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1 Air Force environmental programs help endangered species thrive
2 With Thousands of Species on the Brink, Trump Administration Moves to Further Dismantle the Endangered Species Act
3 Rare red panda cub born in Berlin due to conservation program
4 Grant program seeks research on Pennsylvania's rarest species
5 States with the most endangered species
6 Return of the California condor to Sequoia National Park signals another Endangered Species Act success
7 A silent extinction: Elephants, rhinos and giraffes among endangered species facing fresh threat during global pandemic
8 Zoos and aquariums ask Congress for COVID relief
9 See video of endangered tigers in Thailand; footage boosts hope for species survival
10 The California condor returns to Sequoia National Park. Thanks, Endangered Species Act
11 Endangered species get a huge bump when private lands are brought into the conservation mix
12 Scientists team up to save endangered 'scrotum frog'
13 JB San Antonio environmental program takes off with UAS technology
14 Why Did US Space Force Recruit A Horse?
15 Endangered Species Protections Sought for Rare Wolf in Southeast Alaska
16 Washington state officials slam Navy's changes to military testing program that would harm more orcas
17 Endangered species could benefit from NFL name change
18 Lake Titicaca's endangered 'scrotum frog' could be on its last legs. Scientists hope to change that
19 Judge orders man to pay $85K in deaths of 2 whooping cranes
20 New assessment shows 74% of Sri Lanka's freshwater fish threatened with extinction
21 Meet 10 European Biotech Initiatives Increasing Wildlife...
22 Tiger habitat more than doubled at Edmonton Valley Zoo, opens ability to join breeding program
23 Two Map Turtles Species Move One Step Closer to Endangered Species Act Protection in Mississippi, Louisiana
24 Budget Cuts Make Rangers an Endangered Species in City Parks
25 Two Louisiana hunters fined $85K for killing rare species | News, Sports, Jobs
26 Red Wolves name for Washington could help save the species, scientist says
27 US Space Force hires a horse to boldly go where rockets can't. (The beach)
28 Meet the Wildlife Expert Helping UTSA Students Find Their 'Science Identity'
29 5,000 Burmese pythons removed from Florida Everglades
30 Endangered sea turtle imperiled as Park Service cuts back
31 Threatened frog species released into California forest after successful breeding program
32 New mapping platform to enhance efforts in protecting Nevada's most sensitive plants, wildlife species
33 Concerns Voiced That Border Wall Construction Is Damaging Quitobaquito Springs At Organ Pipe
34 Calgary Zoo instrumental in helping save Canadian endangered species
35 Groups Want Federal Energy Regulatory Commission To Block Hydro Projects Near Grand Canyon
36 How a carbon credit program connected Hawk Mountain to a boarding school in New York
37 Some successful animal conservation projects around the world
38 Young piping plovers from Wisconsin released in Lake County to aid their southerly migration
39 The Space Force Has a Space Horse, of Course, of Course
41 National Parks and Wildlife carry out pest removal to help native plants and animals recover from bushfires
42 Martha's Vineyard News | Longtime Trustees Superintendent Chris Kennedy Will Retire
43 Fresh Air Open Spaces program expected to serve nearly 200 campers in Pelham Bay Park
44 Rare red panda born in Berlin as part of global breeding program
45 AGRICULTURE: Researchers begin identifying mystery seeds -- Thursday, July 30, 2020
46 Ornithologists discover more rare hornbills than thought on Philippine island
47 Trump BLM Pick William Perry Pendley's “Racist” History Against Natives
48 Leathernecks step up to help with internship cancelled by COVID-19
49 WATCH: Footage of Endangered Tigers Captured First Time in Four Years in Thailand
50 Foundation keeping close tabs on wildfire near Nanaimo due to marmots
51 Citizen-led council tries to sort how to best manage Montana's grizzly bears
52 Saving our Species program has success at Aussie Ark with brush-tailed rock wallabies
53 Meet Forest, the tallest giraffe in the world
54 Anticipated new restrictions on wildlife trade in Vietnam fall short of a ban
55 Proposed Funding Cuts Spell Trouble for Texas Sea Turtles
56 Hypersonic Weapons Testing Faces a Big Problem: Killer Whales
57 Global environmental developments in July 2020
58 New FEED Act to Address Food Insecurity With Help From Restaurants
59 The likely impact of Great American Outdoors Act
60 Town Council discusses billboards, the fairgrounds, and voting locations
61 Exploring The Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge in NC
62 What's more endangered: the species or the list?
63 Meet the people saving Canada's native grasslands
64 Inspectors at Ruedi Reservoir are first line of defense against growing threat of invasive mussels
65 The Americans With Disabilities Act at 30: A Cause for Celebration During COVID-19?
66 27 Organizations Working to Conserve Seed Biodiversity – Food Tank
67 This year's Emmy nominations are a reminder to treasure great TV before we run out of it
68 Conservancy secures partnership purchase of Montecito Ranch
69 Orca Network launches “Share the...
70 Biden Has a Weak Link on Energy and Ethics— an Ex-Obama Official With Deep Fossil Fuel Ties
71 Wisconsin DNR updates website, adds 'Climate' and removes 'Business' headings
72 Base’s Natural Resource Program strives to protect endangered species
73 AI is helping protect endangered species: Microsoft
74 'Hope for the future': Well-timed cuttings may save tree from rusting away
75 Endangered wallabies bounce back from bushfire and drought
76 The pandemic might set back field science for years
77 Critically endangered snapping turtle program breeds hope for survival
78 Endangered Species Act Protection Sought For Bumblebee Species
79 Feds Tout Endangered Species Act Success for Three Species
80 Brisbane Festival announces 2020 program
81 Wyoming speaks up: Letters to the editor for the week of Jul. 31, 2020
82 COVID-19 Threatens Endangered Species in Southeast Asia
83 Audit finds 'inappropriate' handling of funds for lesser prairie chicken conservation
84 Shuttered zoos are hemorrhaging money, and they want federal help for endangered species work
85 COVID-19/Endangered Species Act: Center for Biological Diversity Notice of Intent to Sue Regarding U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Enforcement Discretion/Compliance Assurance Policy
86 Today: 400 Endangered Species Condoms to Be Given Away in Boise
87 Feds Agree to Decide on Endangered Species Protection for Wolverines by Aug. 31
88 Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission Adds 45 Species to the State's Threatened List
89 Endangered species act marks 30th year
90 Joshua trees recommended for endangered species listing in California
91 Endangered Species Day: More Vital Than Ever
92 Trump Administration Makes Major Changes To Protections For Endangered Species
93 ENDANGERED SPECIES: Monarch butterfly gets protection in 'historic' deal
94 NOAA to Use Microsoft AI to Advance Protection of Endangered Species
95 Two endangered red wolf pups born at North Carolina Zoo, bringing total to seven this year
96 ENDANGERED SPECIES: Long-buried audit finds misused protection funds
97 50 of the most endangered species on the planet
98 Activists File Petition To Protect Endangered Butterfly In San Diego County
99 National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore on saving endangered species – and ourselves
100 Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Bungles Lesser Prairie Chicken Conservation Effort