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1 UK court blocks Epic Games from contesting Apple's Fortnite ban
2 Epic Games brings Apple fight to the EU with new antitrust complaint
3 Batman/Fortnite crossover miniseries coming from DC Comics, Epic Games
4 Virtual Production Takes Hold of Hollywood With Epic Games’ Unreal Engine
5 Epic Games Store Reveals Latest Free Game
6 More Tech Firms Pulled Into Battle Between Apple And Epic Games
7 Epic Games addresses speculation over IPO
8 Epic’s new MetaHuman tool lets you craft realistic faces inside a browser
9 The man behind Fortnite is making the riskiest bet of his career. The payoff could be huge
10 Valve Won't Break Epic Games and Apple Up | COGconnected
11 Meet Smash Ventures, the low-flying outfit that has quietly funded Epic Games among others
12 Fortnite Maker Epic Games Files Antitrust Lawsuit Against Apple in the EU
13 New Epic Games investor relations hire could suggest a possible upcoming IPO [UPDATED]
14 Hasbro, Epic Games Ink Five-Year 'Fortnite' Product License Expansion
15 You Really Need To Download This Week’s Free Epic Games Store Games ASAP
16 Epic Games Store Spring Showcase Reveals Upcoming Content
17 Apple vs Epic Games trial: dates, details and what is #FreeFortnite?
18 The Epic Games Store gave away 750 million free games in 2020
19 Tim Cook must face 7 hour deposition in Apple vs Epic Games legal battle, judge says
20 Rage 2 and Absolute Drift are free on the Epic Games Store
21 Fortnite Split-Screen Bug Being 'Actively Tracked' by Epic Games
22 UK Stops Epic Games Lawsuit Against Apple Over Fortnite Ban: Bloomberg
23 Global Battle Royale Games Market 2025: Respawn, Epic Games, PUBG, Dice, Treyarch, Tencent, Bethesda Game Studios, Daybreak, Davevillz, Automaton, Proletariat, Mediatonic, Triternion
24 MetaHuman Creator allows anyone to create realistic digital people
25 NantStudios Opens ICVFX Stage; Epic Games Co-locates
26 Epic Games warns Australian regulatory authorities about Apple’s ‘anti‐competitive’ practices
27 Next Article Epic Games Launches MetaHuman Creator to Generate Hyperrealistic Virtual Humans
28 Fortnite Lawsuit Forces Valve To Give Apple Info On 436 Steam Games
29 Epic Games Store Is Finally Getting A Shopping Cart This Year
30 "Epic Games is the disease, this is the cure": A trojan that can delete Fortnite from PC
31 Oddworld: Soulstorm release date set for April 6 on Epic Games Store
32 Magic Legends release date: Magic Legends will be an Epic Games Store exclusive
33 Epic Games Store Reveals Most Popular Titles in 2020 | Game Rant
34 Apple Tells Epic Games It Doesn't Have Scott Forstall's Phone Number
35 When Does Fortnite Season 5 End: Dates, Ending Event, and More
36 Global Battle Royale Games Market : Respawn, Epic Games, PUBG, Dice, Treyarch etc. – NeighborWebSJ
37 Epic Games' bid to pursue case against Apple in UK rejected
38 Fortnite’s approach to guest characters is aggressively dull
39 US video gaming giant Epic Games endorses Ulster University courses
40 Free Games: Here's What You Can Download Right Now
41 Expanding Scope on Escape Games Market to 2026 | KRAFTON, Epic Games, Treyarch, Daybreak, Haiku Games, MobiGrow, USTWO
42 Epic Games takes Apple dispute to Australian market regulator
43 Epic Games buys Cary Towne Center, will turn it into headquarters
44 Epic Games (UNREAL) – The Bisouv Network
45 Game Engines Market 2021 Analysis and Precise Outlook – Unity Technologies, Leadwerks Software, Epic Games, Crytek, Valve, Chukong Tech, Marmalade Tech – KSU | The Sentinel Newspaper
46 Read Epic Games Store Review
47 What is Epic Games? The game developer and distributor, explained
48 Epic Games buys Seattle-area video game development toolmaker RAD
49 Fortnite Maker Epic Games Nears Funding at $17 Billion Value
50 Spotify comes to the Epic Games Store
51 Epic Games Store Partners with Battery and Havas Media for Creative and Media Duties for “The Vault” Free Game Campaign
52 Apple Versus Epic Games: Does the iOS App Store Need to be Reformed?
53 Epic Games Beats Nintendo as the World's Most Popular Gaming Company
54 Epic Games to lose Apple ID sign on for accounts
55 Sony buys $250 million stake in Fortnite creator Epic Games
56 Epic Games Store Down? ‘Fortnite’ Launcher Having Trouble As ‘GTA 5’ Arrives
57 Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney likens fight against Apple to fight for civil rights
58 After 2 years, the Epic Games Store is still a golden ticket for devs and irresistible bait for gamers
59 Epic Games takes legal action against Apple and Google in UK
60 The Epic Games Store is still mostly about Fortnite
61 Apple says Epic Games' lawsuit is a publicity stunt to 'reinvigorate' Fortnite
62 The List Of Epic Games’ Excellent 15 Free Games Has Leaked
63 Fortnite-Maker Epic Games Raises $1.78B – Crunchbase News
64 Steam vs. Epic Games Store: Which PC Game Store Deserves Your Dollars?
65 Apple's out to crush Fortnite and Unreal Engine, Epic Games says. Apple refuses to make exception
66 Epic Games Founder On The Lawsuit Against Tech Giants
67 How to change your Epic Games email to a new address and update your account login details
68 Apple Terminates ‘Fortnite’ Maker Epic Games’ Developer Account
69 ‘Fortnite’ Creator Epic Games Makes Foray Into Movies With Grant For Animated Pic ‘Gilgamesh’
70 Facebook is helping 'Fortnite' maker Epic Games in Apple lawsuit
71 Sony Invests $250 Million in ‘Fortnite’ Maker Epic Games for 1.4% Stake
72 How to link your Epic Games account to a PS4 through a PlayStation Network account
73 The Best Games Ever Given Away for Free on the Epic Games Store
74 Google forced OnePlus to decimate a Fortnite launcher deal, claims Epic Games
75 Can you gift games on the Epic Games Store? What you need to know
76 Apple ordered to not block Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, but Fortnite to stay off App Store
77 Apple and Epic Games Spar Over Returning Fortnite to the App Store
78 Apple will seek damages from Epic Games for breach of App Store contract
79 Epic Games Store Announces Next Week's Free Game | Game Rant
80 Epic Games Store Holiday Sale Will Make A New Game Free Every Day
81 Epic Games tackles bug that has machines running hot, using resources even when idle
82 Epic Games is giving away free games every day for 15 days
83 Apple's battle with Epic Games could lead to big changes in iPhone apps
84 Microsoft Backs Epic Games in Apple Fight to Preserve Unreal Engine Access
85 Epic Games and Disney Expand Collaboration with New Disney+ Offer
86 Epic Games announces Unreal Engine 5 with stunning PlayStation 5 demo
87 Epic will give you $10 in credit to play Rocket League for free
88 Epic says Apple ‘has no rights to the fruits of Epic’s labor’ in latest filing
89 Apple vs. Epic Games shows few signs of ending as legal battle continues
90 Epic Games continues ‘Free Fortnite’ campaign with Apple-inspired press pack sent to influencers
91 Epic Games Loses Again on Restoring Fortnite to Apple Store
92 Epic Games Is Now Worth Nearly Half As Much as Games Giant Electronic Arts
93 Fortnite Maker Epic Games Is Fundraising at Above $15 Billion Value
94 Epic Games Vs. Apple: What Will Happen To 'Fortnite' Update
95 Fortnite Maker Epic Games Buys SuperAwesome
96 Why Epic Games Store's Strategies Are Working | Game Rant
97 Epic Games still has plans to launch Epic Games Store on iOS
98 Epic Games Store's Latest Free Game Is Inside
99 Epic Games CEO speaks out against Apple, Google app store 'monopoly'
100 The DeanBeat: Apple v. Epic — a briefing on the antitrust arguments and interesting facts