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Result Content Idea Research
1 Tesla leads UK’s 150% increase in electric car sales
2 Tesla patents new technology for lithium metal/anode-free battery cells
3 Tesla Powerwall owners provide showers and other services during extended outage
4 Tesla (TSLA): Elon Musk says ‘very close’ to level 5 autonomy complete
5 Tesla hits it big in Korea, Model 3 sales jump
6 Audi unveils Q4 Sportsback e-tron: ~$45,000 sleek electric SUV
7 Get ready: 60 MPH standing electric scooter racing is becoming a thing in 2021
8 Fisker secures $50 million in funding to bring its electric SUV to market
9 Quick Charge Podcast: July 8, 2020
10 Tesla hires guy behind Apple Pay to lead Supercharger experience. What you want to improve?
11 VW’s Seat unveils stunning electric hot hatchback: 2021 Cupra el-Born
12 VW starts converting another factory for electric car production
13 Porsche reaches milestone for new electric Macan production
14 First picture of Tesla Model Y and Ford Mustang Mach-E side by side
15 EGEB: Joe Biden’s climate task force wants emissions-free power by 2035
16 AC Cars is building an electric Cobra for £138,000
17 EGEB: Taiwanese company places world’s biggest corporate green energy order
18 Tesla updates ridiculous warranty on problematic media unit and touchscreen
19 BMW iX3 production version is going to be unveiled next week
20 Tesla announces Q2 deliveries: 90,650 electric cars — beating expectations
21 Bosch previews its gorgeous vision for future full-suspension electric bikes
22 Remember the KYMCO RevoNEX electric motorcycle concept? It’s headed for production
23 Police call for Tesla owners with Sentry Mode to help solve attempted murder
24 Watch a Tesla Model 3 being charged by a Honda E electric car
25 GM kills Chevy Sonic, making room for Bolt EUV at company’s second all-EV plant
26 Tesla deploys new Megapack project underpinned by ‘cutting-edge Autobidder AI’
27 Tesla secures more batteries from LG Chem, says report
28 Tesla (TSLA) stock rallies to new all-time high as Wall Street adjusts
29 EGEB: More than 350,000 UK homes will have EV home chargers by 2025
30 Tesla Cybertruck pre-orders rise to over 650,000, says new report
31 Elon Musk says Tesla (TSLA) could break even in Q2 despite global pandemic
32 Tesla Model 3 police cars pay for themselves faster than expected, says police chief
33 Tesla could surprise with near-record deliveries in Q2 despite pandemic
34 House Democrats release net zero plan, including 100% EV sales by 2035
35 Tesla changes Gigafactory Berlin plans, removes battery production, adds test track, and more
36 Electric car market share hits record high in Norway, Audi e-tron leading the pack
37 Tesla Semi spotted being used to deliver cars in end-of-quarter push
38 Hyundai launches first electric minibus with 128kWh battery pack
39 Tesla is making push toward fleet vehicles as cost of operation reaches tipping point
40 Harley-Davidson LiveWire rider completes Mexico to Canada electric border run
41 [Update: it’s live] Ride1Up to unveil stealthy, light $995 belt-drive e-bike
42 Tesla aims to hold Battery Day with ‘cell production tour’ on September 15
43 Tesla wants to move ahead with construction at Gigafactory Berlin without final approval
44 Podcast: Tesla going ‘all out’, Roadrunner secret project, Cybertruck, and more
45 Ford updates Mustang Mach-E specs, opens order book
46 India’s $18,000 Tata Nexon EV points to global EV affordability
47 EGEB: Japan’s new bullet train has first li-ion battery self-propulsion system
48 EVPassport wants to provide $39/mo unlimited charging on major EV charger networks
49 Tesla ranks lowest on J.D. Power 2020 quality study, 250 problems per 100 cars
50 EGEB: The City of Sydney is now on 100% renewable energy
51 Tesla Autopilot confuses Burger King for stop signs, they turn into ad campaign
52 BMW has internal pressure to build electric-only platform
53 Tesla launches aftermarket Model 3 spoiler for $800
54 Tesla has some major Model Y quality issues
55 France banned this e-bike TV ad for creating a ‘climate of anxiety’
56 The Punch Moto is the wackiest new electric motorcycle headed for the street
57 Tesla Solar now 30% less expensive than industry average with new pricing
58 VanMoof’s new $2,000 S3 commuter ‘smart eBike’ is a technical marvel but not for everyone
59 Tesla is taking design submissions for its Chinese-made small electric car
60 Electrify America completes its first EV fast-charging cross-country route
61 BYD launches Tang electric SUV in Norway, plans expansion in Europe
62 EGEB: E-bus trailblazer Chile orders 150 more for its capital, Santiago
63 Tesla reaches new deal with Panasonic for battery supply
64 Tesla to send up to 1,000 Powerwalls to Vermont per year under new deal
65 Tesla acquires $5 million worth of land outside Austin to build new factory
66 Toyota cuts output of RAV4 Prime plug-in hybrid for US to laughable 5,000 units
67 Watch Tesla’s presentation on the Austin factory project
68 Tesla Roadster concept video shows 1.1-sec, 0-60 mph acceleration with SpaceX thruster
69 When an out-of-warranty EV fails, who you gonna call?
70 The dry ice-cooled electric motorcycle heading for the land speed world record
71 Tesla increases Model S and X Supercharging rate to 225 kW
72 Tesla dashcam captures valet crashing Model S while testing Cheetah mode
73 Tipping point: Hyundai has bigger market share for EVs than combustion cars
74 DEWALT’s 20V 22-inch Electric Hedge Trimmer is $179, more in today’s Green Deals
75 Nikola is taking $5,000 deposits for pickup truck renders made due to Tesla Cybertruck
76 Tesla launches new car-sharing feature to simplify access
77 Tesla Semi: Elon Musk says time to bring electric trucks to volume production
78 Tesla is facing NHTSA probe over possible design flaw in older Model S cars
79 Tesla Solar Panels and Roof: Pricing and how to buy
80 Leaked photos of VW ID.4 electric crossover reveal clean design
81 BMW iX3 electric SUV pre-production is launching: first official pictures
82 Tesla hacker unlocks Performance upgrade and acceleration boost at a discount
83 RYOBI 18V electric string trimmer falls to $70, more in today’s Green Deals
84 Tesla upgrades US-made Model 3 with wireless charger and USB-C ports
85 Tesla data shows battery degradation is limited but not all packs are created equal
86 Tesla deploys new Megapacks at ‘WindCharger’ project
87 Tesla starts deliveries in Big 3’s backyard after years of fighting
88 Tesla secures approval for new Model 3 with cheaper lithium iron phosphate batteries
89 Tesla starts Model Y deliveries in Canada
90 Ford delays F-150 electric pickup truck to ‘mid-2022’
91 Tesla starts to enable cars to automatically drive through green lights
92 Tesla starts canceling Solar Roof orders after years of taking deposits
93 Duke team building world’s fastest electric monowheel motorcycle at over 70MPH
94 GM CEO: Electric vehicles will help us sell more cars on the coasts
95 Tesla secures massive new Megapack project that replaces gas peaker plant
96 Tesla loses one of its top executives
97 Mercedes cars will be powered by NVIDIA AI for self-driving starting 2024
98 VW launches ID home charging station, announces ‘complete charging network around the ID.3’
99 Ford dealers are marking up Mustang Mach-E by as much as $15,000
100 Tesla admits its approach to self-driving is harder but might be only way to scale