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1 Macron follows a well-worn path of French presidents, by veering to the right
2 Emmanuel Macron: From celebrated centrist to divisive leader
3 Boris Johnson announces cautious Christmas easing of COVID lockdown, as Emmanuel Macron prepares to do same in France
4 Emmanuel Macron issues ultimatum to French Muslims
5 Macron accuses English-language media of 'legitimising' violence in France
6 Anger towards Emmanuel Macron grows in Muslim world
7 France's Emmanuel Macron seeks to calm tensions with Muslims
8 France considers envoy to explain Macron's ideas to Muslim states
9 Inside Macron’s diplomacy: Tension, turf wars and burnouts
10 What Macron can learn from Biden
11 France's Macron congratulates Biden in first phone call to US president-elect
12 Emmanuel Macron’s actions will only fuel rage
13 A Biden presidency would offer Emmanuel Macron a tempting opportunity
14 Emmanuel Macron: Free speech is much broader than mere cartoons
15 Frexit NOW and quick! Macron issued major warning as anti-EU campaign erupts
16 France in flames: Fury at Macron as protesters light smoke bombs sparking chaos in streets
17 France and Islam on collision course as Emmanuel Macron says republic's laws must be supreme
18 Emmanuel Macron Stresses Nagorno-Karabakh’s Population and Cultural Heritage Must be Protected
19 Emmanuel Macron must give Muslims the same free speech protections as other communities ǀ View
20 France's Macron to Muslims: I hear your anger, but won't accept violence
21 Trudeau and Macron speak after cartoon remark controversy
22 Macron orders France back into Covid-19 lockdown amid surge in cases
23 Europe can’t go back to relying on US under Biden, says Emmanuel Macron
24 France's Macron hosts Trump envoy after congratulating Biden
25 Emmanuel Macron must stop pandering to bigots and show strong moral leadership
26 ‘We share Austria’s shock, grief’, says French president Emmanuel Macron on Vienna ‘terror attack’
27 Watch: Posters of French President Emmanuel Macron pasted on Mumbai street for cars to drive over
28 Ratas to meet with French President Emmanuel Macron
29 Ahmedabad: Two FIRs against 7 for pasting photos of French President Macron on road
30 Emmanuel Macron, Yogi Adityanath And The Hammurabi Code: How To Deal With Islamic Radicals In A Modern Nation-State
31 Macron ally stuns Ridge with claim EU fishing policy 'will not be changed' post-Brexit
32 United Nations Security Council out of `useful solutions`, says Emmanuel Macron
33 Why Macron will vote for Biden
34 French President Emmanuel Macron's pictures with boycott call surface on roads in Hyderabad
35 Islamist Protest After Macron's 'anti-Islam' Statements
36 Muslim Countries Denounce French Response to Killing of Samuel Paty, Urge Boycott
37 Frexit warning: Emmanuel Macron on alert as EU told it is a 'totally useless' institution
38 Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron age gap 'mocked by Francois Hollande'
39 French tradition of secularism is based on the strict separation between church and state
40 Legault says France's Emmanuel Macron has thanked him for backing on free speech
41 Imran Khan and Erdoğan have no right to give Macron lessons on secularism. They should look within
42 Did Recep Erdogan Refuse To Shake Emmanuel Macrons Hand? A Fact Check
43 France's prime minister is now more popular than President Macron — creating a 'dilemma'
44 The Reinvention of Emmanuel Macron
45 Emmanuel Macron is social distancing … from the media
46 Macron calls on Europe to quit dependency on US arms
47 France's Macron makes mask-wearing an act of national pride
48 Emmanuel Macron’s big Beirut challenge
49 Embattled Macron eyes government reboot
50 FT Interview: Emmanuel Macron says it is time to think the unthinkable
51 Emmanuel Macron on coronavirus: ‘We’re at war’
52 France’s Macron Pivots to Mideast, Triggering Speculation
53 France’s President Emmanuel Macron mulls a reshuffle
54 Islam in 'Crisis All Over the World' France's Macron Says
55 Macron's Burst Of Global Activity Isn't Boosting His Popularity At Home
56 Emmanuel Macron’s French language lessons
57 China's President Xi says Xinjiang policies 'completely correct' amid growing international criticism
58 Does Emmanuel Macron have a women problem?
59 Macron Beat Back the Coronavirus. France Is Not Impressed.
60 A rough road ahead for Emmanuel Macron
61 'We must react': France's Macron announces nightly curfews to control Covid-19
62 Inside Macron's coronavirus war – POLITICO
63 France's Macron Faces Backlash Over Appointment Of New Ministers
64 French President Emmanuel Macron's Coronavirus TV Address Draws Record-Shattering 35M+ Viewers
65 Macron Wants to Start an Islamic Revolution
66 French President Macron denounced racism but said the country won't remove colonial-era statues
67 The Humbling of Emmanuel Macron
68 Macron Wrestles With a Pandemic – and Public Approval
69 Macron teases plan to recast presidency after coronavirus crisis
70 Macron steps up fight against radical Islam (and his critics)
71 The skies darken for France’s Sun King, Emmanuel Macron
72 The Guardian view on Macron's reshuffle: taking back control?
73 Macron on Lebanon: ‘It’s a risky bet I’m making’
74 Emmanuel Macron is using the coronavirus to reboot his presidency
75 French President Emmanuel Macron loses his cool in argument with Israeli guards in Jerusalem
76 Medics berate France's Emmanuel Macron over coronavirus
77 Emmanuel Macron, France's precocious politician
78 COVID-19 pandemic should be 'shock' to UN, revive multilateral order, France's Macron tells world leaders
79 Macron Declares France ‘at War’ With Virus, as E.U. Proposes 30-Day Travel Ban
80 Macron needs an economic miracle to save his presidency
81 France's Macron: I won't condemn cartoons of Prophet Mohammad
82 Number 2 in Emmanuel Macron’s party steps down
83 Macron Rolls Out Vision to Reorganize Islam in France
84 Macron’s Russia dialogue to be tested on Baltic trip
85 Webinar: Emmanuel Macron — The last president of Europe
86 Macron warns 'we are at war' as France unveils $50 billion in coronavirus measures
87 Emmanuel Macron revives a post-war institution for a post-covid era
88 Macron's moment: Beirut walkabout shows retail politics talent
89 Macron criticizes Turkey but raises prospect of dialogue
90 Macron decries 'Islamic separatism,' defends blasphemy
91 Emmanuel Macron’s party loses absolute majority in French parliament
92 Emmanuel Macron's Shock Doctrine
93 5 Takeaways From Emmanuel Macron’s Video Conference Announcing Plans to Support the Arts and Culture Industries in France
94 French President Macron, wife confronted by maskless protesters on Bastille Day
95 Search continues after deadly Beirut blast
96 Macron's popularity climbs after signing EU pandemic stimulus, reshuffling gov't
97 How Macron's strategic balancing act is wobbling
98 Emmanuel Macron: EU is ‘screwed’ if Parliament doesn’t meet in Strasbourg
99 Macron draws criticism on Twitter after removing mask while speaking to students
100 Macron says France won’t ‘tear down statues’ amid anti-racism protests