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1 Jigar Shah’s Final Episode of The Energy Gang
2 Unlocking Home Electrification With Heat Pumps
3 Pipeline hackers say their aim is cash, not chaos
4 Is America Halfway to a Zero-Carbon Grid?
5 All your clean energy insight and content is now live on
6 Jigar Shah Has $40 Billion. What Will He Do With It?
7 America’s Trillion-Dollar Climate Infrastructure Play
8 Can California Move Fast Without Breaking Things?
9 'We owe this to our people': Lawmakers want answers on directed-energy attacks
10 On a Reluctant Reality Show Singer, Drain Gang, and the Hollowness of Modern Existence
11 The Energy Gang: Live Today!
12 Revisiting Pandemic Predictions for Energy
13 Listeners Choose the Top Energy Storylines of 2020
14 Ransomware gangs show their growing reach after U.S. pipeline is shut down
15 DOT Issues Further Allowances for Haulers in States Affected by Colonial Pipeline Attack
16 VIDEO: On 'Ellen,' former Langley man works magic with new 'Big Trick Energy' gang – Aldergrove Star
17 America’s Drastic Shift: What Are the Paths for Energy and Climate?
18 Saleh already impressing Rookies, Media
19 What The Ransomware Attack On Colonial Pipeline Means For The Industry
20 There’s a Dirty Secret Behind Many Utility Climate Pledges
21 What Really Caused California’s Blackouts?
22 Inside Google’s Quest for 24/7 Clean Energy at Data Centers
23 Why Local Solar + Storage Is a Pillar of the Net-Zero Grid
24 Taking Stock of Job Losses in Clean Energy
25 Watt It Takes: BlocPower CEO Donnel Baird Wants to Electrify Buildings for Everyone
26 Biden Works to Reverse Trump’s Climate Destruction
27 A 90% Clean Grid Can Be Achieved Quickly. What’s Holding It Back?
28 Jigar Shah’s Plan to Manage DOE’s $40B Loan Program
29 Exxon Is Losing the Energy Transition
30 How a ‘Climate Emergency’ Could Harness Wartime Powers for the Energy Transition
31 Did Congressional Lawmakers Create the Most Complete Climate Policy Plan Ever?
32 Two Months Before the US Election, Climate Remains a Top Issue
33 We Answer Your Election Questions
34 How Ambitious Is China’s Zero-Carbon Goal?
35 The Economic Case for Electrifying Everything
36 Watt It Takes: EVgo’s Cathy Zoi on Scaling EV Infrastructure
37 Biden’s Trillion-Dollar Climate Ambitions
38 Watt It Takes: Steph Speirs on Making Solar Accessible to All
39 The Role of the Customer in Utility Zero-Carbon Targets
40 Keep Calm and Close Clean Energy Deals
41 Greentech Media Bids Farewell
42 Watt It Takes: Van Jones Reflects on the Origin of Green Jobs
43 Watt It Takes: Opower’s Dan Yates on the Origins of Behavioral Efficiency
44 Greentech Media Chronicled Clean Energy Before It Was Cool
45 Biden Executive Orders Set Broad Federal Role in Clean Energy and Climate Change Mitigation
46 Batteries and Renewables Put the Pressure on Coal Plants
47 Breathing While Black: Structural Racism, Coronavirus and Pollution Are Part of the Same Story
48 Inside Google’s Bid to Get Granular on Renewable Energy Credits
49 Report Finds That a Clean Energy Standard Is the ‘Linchpin’ of US Achieving Climate Goals
50 What Renewable Energy and Energy Storage Did, and Didn’t, Get from Congress This Week
51 Short-Circuiting Policy: Reckoning With Utilities’ Resistance to Change
52 How Siemens Energy Is Targeting the US Green Hydrogen Opportunity
53 Watt It Takes: From Self-Replicating Machines to Decarbonization
54 Hawaii Will Power Its Clean Grid With 6,000 Home Batteries Installed by Swell Energy
55 Texas Energy System Faces a Winter Reckoning
56 Wood Mackenzie/Greentech Media Brand Integration Announcement
57 Greentech Media’s Must-Read Energy Storage Stories of 2020
58 Climate Fintech Startup Atmos Financial Puts Savings to Work for Clean Energy
59 Watt It Takes: Building Climate-Resilient, Restorative Hydropower
60 Report: Renewables Are Suffering From Broken US Transmission Policy
61 How the Pandemic Will Reshape the Energy Transition
62 ‘Game-Changer’ FERC Order Opens Up Wholesale Grid Markets to Distributed Energy Resources
63 Google Pledges 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy by 2030
64 GTM Podcasts Live: From Our Homes to Yours
65 The Surprising Ways America Can Hit Net-Zero Emissions by 2050
66 The Next Step for Corporate Sustainability: 24/7/365 Carbon-Free Energy Matching
67 Warnock, Ossoff Win Senate Seats in Georgia, Widening Potential for Clean Energy Policy From Congress
68 2020: Europe’s Energy Transition in 5 Trends
69 Duke Energy Faces Challenges to Its Push for New Natural Gas Plants
70 ‘The Landscape Has Shifted’: Neil Chatterjee on FERC’s Role in the Energy Transition
71 Can Biden Get a 100% Clean Energy Bill Through Congress?
72 How the Energy Transition Accelerated in a Turbulent Year
73 How Should Jeff Bezos Spend His Climate Money?
74 New Report Shows Gap Between Utility Carbon Pledges and Climate Change Imperatives
75 Your Guide to the Clean Energy Implications of the 2020 Election
76 Nikola vs. Tesla: Who Represents the Future of Trucking?
77 A Rundown of the Down-Ballot Results With Clean Energy Implications
78 Mainspring Energy Lands $150M Deal To Deploy Its Linear Generators With NextEra
79 Listen to The Energy Gang Podcast? We Want to Hear From You
80 FERC Order Will Restart PJM’s Capacity Market
81 Will Pollution Pauses Have a Lasting Impact?
82 Energy Efficiency Is Going Through Another Transformation
83 Bloom Energy Charts a Future in Hydrogen Fuel Cells, Electrolysis and Carbon Capture
84 The State of Carbon Capture, Removal and Utilization
85 Dandelion Raises $30M to Scale Up Home Geothermal Energy
86 How to Decarbonize Natural Gas
87 Making the Case for an Integrated Energy Market in the Southeastern US
88 Getting to Net Zero – DER Challenges and Opportunities for Utilities
89 Final Analysis of California’s August Blackouts Yields Few Surprises and a Tight Deadline for Solutions
90 Report Calls for a Ground-Up Overhaul of Federal Transmission Grid Policy
91 What Could Dethrone Solar in Residential Energy?
92 TRANSITION: Solar pioneer to head DOE loan office
93 Invinity Flow Battery Costs Fell 30% Post-Merger, Says Exec
94 Doubling Down on a Centralized Grid Is More Expensive Without Distributed Energy
95 The Cleantech SPAC Attack
96 The Bumpy Road to a Hydrogen Economy
97 Xcel Targets $1.4B in Wind and Solar Investments, Outlines Broader Carbon-Reduction Goals
98 Will the Distributed Energy Revolution Leave Renters Behind?
99 Is Wave Energy Ready to Climb Out of the ‘Valley of Death’?
100 Clean Energy Funding Finds Its Way Into Congressional Spending Bill