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1 Eliot Engel's bid to stay in Congress grows more troubled as Bernie Sanders endorses Jamaal Bowman
2 Jamaal Bowman makes late push to oust Eliot Engel in New York
3 Rep. Eliot Engel Goes on Defensive Against Jamaal Bowman
4 Election 2020: Jamaal Bowman moves closer to upsetting longtime Rep. Eliot Engel
5 ‘We just need a win’: The left unites to take down Eliot Engel
6 Longtime congressman at risk of losing seat to newcomer
7 New York Rep. Eliot Engel Faces AOC-style Challenge To House Seat
8 Voters, volunteers, absentee ballots ... oh my!
9 New York Primary Election Results: 16th Congressional District
10 Progressives Target Eliot Engel in Quest to Pull House Democrats to the Left
11 NY Rep Engel, Primary Opponent Bowman Engage In Heated Debate
12 Primary might be over, but absentee vote issues are just beginning
13 Rep. Meeks reportedly vying for Eliot Engel's Foreign Affairs chairmanship
14 Engel Imperiled by Challenge From Left as Vote Counts Delayed
15 Eliot Engel: The Right Man for the Job
16 Election 2020: Rep. Eliot Engel bashes surging opponent Jamaal Bowman's voting record
17 Political Fates for Longtime NY Representatives Engle, Maloney Hang On Mail-In Ballots
18 Jamaal Bowman Declares Victory Over Rep. Eliot Engel in New York Primary
19 We Endorse: Eliot Engel for Congress, District 16
20 Let's give Eliot Engel another two years to represent all of us
21 Committee chairs' power questioned in and outside Congress
22 Eliot Engel: Candidate For NY Congressional District 16 | New Rochelle, NY Patch
23 Progressives Surge In Congressional Primaries After Faltering At National Level
24 New York’s Engel Confronts Stiff Challenge From Left in Primary
25 Where Key Primary Races Stand as Absentee Ballot Counting Begins
26 Rep. Eliot Engel and Rep. Carolyn Maloney wait for New York mail-in ballots to be counted
27 Hakeem Jeffries acknowledges 'difficult margin' for Eliot Engel in primary race
28 New York Times endorses Engel primary challenger | TheHill
29 Engel says experience, power will serve district well
30 Engel's looming defeat sets up fight for Foreign Affairs gavel
31 NY Rep. Eliot Engel still hasn’t repaid controversial ‘mortgage mortgage’
32 AOC endorses Eliot Engel challenger Jamaal Bowman in Bronx congressional race
33 Engel's defeat shows contradiction of liberalism and Zionism, Alterman bravely declares
34 Engel Teetering as Progressives Show Strength in New York
35 Engel's loss doesn't doom pro-Israel Democrats
36 Longtime incumbent Eliot Engel behind Jamaal Bowman in New York House primary
37 ANCA Endorses Rep. Eliot Engel for Reelection in New York's 16th Congressional District
38 DMFI congratulates Bowman, defends its $2 million spend to boost Engel
39 Progressive Challenger Jamaal Bowman Poised to Upset 16-Term Democratic Rep. Eliot Engel
40 Engel deserves to be elected again
41 Ocasio-Cortez breezes to reelection as progressives dominate N.Y. congressional primaries
42 House Democrats Jockey to Replace Engel on Foreign Affairs Committee
43 In New York, Zionism and Liberalism Faced Off—and Liberalism Won
44 ELECTION 2020 – Following Ocasio-Cortez' lead, Bernie Sanders endorses Eliot Engel's opponent
45 Rep. Eliot Engel caught on hot mic: 'If I didn't have a primary, I wouldn't care'
46 The Latest: Primary race for Engel's seat too early to call
47 The Surge: Bowman vs. Engel, Sessions vs. Tuberville, and other primaries to watch.
48 ‘Dark Money’ Groups Back Engel Against Progressive Challenger Bowman
49 Challengers put Engel, Maloney on thin ice; Torres ahead in Bronx Congress race
50 Engel Primary Leads New York's Hectic Slate of Elections Tuesday
51 Why should Engel be re-elected? Climate change and coronavirus pandemic
52 Progressives looking good as New York waits to count absentees
53 Races to watch in New York's primary elections
54 NYC starts counting absentee ballots amid contested local, state, and congressional races
55 Mail-in ballots surpass in-person votes in Maloney race, Engel still won't concede
56 Engel’s defeat in N.Y. should spur Netanyahu to rethink annexation – but it won’t
57 Eliot Engel Archives
58 Joe Biden, AOC win New York primary, but some results could take until July
59 Live Analysis: June 23 Election Results
60 Schumer endorses Engel | News & Views
61 Engel's loss to Bowman is a changing of the guard for Democrats
62 An Open Letter to Eliot Engel's Primary Opponent
63 Bowman has early lead, incumbents in other races easily fend of challenges
64 Booker beats progressive challenger, Van Drew race set and other takeaways from Tuesday's primary
65 Engel's Top Donor is an AIPAC-Tied Group That Backs Powerful GOP Politicians
66 Progressive challenger Jamaal Bowman leads incumbent Rep. Engel in NY Dem Primary
67 AOC-inspired progressives target New York House seats
68 Trump has officially begun to withdraw the US from the World Health Organization as pandemic spikes
69 Engel faces toughest race yet, he says, with concerns about Mideast policy in mind
70 New York City won't start counting absentee ballots for another week
71 The progressive left celebrates some notable Democratic primary victories
72 Election Results Uncertain Due to Large Number of Mail-In Ballots
73 Pompeo blasts former IG in letters to lawmaker
74 The Democrats' dilemma: Supposedly they're winning — but their leaders keep on losing
75 This Week In Politics: A Fight To The Finish In One of New York's Most Closely Watched Congressional Primaries | WNYC News
76 Mixed Bag for NY Incumbents as Clarke and Nadler Win, Engel Loses, Maloney In Trouble
77 Bowman, Weiss debate Israeli policy through public letters
78 The Left vs. the Establishment
79 New York's 2020 congressional primary election results | CSNY
80 The New York Times's Endorsements for New York's Congressional Primary
81 Pompeo denies impropriety in firing of State Dept. watchdog
82 Amy Kennedy wins primary to take on Rep. Jeff Van Drew, who defected to GOP
83 Bernie backs insurgent in Kentucky, Engel's challenger in New York
84 Engel defeat opens Foreign Affairs chairmanship
85 Voters Can Help Patriarchate, Greece, Cyprus by Voting in Primary on June 23
86 Democrats, Be Bold on National Security
87 New Jersey incumbents steamroll progressive challengers in primaries
88 NY-16 Democratic Primary Candidate Chris Fink Addresses The Race
89 What Jamaal Bowman's Historic Win Represents for the Palestinian People
90 The Hill's Campaign Report: Progressive candidates face make-or-break moment ahead | TheHill
91 Jamaal Bowman likens four more years of Trump to 'Hitler Germany'
92 A New York Primary Challenger Shows Why the Green New Deal Has to Take on the Military
93 Engel warns new Trump appointee to fire senior officials at VOA agency
94 Black candidates tap protest energy to challenge Democrats
95 A time for change?
96 Progressive challenger threatens to unseat 14-year incumbent Rep. Albio Sires in New Jersey
97 ANCA Endorses New York's Engel for Reelection to Congress
98 Sammy Ravelo Talks About His Candidacy In The NY-16 Democratic Primary
99 Mondaire Jones, Nita Lowey's presumed successor, says he'll be a friend to Israel
100 New York primary elections signify next generation of political leaders | TheHill