoral College Is Unfair To Democrats? Try The Senate.
12 Scrapping the Electoral College would be huge mistake for country
13 What Can Democrats Do if There’s a Disputed Election?
14 Ask Civics 101: Why Do We Have The Electoral College?
15 The Peoples’ Constitution—The Electoral College
16 The Electoral College Will Destroy America
17 What's The Electoral College And How It Differs From The Popular Vote
18 The Essential Electoral College
19 4 inconclusive Electoral College results that challenged our democracy | TheHill
20 It’s too late for 2020, but Electoral College must go
21 Don't expect chaos from Utah's presidential electors even if Trump tried this extreme maneuver
22 Arguments to retain Electoral College don’t add up | READER COMMENTARY
23 Electoral College: How does it work; what happens if there is a tie?
24 Think we should scrap the electoral college? Not so fast
25 I tracked electoral votes for Bush. Beware of the 2020 forecasts.
26 Your view: Letters discuss news bias, Electoral College, race
27 What If Trump Refuses to Concede?
28 Will We Ever Get Rid of the Electoral College?
29 These maps show how 2020 could come down to 1 electoral vote
30 More critics call for the Electoral College to be abolished, analysts say it’s unlikely
31 Electoral College Expert Says It's 'Very Likely' Trump Could Win The Presidency Again
32 What can Trump do to eke out a victory in the electoral college?
33 Eliminating the Electoral College would not reform our democracy | TheHill
34 How will Americans respond when there’s another split between the electoral college and the popular vote?
35 Birch Bayh's bid to end Electoral College recalled at IU McKinney lecture
36 The Electoral College then, now, and shortly
37 Is It Too Late to Make a Change to the Electoral College in Time for the 2020 Election?
38 Prince: Defends Electoral College | Your Valley
39 Trump Has An Electoral College Advantage Again This Cycle
40 JACKIE CUSHMAN: Stay calm and slow to anger
41 Keep Colorado in Electoral College, vote no Prop. 113
42 McDermott: We’re having the wrong debate about the Electoral College.
43 The popular vote should determine the presidency; eliminate the Electoral College
44 Is it time to reconsider the Electoral College? | Letters
45 History of the electoral college and how it works
46 Pro/Con: Abolish the Electoral College; presidential elections are broken
47 Letters to the Editor: How to fix the electoral college
48 The polls, the Electoral College and Democratic hand-wringing | TheHill
49 Is Donald Trump starting to make an electoral comeback?
50 Armstrong: NPV an unserious idea, let's improve the Electoral College
51 A Very Interesting New Electoral College Work-Around
52 Swing State Map Tightens, But Biden Still Leads Trump
53 How Rutherford B. Hayes could impact this year's presidential election
54 Biden is on track to lose the Electoral College
55 Electoral college does not give all equal voice
56 Writer offers his views on Electoral College
57 Are liberals authoritarian by opposing electoral college?
58 The Atlantic Daily: A Q&A With Barton Gellman
59 Should The U.S. Abolish The Electoral College?
60 Why the US Electoral College system is problematic
61 New Documentary on Electoral College Features Heritage Foundation Experts
62 Trump, Biden and the road to 270 electoral votes
63 Electoral College no longer useful | News, Sports, Jobs
64 What Happens If Neither Trump nor Biden Wins the Electoral College?
65 Don Lemon Calls for Electoral College to Be Scrapped: 'Blow up the Entire System'
66 The ignorance of calling the electoral college racist
67 AP Gov: What is the Electoral College? | News |
68 Point of View: Electoral College violates principal of 'one man, one vote'
69 Pro/Con: Preserve the Electoral College; it ensures that every vote is heard
70 The Electoral College: Idaho's role in electing a president
71 Why should Wyoming voters have more power than Californians?
72 If Black Lives Matter, the Electoral College Must Go
73 Endorsement: Yes on Proposition 113 to elect the U.S. president with the national popular vote
74 A tiny change in the electoral math could blow up Joe Biden’s campaign
75 2021 presidential electoral college numbers slashed on previous election
76 Demographic shifts since 2016 could be enough to defeat Trump. But it's complicated.
77 Don Lemon: 'Blow up the entire system' and eliminate the Electoral College
78 Politics Podcast: If Biden Wins The Popular Vote By 2-3 Points, He Isn’t Favored To Win The Electoral College
79 The Terrifying Inadequacy of American Election Law
80 A call for Constitution Essay Contest entries
81 Popular vote should determine presidential winner in Ohio, governor says
82 Unlikely, but possible: How the presidency could hinge on Minnesota
83 Mailbag: Electoral College vote keeps mob in check
84 LETTER: VA's actions cause presidential doubt
85 LETTERS: The powerful ignoring the masses; so-called peaceful protests
86 The Battleground States Biden and Trump Need to Win 270
87 PA GOP disputes assertions in bombshell Atlantic story
88 Trump says mail-in ballots ‘big scam’: US Election news
89 Jonah Goldberg: Scrapping Electoral college bad idea
90 US democracy is broken: How to fix voting rights, elections, the Senate, and the Electoral College
91 EDITORIAL: Proposition 113 should not and cannot jeopardize our electoral votes
92 Washington, DC's Leading Local News: Weather, Traffic, Sports and more | Washington, DC |
93 GUEST COLUMN: Prop 113's election scheme is bad for Colorado
94 Joe Biden might win in a landslide. That would make things more complicated.
95 The power of incumbency and the Electoral College give Donald Trump a fully stacked deck that Joe Biden must overcome
96 Supreme Court Rules States May Curb 'Faithless Electors' in Electoral College
97 I tracked electoral votes for George W. Bush. Beware of 2020 forecasts.
98 CNN's Don Lemon suggests to 'blow up the entire system'
99 CNN's Don Lemon: The Electoral College Disenfranchises Voters
100 Bonners Ferry Herald