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1 Border authorities use pandemic powers to expel immigrants
2 H-1B: Trump administration extends visa ban to non-immigrants
3 Judge deals setback to key Trump policy limiting asylum
4 US rule targets disease-stricken countries to deny asylum
5 Appeals court: Trump administration wrongly diverted $2.5B for border wall
6 Bars, restaurants pay price for California virus surge
7 Judge refuses to second-guess family separations at border
8 'Remain in Mexico' asylum hearings suspended through June 1
9 US border arrests drop as focus turns to Mexicans
10 US sees 1st detained immigrant death from coronavirus
11 Court halts Trump asylum policy, then suspends its own order
12 Authorities find longest Southwest border smuggling tunnel
13 Homeland Security waives contracting laws for border wall
14 Holding-cell stats raise questions about Trump asylum policy
15 Court blocks 'Remain in Mexico' policy on part of US border
16 Judge strikes blow to US immigration enforcement tactics
17 Virus cases spike in California county on Mexican border
18 Virus prompts US and Mexico to restrict border travel
19 Ruling backs asylum seekers at border prior to policy shift
20 Trump signs immigration order featuring numerous exemptions
21 US finds ally in Mexico as asylum policy marks first year
22 Sizing up Trump's green-card halt: Is it just temporary?
23 US finds major cross-border tunnel used to smuggle drugs
24 Asylum-seekers waiting in Mexico rarely find lawyers
25 US awards immigration detention contracts in California
26 Tougher US asylum policy follows in Europe's footsteps
27 Black Man's Arrest in California Smoking Stop Adds to Unrest
28 Judge rules head of immigration agency was unlawfully named
29 Illegal crossings plunge as US extends policy across border
30 Tally of children split at border tops 5,400 in new count
31 Groups: Migrants told to wait in Mexico faced 'bait, switch'
32 Migrants live in fear at Mexico-US border as violence flares
33 Trump bars new immigration green cards, not temporary visas
34 Ministry had growing empire before forced-labor charges
35 Administration touts 100th mile of border wall under Trump
36 Trump mulls sending all who cross border illegally to Mexico
37 In Mexico, thousands more names added to border wait lists
38 Life under virus quarantine: Boxing, chalk art and waiting
39 Trump expands fast-track deportation authority across US
40 ACLU: 911 children split at border since 2018 court order
41 UPDATE: Boy's death no longer counted among LA County's virus total
42 Interactive border wall mural tells stories of deported
43 Making an immigration arrest requires hours of surveillance
44 Appeals court: Trump can't use Pentagon cash for border wall
45 The U.S. Is Abandoning Asylum-Seekers By Pretending To Care About Their Health
46 CDC cites label error in mixup involving coronavirus patient
47 US and Mexico to curb border travel to control coronavirus
48 Trump signs immigration proclamation featuring numerous exemptions
49 Trump administration proposes sweeping asylum restrictions
50 Fewer Border Apprehensions For 5th Straight Month
51 9 Parents Separated From Families Return to Children in US
52 For thousands of asylum seekers, all they can do is wait
53 Trump quietly shuts down asylum at U.S. borders to fight virus
54 Trump's new asylum rules go into effect, and opponents sue
55 San Diego sheriff agrees to share immigration information
56 Asylum ban may further strain immigrant detention facilities
57 Opinion: The welcome mat is out for legal immigrants, not for others
58 Before massacre, El Paso became a hot spot on Mexican border
59 Judge gives US 6 months to identify children split at border
60 Border wall opponents in court trying to stop military funding for construction
61 US, Canada to close border to nonessential travel
62 Judge rules on trial for suspect in Poway synagogue shooting
63 Border study finds Chicago, long a magnet for Mexican immigrants, draws few asylum-seekers
64 Migrants encounter snafus with new US asylum policy
65 How Trump's immigration policies could yield new era in border politics
66 Trump Administration Diverts $3.8 Billion In Pentagon Funding To Border Wall
67 New US-Mexico border barrier charts tricky course near homes
68 Longtime agent raised in Nogales picked by Trump to lead US Border Patrol
69 Jarring images of border cells surface ahead of July 4
70 Asylum seeker abandons US plans in face of new policy
71 Trump calls new border wall a 'world-class security system'
72 Acting DHS head had key role in controversial Trump policies
73 Authorities keep distance, yet work with armed border group
74 Trump could have tough time meeting his deportation threat
75 Immigration spending pact has more than a border wall
76 U.S. wants 2 years to ID migrant kids separated from families
77 US sees limitations on reuniting migrant families
78 Judge blocks Trump’s asylum restrictions
79 Burgeoning numbers of Cubans trying to enter US via Mexico
80 Warrants say New Zealand attack inspired synagogue shooting
81 Group that escorts migrant caravans draws more scrutiny
82 Asylum seekers waiting in Mexico seek to stay in US
83 California eases more restrictions; restaurants may open
84 As California legalizes pot, laws collide at US checkpoints
85 California scrambling to obtain virus protection gear
86 US expels thousands to Mexico after largely halting asylum
87 GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter resigns after corruption conviction
88 Gunman told 911 ‘I just shot up a synagogue’ after attack in Poway near San Diego
89 Man Who Smuggled Pounds of Meth Over Border With Drone Sentenced to 12 Years
90 California Rep. Hunter to plead guilty to corruption charge
91 Some Disabled Americans Don't Have The Right To Vote, Now There's A Movement To Change That
92 Chinese Taste For Fish Bladder Threatens Rare Porpoise In Mexico
93 The Gay Republicans Who Missed Out on Their Party's Big Win
94 Trump’s Distractions Don’t Deter His Sharp Campaign Focus
95 Record number of African migrants coming to Mexican border
96 30 million in U.S. have sought unemployment benefits since virus hit
97 AP FACT CHECK: Trump's misfires on Iran, trade and that wall
98 Column: I didn't choose my Mormon faith, but slowly and surely it has chosen me