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1 Confused by emoji meanings? Here's a simple trick for getting it right
2 Emojipedia Previews the Emoji Included in the Second Beta of iOS and iPadOS 14.5
3 Evolving emoji and dissolving devotion
4 Sorry, millennials. The 😂 emoji isn't cool anymore
5 5 best emoji keyboards for Android and iOS
6 Lileks: Who's crying for the Face With Tears of Joy?
7 Gen Z wants millennials to know the laugh-cry emoji is over
8 Gmail’s web client can’t handle inclusive emojis properly
9 iOS 14.5 Beta 2 now rolling out to devs, adds new features to Music and Shortcuts apps
10 'Emojipedia': A description of each emoji and what they mean
11 Emojipedia Highlights the Emoji Trends of 2020 as the Year Finally Concludes
12 How the emoji could help democratise online science dialogue » Stuff
13 Emojis, how did we cope without them? Never fear, a new slew has arrived, finally giving us the bearded lady we so badly needed
14 The New iOS Emojis Include a Potted Plant, Gold Mirror, and More Home Goods
15 From a polar bear to bubble tea: 117 brand new emojis are now available | News
16 These are the emoji people are using in their coronavirus tweets
17 New Apple iOS will feature a smiling mask-wearing emoji
18 Emojis: Emojipedia has released 200 emojis for next year
19 Another 217 Emojis Could Soon Be Coming to Your iPhone
20 More than 100 new emojis will be rolling out this fall | Venture
21 These new emojis perfectly capture the hellscape that is 2020
22 Latest 2021 emojis are now on Google and Samsung devices
23 Apple’s new emojis are everything you’ve been waiting for
24 Where is the Weed Emoji?
25 World Emoji Day 2020: Here are the most-used coronavirus emojis
26 Emoji Heaven: 217 New Releases In 2021
27 Apple to release new emojis with iOS 14.2
28 Head in the Clouds and Hearts on Fire: The New Emoji Coming to iOS in 2021
29 Apple is hiding a smile behind its new mask emoji
30 Apple's iOS 14.2 Brings 117 New Emojis to the iPhone
31 Living on a : What our emoji usage says about life in isolation
32 117 new emojis approved for 2020
33 These were the 10 fastest growing emojis on Tinder in 2020, including toilet paper and a tiger
34 Plant Parents, Rejoice: There’s Finally a Houseplant Emoji (See Ya Later, Seedling and Herb)
35 Apple's new face mask emoji is now hiding a smile
36 All the new emoji in iOS 13.2
37 Masks, petri dishes and no more fist bumps — how the pandemic is changing the digital lexicon
38 Emoji 13.1 released, mending heart, face in clouds, more emojis coming soon to your smartphone
39 Bubble tea, tamale and fondue: Here are all the new food emojis coming to iPhones soon
40 There Are Over 100 New Emojis Being Released On The iPhone Today
41 Gboard is adding support for the new Android 11 emoji (APK download) 🎉
42 On World Emoji Day, a Brief History of the Emoji
43 List of most common emojis used during COVID-19
44 Art Industry News: Unicode Commission Approved New Emoji That Can Express the Misery of 2020 + Other Stories
45 World Emoji Day: These emoji best sum up life during the pandemic
46 New emojis are coming
47 New weed-themed emojis on the way
48 How the soap and crown emoji subtly communicate fears and advice about coronavirus
49 These are the emoji most often used in connection with coronavirus
50 Here's every single new emoji we're getting this year
51 There Will Be No New Emoji Next Year Because of the Coronavirus
52 Latest Emoji Update Brings 200 New Skin Tones to Couples Icons
53 Apple's latest update introduces 117 new emojis, including bubble tea & face with medical mask
54 Could emojis be the key to tackling climate change?
55 Scientists Their Emojis, But It's Complicated | 88.5 WFDD
56 Finally, Israelis can tell people to wait in an emoji – J.
57 Emojipedia now lists all the new and changed emoji in Android 8.0 Oreo
58 Covid-19 is changing how workers use emoji
59 TikTok 'didn't store' iPhone clipboard data
60 These 12 Emojis Are The Ones Most Associated With COVID-19
61 Emojipedia founder talks the past, present and future of emoji
62 Here are all 64 of the new emoji we're getting this year
63 Finally there's an emoji for that Italian hand gesture
64 Nearly 400 new emojis debut, including gender-neutral options
65 There Has to Be a Better Car Emoji
66 The story behind the new bison emoji that everyone in Buffalo will be texting soon
67 Coronavirus Emojis: Conveying Compassion and Humour With a Facemask
68 New emoji tool lets you know when your favorite symbol is no longer cool
69 Emojipedia will let you track the popularity of your favorite emoji
70 New emoji for 2020: bubble tea, gender-neutral Santa, dodos
71 Emojis Of 2018: Bagels, Kangaroos, Redheads Are In. 'Frowning Pile Of Poo' Is Out
72 Redhead emoji will be up for debate in a meeting at Apple's HQ
73 Look: The New Emojis For 2021
74 World rejoices as 'pinched fingers' or 'rega' emoji is released
75 Apple releases a preview of some new emojis coming to iOS later this year
76 Cineworld to close and lay off 45,000 employees, Coca-Cola streamlines beverage offerings amid COVID-19, and Twitter battles fake news
77 Emoji 13.1 With Face in Clouds, Mending Heart, Gender Options for Bearded Emoji, and More Announced
78 World Emoji Day: what are the 117 new emojis for 2020?
79 Ahead of the iOS 12 emoji, Emojipedia lists what we might expect next year
80 When Will Unicode 11.0 Emojis Be Available For iPhone? You Might See Them In The Fall
81 Minor emoji update for 2021 adds 200 skintone variants for couples
82 A picture is worth a thousand words
83 Over 70 New Emoji Are Now Available for Your iPhone. Here's How to Get Them.
84 Here are the new emoji likely coming to iOS next year, including redheads, a teddy bear & more
85 How Jeremy Burge Went From Mac Fanboy to Emoji Mogul
86 What Will The Unicode 9 Emoji Look Like? Emojipedia Has Some Ideas With These Theoretical Mockups
87 The "Chef's Kiss" Emoji Is One of the New Emojis for 2020
88 A Handy Guide To All The Different Coloured Heart Emojis & What They Actually Mean
89 Twitter now supports emoji search, which we all absolutely needed
90 Emojipedia: Face with Tears of Joy and Dog Emojis are Currently Trending
91 What the key emoji and “major key” mean
92 Here are all 150+ new emoji coming in 2018
93 Apple Forced To Correct Anatomy Of Several Emojis After Online Drama | Lifestyle
94 You Can Adopt An Emoji On Emojipedia Now, So Here Are 6 Emoji Looking For A Loving Home
95 Apple urged to rethink gun emoji change
96 ‘Tears of Joy’ emoji, like real tears of joy, is on the outs
97 Every new emoji arriving on iPhones in iOS 12.1 : Here's every single new emoji that just became availabl..
98 Which Disney Channel Original Movie Should You Watch Tonight?
99 Updated mask emoji now wears a smile