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1 Eliot Engel looks back at his 16-term tenure in Congress
2 Daily Kickoff: Changing of the Guard — Eliot Engel reflects on 32 years + Kathy Manning eyes Foreign Affairs Committee slot
3 Bowman introduces a new age in House
4 Tsai thanks departing US congressman Eliot Engel for supporting Taiwan
5 Bowman cruises to victory in NY's 16th Congressional District
6 Democrats building speed bumps for F-35 sale to United Arab Emirates
7 Why This Democrat Won’t Go Home
8 President thanks departing pro-Taiwan US congressman via phone call
9 By Eliot Engel’s Standards, He Would Have Been Congressman-for-Life
10 New York’s Congressional Delegation to Be Most Diverse in State History
11 Congressman Engel Calls on US to Check Impartiality of Kosovo War Crime Court
12 Powerful House chair Eliot Engel defeated by progressive newcomer Jamaal Bowman in stunning upset
13 16-Term Bronx Rep. Eliot Engel Faces Tough Reelection Challenge to His Left
14 Former School Principal Unseats Longtime Rep. Eliot Engel Of New York
15 Jamaal Bowman makes late push to oust Eliot Engel in New York
16 US House progressives urge Pompeo to decry Israel’s razing of Palestinian hamlet
17 US legislator hits out at Museveni
18 ICYMI: McCaul Speaks on House Floor in Support of PLASTICS Act
19 Eliot Engel’s Hot Mic Moment: ‘If I Didn’t Have a Primary, I Wouldn’t Care’
20 In F-35 sale to UAE, Senate seeks State Dept. guarantee for US technology and Israel
21 ‘We just need a win’: The left unites to take down Eliot Engel
22 Eliot Engel Is One of the Democrats' Worst Warmongers in Congress
23 Rep. Eliot Engel's Foreign Policy Positions Are Shameful
24 Rep. Eliot Engel Challenged Over Defense Industry Backing
25 Election 2020: Jamaal Bowman moves closer to upsetting longtime Rep. Eliot Engel
26 Rep. Eliot Engel Has Bad Week as Primary Looms
27 New York Rep. Eliot Engel Faces AOC-style Challenge To House Seat
28 Rep. Eliot Engel Sues to Be Able to Challenge Absentee Ballots
29 Two Congressmen Say Biden Must Reverse US Withdrawal From Open Skies Treaty Soon
30 Is Eliot Engel in trouble?
31 Partisan actors are using Israel to divide Black and Jewish voters. Let's not let that happen in Georgia.
32 AOC and progressive Democrats vow to push Joe Biden to a Green New Deal
33 Joaquin Castro, Congress' North Star on Foreign Policy
34 US Congressmen condemn restriction on remittances to Cuban families
35 Let's give Eliot Engel another two years to represent all of us
36 Progressives Target Eliot Engel in Quest to Pull House Democrats to the Left
37 Rep. Eliot Engel is facing primary opponents critical of his foreign policy
38 US House passes bipartisan resolution on Tibet
39 Could AOC be the next star on the tech scene?
40 Opposition leaders speak in one voice after release of Bobi Wine
41 How a progressive populist appears to have toppled Engel | TheHill
42 Meet the Democrats vying for House foreign affairs leadership
43 Exclusive: Engel's Challengers to the Left Join Forces Against Him
44 Jamaal Bowman Defeats 16 Term Congressman Eliot Engel in the Democratic Primary
45 NY Rep. Eliot Engel 'completely lost touch' during coronavirus crisis, challenger says
46 Dems battle for Engel's chairmanship
47 What Will Biden's Foreign Policy Team Look Like?
48 Engel says experience, power will serve district well
49 Mast 'disrupts' HFAC hearing on Iran policy
50 NYC schools shut down — MTA weighs doomsday cuts — Stringer sues for pandemic documents
51 Engel not ashamed about escaping to DC during pandemic
52 Engel Discusses IG Report On U.S. Selling $8 Billion Worth Of Arms In Middle East
53 Commentary: What votes for a progressive and moderate Democrat say about Pittsburgh's suburbs
54 Eliot Engel: The Right Man for the Job
55 Eliot Engel says Bolton implied Yovanovitch ouster was improper
56 Eliot Engel: Candidate For NY Congressional District 16 | New Rochelle, NY Patch
57 Eliot Engel Primary Discussion
58 Rep. Eliot Engel: Fired inspector general was investigating 2019 Saudi Arabia arms deal
59 Federal Officials Push for Hearing Before Indian Pt. License Transfer
60 Bowman challenges Engel to debate
61 NY Rep Engel, Primary Opponent Bowman Engage In Heated Debate
62 Challenger to Democratic Rep. Eliot Engel picks up another progressive endorsement
63 US official should put own house in order first
64 Rep. Eliot Engel faces challenge from left, including Yonkers resident, in post-AOC primary fight
65 Trump's weapons sale to the UAE could trigger an arms race
66 Rep. Eliot Engel, Chair Of House Foreign Affairs Committee, Discusses Iran Situation
67 Uganda: Engel Statement on Political Arrests and Violence in Uganda
68 As His District Became a Coronavirus Hotspot, Engel Jetted to Florida Resort
69 We Endorse: Eliot Engel for Congress, District 16
70 ANCA Endorses Rep. Eliot Engel for Reelection in New York's 16th Congressional District
71 Election 2020: Rep. Eliot Engel bashes surging opponent Jamaal Bowman's voting record
72 Engel's looming defeat sets up fight for Foreign Affairs gavel
73 New York Primary Election Results: 16th Congressional District
74 Race to succeed defeated House Foreign Affairs chair Eliot Engel heats up
75 Why I helped lead the impeachment of Donald Trump: Engel
76 Engel Imperiled by Challenge From Left as Vote Counts Delayed
77 Rep. Meeks reportedly vying for Eliot Engel's Foreign Affairs chairmanship
78 Jamaal Bowman Declares Victory Over Rep. Eliot Engel in New York Primary
79 Nestlé & Cargill v. Doe Series: Corporate Liability, Child Slavery, and the Chocolate Industry
80 Progressive Democrat who ousted establishment-backed congressman says he's 'right in alignment' with Biden
81 The Squad Doubled Its Ranks. Now What? – Mother Jones
82 UAE to get its first Reaper drones, clinches F-35 deal as Trump administration pushes through final arms sales
83 New York’s Engel Confronts Stiff Challenge From Left in Primary
84 Hawkish Democrat Rep. Eliot Engel Is Facing Two Primary Challengers
85 Other options instead of Engel
86 US House Schedule for Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2020 – Bearing Drift
87 Political Fates for Longtime NY Representatives Engle, Maloney Hang On Mail-In Ballots
88 US Sanctions to Target Insurers In Fight Against Russia-to-Germany Nord Stream 2
89 Pompeo appears on Fox instead of in an HFAC hearing on Iran
90 Hawkish Rep. Eliot Engel May Be Out, But Dems Don't Intend A Foreign Policy Revolution
91 Pompeo brushes aside results of presidential election
92 Climate group targets 2 powerful House Democrats
93 Why should Engel be re-elected? Climate change and coronavirus pandemic
94 Rep. Eliot Engel slams rival Jamaal Bowman as phony Democrat, bad educator
95 Taiwan News Quick Take
96 US House Passes Resolution Condemning China's 'Human Rights Abuses' in Hong Kong
97 Troubling Early Poll for Longtime Incumbent Rep. Eliot Engel
98 Eliot Engel Puts Kosovo First — Not America
99 Eliot Engel's real record on the environment in DC
100 Trump-appointed CEO of US global media agency targets journalists’ independence