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Result Content Idea Research
1 Run The Jewels release 3D model of their iconic logo for remix contest
2 Believe It Or Not, This Is A 3D Model Of A Studio Ghibli Character
3 Sketchfab Partners With Hip Hop Duo Run The Jewels For A Unique 3D Remix Competition
4 You Can Now Download 1700 Free 3-D Cultural Heritage Models
5 Sketchfab Launches Public Domain Program so Museums Can Share Cultural Relics in 3D
6 Global Visual Product Customization Software Market in-Depth Analysis by Vendors: Threekit, Powertrak CPQ, KBMax, ATLATL Software, Marxent 3D Cloud, Silhouette
7 ‘Tilt Brush’ Update Adds Direct Sketchfab Export Function
8 Visual Product Customization Software Market Set to Witness Huge Growth by 2020-2026 Focusing on Leading Players ATLATL Software, Axonom, Config Box, Configure One, Inc., Dassault Systmes
9 2020 Best Sites for 3D Models for Unity
10 4 Ways Museums Can Successfully Leverage Digital Content and Channels during Coronavirus (COVID-19)
11 This Week In Security: Discord, Chromium, And WordPress Forced Updates
12 Untact Incheon International Design Fair 2020: International Artwork Competition
13 Exclusive 3D model offers unique view of Daybell crime scene
14 Artist Makes 3D Digital Models Of Hayao Miyazaki’s Classic Nausicaä
15 Magic Leap Adds Sketchfab Support to Its Native Helio Web Browser
16 Beta app SiteScape uses iPad lidar to capture compelling point clouds
17 Sculptors Daniel and Rodman Edwards Announce George Floyd Memorial Bust for 3D Printing
18 This AI Tech Wants to Make You an Avatar That Will Work in Every Game
19 Rare Bronze Age Sword, Horse Harness Unearthed in Scotland
20 An Underwater Cave Once Hosted the Americas' Oldest Known Ocher Mine
21 Bimini's Great Hammerhead Nemesis Becomes Interactive 3D Model
22 See How/If PS5 Fits On Your TV Cabinet Using AR
23 3DCG Modeler Renders Iconic Nausicaä Scenes for VR Formats
24 Stunning 3D visualizations let you explore the cosmos in your browser
25 Sketchfab offers nearly a million VR models – Hypergrid Business
26 Take a Tour of the ISS with This Beautiful Photogrammetric 3D Reconstruction
27 George Floyd Memorial Bust Released for 3D Printing by Sculptors Daniel and Rodman Edwards
28 Towards Frictionless Augmented Reality – American Alliance of Museums
29 Flying Snakes Can Travel Remarkable Distances, Now Scientists Know How
30 2020 Creaform Go!Scan Spark 3D Scanner Review
31 Facebook Now Allows Interactive Embeddable 3D Models From Sketchfab in Users’ Streams
32 HoloLens 2 Now Available To Purchase Direct For Non-Enterprise
33 Sketchfab Receives $7 Million in Series A Funding from FirstMark Capital; Expanding Further into VR/AR
34 Explore Embedded CAD Objects in Your Browser With Sketchfab
35 68 Cultural, Historical and Scientific Collections You Can Explore Online
36 Sketchfab Now Supports In-Browser Animations in Interactive 3D
37 Sketchfab’s Top 3D Printable Downloads for May
38 New Report Shows China Has Built Hundreds of New Uighur Detention Centers
39 Q&A: New Director Katie Luber Guides Mia Through a Pandemic
40 Watch Seven Medieval Castles' Digital Reconstruction | Smart News
41 GDC 2018: Sketchfab Launches Download API, Bringing Fast 3D Model Searching To Developers
42 The Roseau Stone
43 A New Map of the Standard Model of Particle Physics
44 Boom Introduces Virtual Experience of Supersonic Demonstrator, Expects Mid Year Rollout of XB-1
45 Here’s Last Month’s Most Downloaded 3D Printable Models From SketchFab
46 You Can Now See the Rosetta Stone in 3-D From the Comfort of Your Own Home
47 Detailed 3-D model of SARS-COV-2 revealed
48 Explore 3-D Models of Historic Yukon Structures Threatened by Erosion
49 Three-dimensional lift off: The Art Newspaper launches reviews of virtual art
50 Katra Film Series Returns to Alamo Drafthouse for its Summer Series
51 Crowdsourcing efforts save digital ghosts of artifacts lost in Brazil’s museum fire
52 16th-Century Shipwreck Discovered Beneath Stockholm City Center
53 3D Print Michael Jackson, Steven Speilberg, Fidel Castro, and Others: Sketchfab’s New Madame Tussauds’ Gallery
54 Archaeologists Unearth Traces of What May Be London's Oldest Theater
55 Virtual reality takes researchers inside Pasco County sinkhole
56 Volunteers Digitally Revive Japan's Shuri Castle Following October Fire
57 Sketchfab Talks 3D Printable Ties
58 Eigg-ceptional dinosaur bone found on Scottish island
59 The graffiti left by the Romans working on Hadrian's Wall in Northumberland
60 MasterpieceVR Launches Studio Suite, With Updated 3D Modelling And Animation Software
61 Loco Dojo Is Like Mario Party For Oculus Touch
62 10 Best 3D Design Apps for 3D Modeling in 2020
63 Add a Virtual Background to Your Zoom Video on Mobile to Hide Your Real Background
64 Communication, collaboration and contagion: “Virtualisation” of anatomy during COVID‐19
65 Explore the World Virtually With These Rare, Centuries-Old Globes
66 Londons earliest playhouse Red Lion discovered by archaeologists
67 Digital Media Lab
68 The 3,000-Year-Old Assyrian Panels
69 Interact With the First 3-D Scan of the Rosetta Stone
70 3-D Scans of the Bust of Nefertiti Are Now Available Online
71 How Does A Micro Switch Work In Elevators?
72 The Walking Dead Meatgrinder Tips: The Trial Tricks Direct From Skydance
73 Sidequest Prototype Puzzling Places Turns 3D Model Into 98-Piece Puzzle
74 Just $89.95, the MagiMask is the future of AR
75 2020 Outlook: Next-Gen Tech Trends And Implications For Brands 02/12/2020
76 New collection showcases cutting-edge techniques in insect morphology and systematics
77 DJI Spark Drone Helps Create Complex 3D Models of Cultural Sites in Switzerland
78 Magic Leap Repackages Developer Tools as The Lab, Publishes Updates to Lumin SDK & Lumin OS, & Previews Magicverse SDK
79 'Björk Digital': Sonic dreams become virtual reality in downtown L.A.
80 New study reveals secrets of Wolfe Creek Crater
81 Unprecedented Discovery Shows The Resilience of Aboriginal Culture in Australia
82 Dead GroundZ Is Dead Island VR But Somehow Rougher
83 Impressive Fossil of Human-Sized Penguin Discovered in New Zealand
84 This tool turns your Instagram feed into a VR gallery with one click
85 Forget Zombies: It's Humans That Make The Walking Dead VR Memorable
86 You Can Now View a 3D Model of the Rosetta Stone Online
87 Archaeologists Unearth Trove of Medieval Artifacts in London Cesspit
88 Alien: Isolation Is 95% Off Today Only And Has A Great VR Mod
89 Understanding Virtual Reality Headsets
90 London coronavirus: Take your kids on amazing virtual tour to the wonders of the British Museum
91 The story in the bones of lizards and frogs
92 How To Travel The World From Home
93 Dev Report: Find & Use 3D Objects Faster with Google's Poly API & the Unity Editor
94 AR Telepresence App Spatial Debuts on Magic Leap via Enterprise Suite
95 Enter "Doors"
96 This sculptor builds what's going on inside our heads
97 Virtual Yuri | Daily Planet
98 A 16th-Century Shipwreck Was Found Under Stockholm
99 Cosplay Photos Are So 2015, Now We Can Trap Them As 3D Models
100 This Week's Best Virtual Reality Art Projects