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1 Turkey's Erdogan Is a Man Without a Plan in Libya
2 $8bn blow to Erdogan as investors flee Turkey
3 Erdogan Talks of Making Hagia Sophia a Mosque Again, to International Dismay
4 Generation Z puts pressure on Turkey's Erdogan
5 Turkey: 11 detained over tweets dealing with leader's family
6 İYİ Party leader urges President Erdoğan not to impose further restrictions on social media
7 Battle looms for Sirte as Erdogan accused of targeting 'oil crescent'
8 Erdogan and Trump Form New Bond as Interests Align
9 Greek PM Mitsotakis more comfortable speaking with Erdoğan after ice-breaking phone call | Daily Sabah
10 Seven reasons why President Erdogan looks vulnerable
11 Turkey’s Erdogan Presses to Convert Hagia Sophia Back Into a Mosque
12 Turkey: President Recep Erdoğan calls LGBT people 'perverts'
13 Erdogan Is Trying to Erase Turkey's Christian Past
14 Erdogan reportedly called Trump sometimes as often as twice a week: CNN
15 Erdogan donates money for multi-home project in Syria
16 25,000 die in Med. Sea over past 8 years: Erdogan
17 NASA Scientist Jailed in Turkey for 3 Years Recounts His Ordeal
18 Erdoğan's Adviser Threatens Greece With War (VIDEO)
19 President Erdogan, Turkey's UN ambassador talk by phone
20 'Erdoğan’s existential wars in the region unsustainable for Turkey'
21 Erdogan suffers from syndrome of delusional grandeur | Khairallah Khairallah
22 'Erdogan only honest player in Libya'
23 Recep Tayyip Erdogan targets social media in Turkey
24 Hopes fade for unity in Turkish opposition to Erdoğan
25 Erdogan congratulates parliament speaker on reelection
26 John Bolton urged to elaborate on Trump-Erdoğan claims
27 Turkish opposition mayors outshine Erdogan with ‘kindness’ campaigns
28 European Parliament calls for severe sanctions against Erdogan
29 Erdogan goes on tax collector mission to Doha | | AW
30 Turkey’s economic turmoil imposing early polls on Erdogan
31 Erdoğan: We Will Continue Drilling In The Mediterranean – Greek City Times
32 Erdogan’s Rivals Face New Barrier to Entering Turkish Parliament
33 Hagia Sophia and Erdogan | Comment |
34 University falls victim to Erdogan's battle with ex-prime minister
35 Erdogan in new bid to cash in on Libyan war
36 Erdoğan Has Closed 119 Media Outlets Since 2016 Coup Attempt
37 Ancient relics get swallowed up in Turkey's push to go green
38 15 Canadians named in Turkish 'terrorism' probe linked to President Erdoğan's rival: report
39 Turkey says Bolton's book 'misleading' on Erdogan-Trump conversations
40 Ertugrul: Turkish TV's Ottoman phenomenon goes global | Recep Tayyip Erdogan
41 Erdoğan's efforts to control social media could severely hurt Turkish economy
42 Erdogan’s agenda: Neo-Ottoman ambition or pan-Islamist zeal?
43 Conventional wisdom says Turkey won't go nuclear. That might be wrong.
44 How Syrian 'annexations' will come back to haunt Erdogan
45 Terrorism, oil and water… Erdogan's destruction weapons in Syria
46 Faced with death threats, NBA star shows world who Erdoğan really is – report
47 Veteran comedians facing jail sentence for insulting Erdoğan
48 What Is the Secret to Trump-Erdogan Close Relationship?
49 State Department welcomes Mitsotakis-Erdogan call, says report | Kathimerini
50 Arab anger grows at Erdogan's 'military adventurism' in Iraq
51 Turkey may go nuclear, defying predictions, non-proliferation fellow says
52 Turkey's Forged Success Story
53 Trump's press secretary invokes Armenian genocide, could anger Turkey
54 Erdogan Faces His Biggest Test of the Pandemic: The Economy
55 PM call with President Erdoğan of Turkey: 29 May 2020
56 Erdogan Says Turkey Won’t Stop Migrants Streaming Into Europe
57 In Turkey, Erdogan Is Playing Politics With Coronavirus Relief
58 Why Erdogan Won't Ask the IMF for Help
59 Turkey's Deep-Pocketed Religious Authority Becomes Erdogan Tool
60 Erdogan backs cleric who claims homosexuality brings disease
61 Trump, Turkey's Erdogan Have Frank Discussion
62 Ex-Erdogan Ally Defies Turkish President With New Party
63 What does Erdoğan want?
64 Outspoken Recep Tayyip Erdoğan challenges both Washington and Moscow
65 Inside Europe: Erdogan's challengers eye Turkey's top job
66 Turkish Conservatives' Loyalty to Erdoğan and Views on Potential Successors
67 President Erdogan has issued a license to kill
68 Erdogan maintains diplomatic contacts amid outbreak
69 Erdogan: April 23 shows democracy, Turkish sovereignty
70 Erdogan's Turkey Targets Remaining Media Critics
71 District braces for planned visit by Turkish President Erdogan
72 Former Allies Challenge Turkey's Erdogan
73 Turkey’s Erdoğan scores a pyrrhic victory in Washington
74 Erdogan: 'When terrorists withdraw, operation ends'
75 Turkey ready for all scenarios: Erdogan
76 Remarks by President Charles Michel after the meeting with President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in Brussels
77 How COVID-19 Is Handing Erdogan a Political Lifeline in Turkey
78 Turkey's greatest strength is its unity: Erdogan
79 What you need to know about Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan
80 Erdogan Issues Ultimatum to Damascus on Idlib
81 Erdogan, Trump agree on 'close cooperation' in virus crisis
82 Turkey's Erdogan is succumbing to megalomania
83 NATO Secretary General discusses situation in Syria with President Erdoğan
84 Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s assertive foreign policy shakes international order
85 Erdogan move to block minister’s resignation exposes Turkish power struggle
86 Turkey's Erdogan 'threw Trump's Syria letter in bin'
87 Turkey to never recognize US Mideast plan: Erdogan
88 Erdogan Stands by Russia Despite Syrian Tensions
89 Erdogan says Turkey, US reached agreements on Libya
90 Erdogan Threatens Military Escalation in Syria
91 Erdogan: Turkey to reach new heights in 2020
92 Analysis | Why Erdogan Aims to Seize Stake in No. 2 Turkish Bank
93 Turkey’s Erdogan vows to make Syria ‘pay’ after attack
94 Erdogan may be the world's most 'insulted' leader
95 Erdogan to address Pakistan's parliament on Feb. 14
96 Virus shouldn't deepen injustices across world: Erdogan
97 Turkey's security begins far beyond borders: Erdogan
98 Turbulence for Turkey as breakaway parties make gains on Erdoğan
99 Tensions High Ahead of Erdogan-Trump Meeting
100 Coronavirus stokes tensions between Erdogan and Istanbul's mayor