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1 Under House bills, Biden and Trump would have split Michigan's Electoral College votes
2 Change To Census Military Counts Could Shift House Seats, Electoral College
3 Weiland Ross: The Electoral College protects democracy | Columnists |
4 Hawley raises $3M after leading efforts to block Electoral College results: report | TheHill
5 'You want to see a temper tantrum?': Arizona Republican sides with Democrats, blocks voting bill
6 It may take a while, but elections and voting could be the force behind constitutional change
7 NY man faces conspiracy, other charges in Capitol siege
8 Evidence in Trump supporter’s trial suggests he espoused Nazi ideals
9 GOP leadership bankrolls election objectors who lost PAC support
10 A Trump-McConnell power struggle creates landmines in GOP quest to retake Congress
11 Census settlement: House seat numbers can't be released before next week
12 House passes Washington, DC, statehood bill in hopes of making it a 51st state
13 Electoral College makes it official: Biden won, Trump lost
14 Susan J. Demas: Republicans get creative to make sure Democrats don't win any more elections ⋆ Michigan Advance
15 How to get rid of the Electoral College
16 Electoral College Vote Officially Affirms Biden’s Victory
17 In Politics, Majority Rule Isn't So Simple
18 The Electoral College, Explained
19 Electoral College Affirms Biden Win With California Vote : Biden Transition Updates
20 Syracuse Man Arrested for Alleged Role in January 6 Capitol Riot
21 Syracuse man faces conspiracy, other charges in Capitol siege
22 What Is The Electoral College Safe Harbor Deadline?
23 EXPLAINER: What's in store when the Electoral College meets
24 Why does America have the Electoral College — and should we keep it?
25 How Are Electoral College Electors Chosen?
26 Santa Fe man charged for alleged role in storming US Capitol
27 Dan Bongino Looks to be the Heir to Rush Limbaugh
28 The History Of The Census And House Of Representatives
29 Amid Pressures To Overturn Election, Electoral College Under New Scrutiny
30 There's a plan afoot to replace the Electoral College, and your state may already be part of it
31 Heavy metal guitarist with ties to Oath Keepers is first US Capitol rioter to plead guilty
32 Electoral College will pick the president on Monday. Here's what you should know
33 Business PAC Donations Tanked To Republicans Who Challenged Biden Vote: Report
34 Meet the Electoral College’s Biggest Critics: Some of the Electors Themselves
35 Electoral College Count In Congress Halted By Violent Protests : Capitol Insurrection Updates
36 The Electoral College robs American voters of their voice at best
37 What Were Reading Top State Stories
38 Davis Hanson: How much ruin do we have left?
39 Letter to the Editor: What Did André Jacque Hear during His Listening Session?
40 How The Electoral College Came To Choose The President Of The U.S.
41 Electoral College Members Prepare To Finalize Presidential Election
42 Walter Mondale dies at age 93 | News, Sports, Jobs
43 Of the 700 attempts to fix or abolish the electoral college, this one nearly succeeded
44 States certifying results ahead of Electoral College meeting
45 EXPLAINER: How Congress will count Electoral College votes
46 Electoral college explained: how the US election is an uphill battle for Biden
47 Electoral College is last long-shot chance for Trump allies to challenge election results
48 Senate Republican joins long-shot bid to challenge Electoral College results
49 OPINION: Executive Orders-Part III | Columnists |
50 Why the Electoral College is here to stay -- for now
51 The Electoral College Is Close. The Popular Vote Isn’t.
52 The Case for Dumping the Electoral College
53 What is the Electoral College and How Does it Work?
54 As Electoral College vote looms, many avenues remain for Republican obstruction, experts say
55 Congress adopts rules governing Jan. 6 Electoral College count
56 Majority of Americans say popular vote should replace Electoral College
57 How to watch Congress count the Electoral College votes
58 When was the electoral college created? : Throughline
59 How Does the Electoral College Work and Other Election Questions
60 OPINION: The Electoral College should be abolished
61 How Josh Hawley and Marjorie Taylor Greene juiced their fundraising numbers
62 Electoral College vs. popular vote in the United States
63 Who invented the Electoral College?
64 The Republican Plan to Game the Electoral College
65 EXPLAINER: When do Electoral College votes need to be in?
66 Abolish the electoral college
67 EXPLAINER: The Electoral College, an unlovable compromise
68 How the Electoral College system works
69 Congress is set to count the Trump-Biden Electoral College votes. Here's the lowdown.
70 How the Electoral College works
71 Letter to the Editor: Democrats Undermining the Constitution
72 Does the Electoral College need to be reformed?
73 The Electoral College Votes On Dec. 14. Meet Some Of Massachusetts' 11 Presidential Electors
74 ‘Safe harbor’ provision secures Biden’s Electoral College win
75 Why the Electoral College has long been controversial
76 The Electoral College: Why Do We Do It This Way? : Consider This from NPR
77 The Electoral College is not going to give Trump a second term
78 Opinion | 2020 Shows Why the Electoral College Is Stupid and Immoral
79 US election 2020: What is the electoral college and how does it work?
80 Electoral College Map: Biden's Swing-State Edge, Trump's Path
81 Leaders of Proud Boys ordered jailed on Capitol riot charges
82 How the the Electoral College works: What to know about faithless electors, what comes next after 2020 presidential election
83 History Of Vice Presidents Counting Electoral Votes In Congress
84 The Real Presidential Election: Understanding The Electoral College
85 McConnell Condemns Republican Objections To Electoral College Results
86 The Electoral College: Why We Still Use It And How To End It : 1A
87 Joe Biden, Donald Trump and the case for the Electoral College
88 Biden officially secures Electoral College majority after California certifies votes
89 What you need to know about how the Electoral College works
90 Today's Electoral College is nothing like the Founders' vision
91 Hijacking the electoral college: The plot to deny JFK the presidency 60 years ago
92 What to Know About the Electoral College Process That Will Take Joe Biden From Election to Inauguration
93 The history of the Electoral College: What is it and why do we use it?
94 Congress has the next -- and final -- vote in the 2020 election. Here's how it works
95 The Electoral College Saved the Election
96 Even Though Biden Won, Republicans Enjoyed The Largest Electoral College Edge In 70 Years. Will That Last?
97 WashU Expert: The Electoral College | The Source
98 VERIFY: Can the Electoral College be eliminated?
99 Opinion | Get Rid of the Electoral College, at Last?
100 Opinion Change the Electoral College for good