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Result Content Idea Research
1 Building a Just Climate Future for North Carolina
2 A Reform Agenda for the US Department of Transportation
3 State-by-State Impacts of Climate Change and the Trump Administration's Anti-Environmental Agenda
4 Blocking Access to Scarce Water Supply Can Stop Oil Companies From Drilling the Arctic Refuge
5 RELEASE: States Are Creating a Blueprint for Nationwide Action on Climate Change
6 Climate change policy: How to do clean energy innovation right
7 Fact Sheet: A 100 Percent Clean Future
8 Turkey's President Erdoğan Is Losing Ground at Home
9 Environmental law supports social justice—recent attacks undermine it
10 STATEMENT: New Trump Order Silences Communities
11 STATEMENT: Trump's Final NEPA Rule Denies Reality of the Climate Crisis and of US Democracy
12 Communities of Color Bear the Brunt of Trump's Anti-Environmental Agenda
13 The Plan for a 100 Percent Clean Future Must Include Saving Nature
14 Building a 100 Percent Clean Future Can Drive an Additional $8 Billion a Year to Rural Communities
15 How To Build a 100 Percent Clean Future
16 The Nature Gap
17 US Should Launch a National Energy Innovation Mission to Reach Climate Goals
18 States Are Laying a Road Map for Climate Leadership
19 Elise Gout Archives
20 Bidisha Bhattacharyya Archives
21 EVENT ADVISORY: Progressive Visions for Trade
22 A 100 Percent Clean Future
23 3 Bold Actions Congress Should Take to Equitably Address Weather and Climate Disasters
24 RELEASE: CAP Report Shows How Trump Administration Is Stifling Renewable Energy Development
25 Tackling the Climate Crisis and Greening Our Economies
26 How Congress Can Help Energy States Weather the Oil Bust During the Coronavirus Pandemic
27 RELEASE: Sam Ricketts to Join the Center for American Progress as Senior Fellow
28 STATEMENT: NEPA Rollback Would Stifle Speech and Spur Pollution, Environmental Justice and National Environmental Groups Charge
29 5 Ways Trump's Latest Anti-Environmental Proposal Would Allow Fossil Fuel Companies to Bulldoze Communities
30 States Lead on Climate
31 New Campaign Highlights Impact of President Trump's Anti-Environment Agenda Across the US
32 Overnight Energy: Smoke from wildfires has reached Europe | EPA postpones environmental justice training | UN report: Countries have failed to meet a single target to protect wildlife in last decade | TheHill
33 The Power of Women of Color in the Global Climate Movement
34 The Impacts of Climate Change and the Trump Administration's Anti-Environmental Agenda in Louisiana
35 RELEASE: CAP Issues Framework for 100 Percent Clean Future by 2050
36 Powering America's Economic Recovery by Protecting and Restoring Nature
37 Wary of Biden Win, Drillers Rush for Permits
38 California Wildfires and the Politics of Climate Change
39 Intensifying natural disasters do little to move needle on climate efforts | TheHill
40 Financial Markets and Regulators Are Still in the Dark on Climate Change
41 STATEMENT: Trump Administration Action To Open Offshore National Monument to Fishing Is Illegal, CAP's Christy Goldfuss Says
42 EVENT ADVISORY: Former California Gov. Jerry Brown and German Green Party Co-Chair Robert Habeck To Discuss Climate Crisis
43 Climate Week NYC Partners with Environmental Defense Fund to Mark the Start of a Critical Period for Climate Action
44 PRESS CALL ADVISORY: Sen. Udall To Join Leading Scientists To Discuss the Nexus of Coronavirus and Nature Crises
45 RELEASE: Future Stimulus Package Can Help Renewable Energy Industry Overcome Impact of Coronavirus
46 STATEMENT: House Select Committee Delivers a Plan To Avert US Climate Crisis
47 Environmental Review Is Under Attack: Here Is What's at Stake
48 Extreme Heat During the COVID-19 Pandemic Amplifies Racial and Economic Inequities
49 EVENT ADVISORY: The Power of Women: Intersections in the Global Climate and Reproductive Rights Movements
50 4 Ways the Trump Administration Has Made Our Air Dirtier During the COVID-19 Pandemic
51 Rebecca Cokley Archives
52 EVENT ADVISORY: Ensuring an Economy That Works for Black Women
53 Governors Island could be future hub for NYC climate solutions
54 An International Climate Road Map for the Next President
55 Michael Sozan Archives
56 Christy Goldfuss Archives
57 Progressive Visions for Trade
58 A National and State Plan To End the Coronavirus Crisis
59 Shilpa Phadke Archives
60 STATEMENT: The EPA's New Policy Rollback Is a Direct Attack on Public Health
61 STATEMENT: CAP Joins 43 Environmental Groups Urging Congress to Help Coastal Communities By Investing in Coastal Restoration
62 CAP National Security Conference Recap
63 RELEASE: Ahead of White House's Denver Meeting, New Poll Shows Americans Disapprove of President Trump's Changes to NEPA
64 STATEMENT: President Trump's Attacks on Environmental Review Aim to Silence the Voices of Americans and Deny the Reality of Our Changing Climate
65 RELEASE: Alan Yu to Join the Center for American Progress as Senior Fellow and Director of International Climate Policy
66 Diana Boesch Archives
67 U.S. Rep. Dan Kildee faces former state representative Tim Kelly, 2 others for 5th District House seat
68 New Trump Executive Order Sells Off the Ocean and Fails Coastal Communities
69 When Confronting a Pandemic, We Must Save Nature to Save Ourselves
70 Neil Campbell Archives
71 The Most Anti-Nature President in US History
72 Renewable Energy Tax Credits: The Case for Refundability
73 The Power of Women: Intersections in the Global Climate and Reproductive Rights Movements
74 Climate Week 2020 marks a critical period for climate action
75 RELEASE: 3 Business Tax Principles for Economic Recovery in the Time of Coronavirus
76 STATEMENT: Trump Administration's Mercury Rule Attack Will Contribute to Premature Death
77 STATEMENT: Trump Administration's Reckless Approval of Oil Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Will Not Stand, CAP's Matt Lee-Ashley Says
78 The Energy 202: California's fires are putting a huge amount of carbon dioxide into the air
79 Sharita Gruberg Archives
80 New Poll: Americans Disapprove of President Trump's Proposed Changes to NEPA
81 Flying Cars Will Undermine Democracy and the Environment
82 How To Reform and Strengthen Fishery Habitat Protection
83 6 ways advocates can build climate change concern into action
84 The Coronavirus Will Make Child Care Deserts Worse and Exacerbate Inequality
85 The Basic Facts About Women in Poverty
86 The Race for Nature
87 The Green Squeeze
88 Emily Gee Archives
89 President Tsai Ing-wen Discusses the Diplomatic, Security, and Economic Challenges Facing Taiwan
90 State and Local Policy Archives
91 Climate Change Threatens the Stability of the Financial System
92 Kelly Magsamen Archives
93 Danyelle Solomon Archives
94 The Biden Adviser Who Gives Climate Activists Nightmares
95 The Fed's Oil and Gas Bailout Is a Mistake
96 Getting Americans Back to Work and Good Jobs
97 How Much Nature Should America Keep?
98 Integrating a Reproductive Justice Framework in Climate Research
99 Reaching energy and climate goals demands a dramatic scaling up of clean energy technologies
100 RELEASE: Federal Investment in Infrastructure Can Reduce Carbon Pollution by 13 Percent by 2030, CAP Report Says