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1 This Tesla electric motorcycle concept makes you wish Elon Musk didn’t almost die on a bike
2 Quick Charge Podcast: May 11, 2021
3 Subaru teases new Solterra all-electric SUV coming to the US next year
4 Ford CEO hints at electric Bronco in weird tweet
5 Tesla Cybertruck is equipped with a camera under front bumper
6 Tesla (TSLA) deliveries ‘drop’ in China and media are making up reasons why
7 Police investigate Tesla driver spotted in backseat, but he doubles down on dangerous behavior
8 Tesla tuner gets seal of approval from automaker by becoming authorized for official vehicle service
9 Tesla’s (TSLA) demand is through the roof, already sold out this quarter
10 Ford teases electric F150 pickup, announces ‘Lightning’ name and unveiling next week
11 Tesla Supercharger network reaches 25,000-charger milestone
12 Tesla is completely revamping referral program after spending $23 million on free Supercharging
13 Waymo and Cruise hope to charge for autonomous rides in California
14 EGEB: First major US offshore wind farm approved today [updated]
15 Tesla is more cautious about Full Self-Driving timeline with regulators than the public, based on new memo
16 First Tesla Powerwall+ images and specs released
17 Elon Musk might not take a salary from Tesla, but his compensation could reach $30 billion this year
18 NIO expands outside of China – starting with launching its electric vehicles in Norway
19 ‘We’ve been shocked,’ CEO of US’s largest e-bike company, Rad Power Bikes, talks future plans
20 Toyota says electric Land Cruiser could be coming after battery-electric retrofit trial with client
21 Harbour Air looks to certify its all-electric commercial airplane
22 Quick Charge Podcast: April 29, 2021
23 Why some electric car owners return to gas – the reasons aren’t surprising
24 GAF Energy moves its solar manufacturing from Asia to the US
25 Harley-Davidson spins off electric motorcycles into new all-electric brand LiveWire
26 Exclusive: SONDORS Metacycle electric motorcycle updates, better seat, passenger footpegs
27 Citroën’s small $6,000 electric ‘car’ is coming to the US as part of new subscription service
28 Mercedes-Benz unveils EQT electric minivan with interesting design
29 Tesla said to be facing 6-month delay in opening Gigafactory Berlin, based on German report
30 Green Deals: Greenworks 14-inch Electric Dethatcher is a must for older yards at $101, more
31 Tesla is planning a new facility named ‘Bobcat Project’ next to Gigafactory Texas
32 Green Deals: Jetson Knight electric scooter climbs 15-degree hills at up to 15.5 MPH for $500, more
33 Tesla driver repeatedly spotted in backseat on Autopilot is begging to be arrested
34 Another devastating Chevy Bolt fire just days after fix announced
35 How Tesla pivoted to avoid the global chip shortage that could last years
36 Awesomely Weird Alibaba Electric Vehicle of the Week: $1,691 solar-powered tuk-tuk trike
37 Cadillac is going electric – every new vehicle will be all-electric starting now
38 Tesla Powerwall owner shows how the battery system can withstand 48-hour outage with solar power
39 Hyundai modernizes its retro heritage with PONY EV concept
40 Tesla snaps up battery patent for just $3 – seemingly as part of startup acquisition
41 Nuvve announces V2G charging hubs and TaaS for future EVs
42 Kia reports strong demand for its sleek new EV6 electric crossover with starting price of ~$45,000
43 Tesla’s head of UI departs, showing unseen Cybertruck and FSD images in the process
44 Tesla is looking for mobile service technicians for its electric trucks
45 EGEB: GM plans to invest $1 billion in its Mexico site to build electric vehicles
46 Sono Motors works with MAN to integrate solar panels into vans
47 Arrival partners with Uber to design an EV for ride-share drivers
48 Tesla says it will power all Superchargers with renewable energy this year
49 Hyundai Ioniq 5 – Could this be the electric car of 2021?
50 Exclusive: The latest Chevy Bolt fire reveals troubling pattern that owners should be aware of
51 Elon Musk hosted Saturady Night Live (SNL)— here’s how to watch it
52 Is the FUELL Flluid the ultimate commuter ebike?
53 Tesla is set for another fight against unionization, this time over Gigafactory Berlin
54 Tesla (TSLA) releases Q1 2021 results: delivers on high expectations with $10 billion in revenue
55 Lion Electric to construct the largest all-electric medium and heavy-duty vehicles plant in US
56 Tesla starts offering free Powerwalls to people with big price increases on solar roof
57 Popular $899 Lectric XP e-bike likely getting a new version next week; here’s the teaser
58 Mercedes-Benz launches 2 new all-wheel-drive versions of the EQA electric crossover
59 Tesla increases Model 3 and Model Y prices again, now starts at $39,000
60 Mercedes-Benz EQS electric luxury sedan is now fully unveiled
61 EGEB: Opportunities for solar workers will skyrocket – in numbers
62 Honda announces 100% ‘electric’ sales by 2040, but there’s a twist
63 Teslas reportedly being stopped from driving on the highway by police in Chinese megacity [Update]
64 Electrify America now has 600 charging stations, announces new locations in the US
65 This new 60 mph and 8.4 kW standing electric scooter shows the industry isn’t slowing down
66 Tesla to build a battery and motor recycling facility at Gigafactory Shanghai
67 Tesla creates new team to accelerate use of new materials in its products
68 EGEB: British secret service is spying on countries’ polluting actions
69 Tesla releases insane story behind protester who crashed its booth at the Shanghai Motor Show
70 Tesla Cybertruck camper system receives $50 million in orders, and it doesn’t even exist yet
71 Elon Musk hypes Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta driving visualizations with new update
72 EGEB: A ‘molecular glue’ discovery makes perovskite solar cells more durable
73 Tesla faces backlash after unhappy customer crashes Shanghai Motor Show booth
74 EGEB: Vertical turbines could be the future of wind energy
75 Green Deals: Glarewheels X5 Electric Bike travels for 20-miles on a charge at $450, more
76 Tesla warns owners of a potential defect in their cars through in-car notification
77 Tesla prepares to use its new electric semi-trucks between Fremont and Giga Nevada
78 Washington State bans gas cars by 2030 – the earliest in the US
79 Toyota to review its lobbying against climate and electric cars after pressure from investors
80 Daimler unveils new ‘first of its kind’ electric truck charging station
81 EGEB: UK EV owners to get free charging with excess clean energy
82 Daymak claims massive $300M in pre-orders for its Avvenire electric vehicle lineup
83 Formula E races on full historic Monaco circuit for the first time this weekend
84 Tesla promises to store all data collected in China locally
85 EGEB: GE makes the world’s most powerful wind turbine but doesn’t have a full net zero plan
86 Toyota unveils bZ4X electric SUV without specs, coming next year
87 Tesla’s AI is about to get better, and not just for Full Self-Driving
88 Tesla Cybertruck prototype spotted at its upcoming home of Gigafactory Texas
89 Elon Musk claims Tesla involved in fatal crash with no one in driver’s seat wasn’t on Autopilot
90 Husqvarna’s new Vektorr concept actually makes electric scooters look cool
91 Production version of Yamaha’s upcoming higher power electric scooter revealed in patent
92 Victoria, Australia considers ‘worst EV policy in the world,’ companies respond
93 Tesla Semi prototype and new refreshed Model X spotted on test track
94 Tesla with Autopilot engaged approaches 10x lower chance of accident than average car: here’s the data
95 The world’s most powerful tidal turbine launches in Scotland
96 EGEB: The world’s most powerful wind turbine passes the typhoon test
97 Honda announces four electric motorcycles to debut in next few years
98 FIA Electric GT new tech regulations include lightning-fast 700kW charging
99 Tesla is only bundling solar products and Powerwall together going forward
100 Proposed 30% US tax credit for e-bike purchases gains support in Congress