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Result Content Idea Research
1 First look at Tesla’s new battery cell produced in-house with Roadrunner
2 Tesla Powerpacks batteries deployed at ~60 Electrify America charging stations, more are coming
3 Lucid beats Tesla Model S Plaid prototype on racetrack with its own tri-motor Air test vehicle
4 Ford releases F-150 electric pickup testing footage — showing impressive performance
5 VW plans to sell 500,000 ID.4 electric cars per year
6 GM unveils its lineup of Ultium electric drive units
7 Tesla Gigafactory Texas plans revealed, showing massive buildings with interesting shape
8 Quick Charge Podcast: September 8, 2020
9 Porsche unveils awesome 2.1 MWh Megapack-like mobile charging system for electric cars
10 Green Deals: Greenworks Pro 60V Electric Chainsaw from $199, more
11 Tesla bug allows other electric cars to charge for free at new Superchargers
12 Tesla co-founder JB Straubel receives backing from Amazon for battery material recycling venture
13 Mercedes-Benz unveils eActros LongHaul electric truck and concept fuel cell truck
14 Tesla is building new massive Supercharger, could become world’s largest
15 Amazon buys 10 electric trucks from Lion Electric
16 Tesla to update Model 3 center console, steering wheel, add heat pump and more, rumor says
17 Quick Charge Podcast: September 16, 2020
18 Tesla Gigafactory Berlin shows incredible progress and scale in new drone flyover
19 Uber announces $800 million to accelerate transition to electric cars, but only aims for 100% electric by 2040
20 EGEB: World’s largest single-site solar park enters final phase
21 VW believes it can catch up to Tesla with 1.5 million EV capacity by 2023 ‘or sooner’
22 NOVUS unveils beautiful new electric motorcycle with shockingly high price
23 VW comes after Tesla with detailed ID.4 and Model Y comparison
24 A Tesla driver was caught sleeping on Autopilot at high speed, police are charging him criminally
25 BP report: Oil is dying, long live green energy
26 This hydrogen engine will help shipping meet EU CO2 targets
27 REI launches first in-house electric bikes, showing off affordably priced mid-drives
28 Florida utilities want to gut solar. Here’s why
29 Green Deals: 2-pack Solar Outdoor LED Lights $19, more
30 Tesla releases new software update enabling Autopilot to stay in passing lane if you want
31 GM unveils Hummer EV’s Crab Mode — a four-wheel steering system
32 Tesla partners with other companies to install solar roof tiles
33 Lucid launches Air electric sedan, unveils production design and full specs
34 Tesla and hackers keep playing cat and mouse in patching performance boost unlock
35 Tesla promises more urban Superchargers in Europe to support growth
36 New ‘motorcycle-inspired’ electric bicycle is fast, fat, and fully suspended
37 Elon Musk: Tesla delays release of important Autopilot rewrite, now 6-10 weeks if all goes well
38 Elon Musk promises Tesla to unveil ‘many exciting things’ on Sept 22
39 Quick Charge Podcast: September 10, 2020
40 Nikola (NKLA) admits to faking video of driving prototype in weak response to allegations
41 Podcast: Nikola and GM fiasco, Lucid Air, Model 3 made-in-China exports, and more
42 Lucid confirms price range of its Air electric car from $80,000 to $169,000
43 Electrify America updates pricing with fairer kWh-based model resulting in lower prices
44 EGEB: Will the UK ban ICE cars by 2030?
45 Tesla is working on a carbon-neutral nickel supply deal with Giga Metals, report says
46 Could this new open source e-bike and e-scooter battery standard finally bring order?
47 VW files ‘e-Thing’ trademark – hinting at off-road electric vehicle
48 Get ’em while they’re hot! E-bike and e-motorcycle manufacturers set to triple sales in 2020
49 EGEB: German carmakers say no to tighter EU auto emissions
50 Lucid Air beats Tesla Model S with insane 9.9-second quarter-mile
51 EGEB: Kids coaxed LEGO into making a big sustainable change
52 Bill Gates says Tesla Semi and electric airplanes will ‘probably never’ work, and he is wrong
53 Tesla teases nanowire technology in Battery Day announcement
54 Tesla (TSLA) rises on app downloads pointing to delivery beat, analyst says
55 Tesla updates Model 3 frunk, makes it a bit smaller — but why?
56 Tesla is building a new video game and user interface team in Austin
57 Green Deals: Kobalt Electric 21-inch 80V Lawn Mower $249, more
58 10 Questions: Geothermal with Dandelion Energy founder Kathy Hannun
59 Tesla (TSLA) crashes, announces completion of capital raise
60 Juiced unveils ‘truly insane’ 2kW and 30+ mph HyperScrambler 2 electric bike
61 It’s World EV Day — how are people recognizing it?
62 Tesla fights back against owners hacking their cars to unlock performance boost
63 VW confirms ID.4 towing capacity, shows utility performance in new video
64 ŠKODA unveils electric SUV based on VW’s MEB platform: 510 km of range, and more
65 GM-backed $4,000 mini electric car has already received 50,000 orders
66 Lucid electric SUV prototype spotted ahead of launch
67 Tesla (TSLA) announces $5 billion capital raise — taking advantage of stock price’s meteoric rise
68 With Tesla Semi and eCascadia coming, US electric truck sales are going to increase to over 54,000 by 2025
69 VW unveils ID.4 interior with some Tesla inspirations
70 Tesla owners band together to put trash cans at Superchargers and keep them clean
71 Tesla driver on Autopilot admits to watching a movie when crashing into police car
72 VW starts ID.4 electric SUV production
73 Tesla holds 80% of US EV market despite losing federal tax credit
74 Watch Ford Mustang electric prototype pull a wheelie on the drag strip
75 Jaguar releases cheaper, less powerful I-Pace electric SUV
76 Porsche delays Taycan electric wagon to next year
77 Elon Musk: Tesla to unveil core structural design change for how cars are made
78 Tesla releases new software update to visually detect speed limit signs, and more
79 Lucid reveals its insane 500-mile range is achieved on 113 kWh battery pack
80 GM unveils its wireless battery management tech, will power next-gen EVs with Ultium batteries
81 Tesla launches phase 3 of its virtual power plant, soon 4,000 homes with Powerwalls will be connected
82 The Big Tesla Hack: A hacker gained control over the entire fleet, but fortunately he’s a good guy
83 Nikola (NKLA) announces deal with GM to engineer and produce its electric/hydrogen pickup truck, and more
84 Nikola’s (NKLA) house of cards crumbles as GM acts like nothing is happening
85 Tesla is rolling out suspension update with real-time visualization
86 EGEB: Volta Trucks launches an inner-city commercial EV
87 Tesla Model 3 emits 65% less lifetime emissions than Mercedes-Benz C-Class, study shows
88 Tesla and FBI prevented $1 million ransomware hack at Gigafactory Nevada
89 Rider covers 7,000 km to Arctic tip of Europe on her Zero SR/S electric motorcycle
90 Amazon orders over 1,800 electric vans from Mercedes-Benz
91 Tesla is finally coming to Tulsa, but not with a factory
92 Tesla Sentry Mode helps recover stolen RV caught on video
93 Lucid reveals impressive 300 kW charge rate for Air electric car, bi-directional charging, and more
94 Watch this rider set new drag racing record on her first H-D LiveWire electric motorcycle ride
95 Watch Tesla Cyberquad DIY electric ATV go 100 mph
96 Tesla is deploying a second Giga Press machine in (or actually out of) Fremont factory
97 Tesla (TSLA) excluded from S&P 500 reshuffle despite being worth 9x all 3 new firms combined
98 Canyon just unveiled this crazy awesome electric pedal car and 2 new e-bikes
99 Remember that crazy BMW concept electric motorcycle? New filings show it may be produced
100 Tesla applies to add short-range interactive motion-sensing device inside cars