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1 Macron 'Playing with Fire,' Says France's Leading Left-wing Newspaper
2 Mario Draghi and Emmanuel Macron — the EU’s new power couple?
3 In Reconciliation Act, Macron Acknowledges Truth of Algerian Lawyer’s Death
4 Xi Jinping Speaks with French President Emmanuel Macron on the Phone
5 Emmanuel Macron and the Woke
6 Readout of Vice President Kamala Harris Call with President Emmanuel Macron of France
7 Emmanuel Macron’s socially constructed bogeymen
8 Emmanuel Macron urges Europe to send vaccines to Africa now
9 Macron: Your life, your journey, 'president burglar' | Daily Sabah
10 Emmanuel Macron pledges €1bn for cybersecurity after hospital ransomware attacks
11 Emmanuel Macron to overhaul welfare despite economic crisis and lections
12 Emmanuel Macron: ‘For me, the key is multilateralism that produces results’
13 Emmanuel Macron blasts social media platforms for banning Trump
14 French President Macron Calls For European 'Strategic Autonomy'
15 Emmanuel Macron's plan to rebuild US-Europe relations
16 French presidential election: can anyone defeat Emmanuel Macron?
17 Emmanuel Macron promised a new French liberalism. Now he's crushing it
18 Macron asks Iran for ‘clear gestures’ on nuclear inspections
19 French President Emmanuel Macron, who has changed the DNA of French politics
20 Macron’s illustrated obstacle course to reelection
21 Joe Biden should look to Emmanuel Macron for a European ally
22 EU vaccine row explodes as Ireland urges Macron and Merkel to hand over 2.5 million jabs
23 France's Emmanuel Macron must decide how to fight next year's election
24 Would Michel Barnier stand a chance against Emmanuel Macron?
25 Who’s who: Macron’s top challengers for 2022
26 'Woke' American Ideas Are a Threat, French Leaders Say
27 British daily investigating claims in Macron's letter
28 Emmanuel Macron faces revolt: French Mayors defy President over 'inhumane' restrictions
29 Emmanuel Macron’s 'delusional' EU army dream ripped apart
30 French Senate Defends Press Freedoms in Re-Write of Macron's Security Law
31 Mint Lite | US Police reform bill, Odisha forest fire, SpaceX & more
32 Turkey's Erdoğan discusses bilateral ties with French President Macron | Daily Sabah
33 Emmanuel Macron condemned after vaccine delay: 'Laughing stock of the world'
34 Emmanuel Macron's vaccine muddle
35 Emmanuel Macron's grand plan to be the next Charles de Gaulle
36 Emmanuel Macron's Government Is Mounting a Witch Hunt Against “Islamo-Leftism” in France's Universities
37 Emmanuel Macron challenged by fellow EU leaders over AstraZeneca vaccine criticism
38 Emmanuel Macron shambles: Furious Yellow Vest protesters spark chaos on streets of Paris
39 Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron discuss Covid-19 collaboration
40 French President Macron tests positive for COVID-19
41 Multilateral Cooperation for Global Recovery by Emmanuel Macron, et al
42 Facebook loses Macron case at its ‘Supreme Court’
43 Queen puts Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron to shame over virus – Yorkshire Post Letters
44 Pressured European officials are trying to drum up support for the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine
45 After Macron's talks with Erdogan, France remains sceptical | | AW
46 Emmanuel Macron fury: French lawmakers demanded 'UK can't be better off' after Brexit
47 France calls for "immediate end of repression" in Myanmar: Macron
48 Emmanuel Macron tried to freeze UK out of £350bn market with 'impractical' plot
49 French President Macron, Free of Covid Symptoms, Leaves Isolation
50 Emmanuel Macron's Doctor Calls His Condition Stable
51 Readout of President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. Call with President Emmanuel Macron of France
52 Macron calls for 'hope' in New Year's Eve address to French nation
53 France's Macron asks Muslim leaders to back 'republican values' charter
54 France's prime minister is now more popular than President Macron — creating a 'dilemma'
55 Macron follows a well-worn path of French presidents, by veering to the right
56 The Humbling of Emmanuel Macron
57 Embattled Macron eyes government reboot
58 Emmanuel Macron, secularism and Islam
59 FT Interview: Emmanuel Macron says it is time to think the unthinkable
60 Emmanuel Macron announces police reform consultation
61 Macron Kicks Off 2022 Campaign With Sober Post-Lockdown Speech
62 French President Emmanuel Macron’s Coronavirus TV Address Draws Record-Shattering 35M+ Viewers
63 France's President Emmanuel Macron has COVID-19
64 Anger towards Emmanuel Macron grows in Muslim world
65 'We must do everything to avoid a third wave and lockdown,' says Macron
66 Macron on authoritarian claims: ‘We’re not Hungary, Turkey’
67 Johnson or Macron: Who's the Real 'Emperor with No Clothes'?
68 Macron Tells Google and Microsoft to Get On Board With EU Rules
69 Emmanuel Macron pledges €15bn to tackle climate crisis
70 Macron Beat Back the Coronavirus. France Is Not Impressed.
71 ‘Legitimising’ violence? Macron takes on the Anglo-American press
72 The Reinvention of Emmanuel Macron
73 France's Macron under fire for political lurch to the right
74 Emmanuel Macron’s big Beirut challenge
75 Emmanuel Macron’s French language lessons
76 Macron Tells Biden That Cooperation With U.S. Cannot Be Dependence
77 France considers envoy to explain Macron's ideas to Muslim states
78 France's Macron: No Repentance Nor Apologies for Algeria Occupation During Independence War
79 Emmanuel Macron’s France is a post-imperial power in search of a role
80 Will Coronavirus Help Re-Elect a Struggling French President Emmanuel Macron? | Best Countries | US News
81 France's slow vaccine rollout could harm President Macron's chances of re-election
82 DAVOS 2021: French president Emmanuel Macron says modern capitalism 'can no longer work'
83 Macron Says Images of French Police Beating Black Man ‘Shame Us’
84 Macron under scrutiny after adviser's lunch with niece of Le Pen
85 France's Macron to embark on next phase of his presidency with ‘new team’
86 Macron promises help, Beirut residents vent fury at leaders
87 Emmanuel Macron is social distancing … from the media
88 Macron says beheaded teacher was victim of stupidity, hate
89 Medics berate France's Emmanuel Macron over coronavirus
90 Macron 'ashamed' of Lebanon's political leaders amid crisis
91 Macron’s centrist and tolerant facade is crumbling
92 Macron’s green democracy experiment gets political
93 Erdogan expresses hope that France will 'get rid of Macron' as soon as possible
94 Emmanuel Macron unveils a controversial bill to fight Islamism
95 Macron's Burst Of Global Activity Isn't Boosting His Popularity At Home
96 Macron teases plan to recast presidency after coronavirus crisis
97 France's Macron lays out a vision for European 'digital sovereignty'
98 Emmanuel Macron's press-freedom hypocrisy
99 French President Macron Tests Positive for Coronavirus
100 France's Macron makes mask-wearing an act of national pride