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1 Erdogan tells Macron cooperation has ‘very serious potential’
2 Turkey Is No Longer a Safe Haven for the Uyghurs
3 Why Biden must stop Erdogan's abuse of counterterrorism rhetoric
4 With poll support dropping, Erdogan's party looks to change Turkish relection law: officials
5 Turkish Court Clears Actors of ‘Insulting’ Erdogan
6 Celebrated Turkish actor risks jail for Erdogan 'insult'
7 How Erdogan turned a failed Turkish military mission to his political advantage
8 In Rebuke to Erdogan, Over 180 Lawmakers Call on Biden to Stop Appeasing Ankara
9 Erdogan Accuses US of Siding with Terrorists After Turks Found Dead in Iraq
10 How Turkey's Canan Kaftancioglu Challenged Erdogan's Power | Time
11 Erdogan Rivals See Hidden Agenda in New Vow to Overhaul Laws
12 Erdoğan's "play On Words" Led To An Own Goal
13 Turkey's Erdogan exploits nationalism at home after Turks die in Iraq
14 Biden can't let Turkey's Erdoğan get away with his threats to Americans any longer
15 Erdogan says Turkey needs new constitution
16 Thousands celebrate Erdoğan’s birthday on social media | Daily Sabah
17 Turkey Student Protests: Erdogan Blames Osman Kavala's Wife for Protests
18 Turkey's Erdogan Calls Student Protesters Terrorists, Intensifying Anti-LGBT Rhetoric
19 Erdogan: Turkey’s common interests with US outweigh differences
20 Erdogan named 2020 Global Muslim Personality
21 Turkey investigates Dutch politician Wilders over Erdogan comment
22 'Neo-Ottomanism' and Erdoğan: Comparisons, facts | Daily Sabah
23 Turkey aims to reach moon in 2023, Erdogan says
24 A surreal Western view on Erdoğan and neo-Ottomanism | Daily Sabah
25 Turkey’s new political parties face struggle in battle against Erdogan
26 Putin and Erdogan have formed a brotherhood of hard power
27 Merkel tells Erdogan she welcomes eastern Mediterranean progress
28 How Turkey's Erdogan conned ‘The New York Times’
29 Erdogan’s talk of new democratic constitution aimed at cementing his rule
30 ‘Just like Erdogan’: The mistake Trudeau is making with China
31 The sultan and his sycophants: Erdoğan is leading Turkey towards a bleak future
32 Erdogan triggering new alignments to achieve his aims
33 Erdoğan outlines new coronavirus rules as measures partially eased
34 Crimes Against Humanity in Erdogan's Turkey | Opinion |
35 Turkey: Erdogan's Battle Over Bogazici University
36 Erdogan's two-state demand puts the jinx on planned UN-led Cyprus meeting
37 Turkish Former Economy Czar Breaks Silence to Berate Critics
38 Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatens rivals with jail
39 Erdogan and Trump Form New Bond as Interests Align
40 ‘Erdogan should be very, very worried': What the Biden presidency means for Turkey
41 Elon Musk and Erdogan Discuss Space Technology Cooperation
42 Can Erdogan Reconcile With the West? Putin’s Betting Against It
43 Turkey's President Erdogan congratulates Biden on his win
44 France condemns 'unacceptable' comments from Turkey's Erdogan and recalls ambassador
45 How Erdogan Muscled Turkey to the Center of the World Stage
46 Europe Is Losing Patience With Erdogan’s Islamist Rhetoric
47 Erdogan Says Turkey Sees Itself as Part of Europe
48 Erdogan Bashes Interest Rates, Saying They Bring Inflation
49 Erdogan's political challengers are getting tougher
50 Erdogan’s family drama and the future of Turkey
51 Erdogan expresses hope that France will 'get rid of Macron' as soon as possible
52 France reacts after Erdogan questions Macron's mental health
53 Erdogan Downplays Rifts With U.S., Dismisses EU Threat
54 Will Erdogan Complaint About Anti-Turkish Conspiracy Become Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?
55 Erdogan says US sanctions aim to stymie growing Turkish defense industry
56 Turkish Opposition Challenge Erdogan Over Uighur Silence
57 Turkish Officials Lash Out at Cartoon Depicting Erdogan
58 Erdogan Eyes Social Media: The Last Refuge for Turkey’s Journalists
59 Battered Turkish Economy Puts a Powerful Erdogan to the Test
60 Erdogan Faces His Biggest Test of the Pandemic: The Economy
61 Erdogan’s crackpot charges against a harmless activist show how low Turkey has sunk
62 Erdogan says Turkey would like better ties with Israel, Palestinian policy still 'red line'
63 Amid the verbal barbs, Macron and Turkey’s Erdogan may be ideal foes
64 Erdogan Does What He Can Get Away With
65 Erdogan Opposes European Court Ruling on Kurdish Leader
66 Biden's America and Erdogan's Turkey Are Trapped in a Double Fantasy
67 Seven reasons why President Erdogan looks vulnerable
68 A Biden administration is bad news for Turkey's Erdogan
69 Erdogan is in danger of overreaching with foreign interventions
70 Turkey: Erdogan denounces ‘threats and blackmail’ over sea rights
71 Erdogan Seeks to Tame Social Media, Again
72 Turkish politician in Erdogan's party dies from virus
73 Turkey: how Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is using coronavirus to clamp down further on dissent
74 Turkey's Generation Z Turns Against Erdogan
75 Erdogan raises rhetoric in Greece standoff in Mediterranean
76 Turkey's Opposition Says Erdogan May Be Creating Loyal Security Force
77 Scale of Turkey’s economic crisis triggered Erdogan family implosion
78 Erdogan Visit to Azerbaijan Could Stoke Russian Rivalry, Observers Say
79 Recep Tayyip Erdogan faces up to economic facts
80 Erdoğan: Turkey wants to ‘turn new page’ in EU relations
81 Erdogan's great game
82 Erdogan tilts at Macron as France mourns victims of terror
83 In Turkey, Erdogan Is Playing Politics With Coronavirus Relief
84 Why Erdoğan’s attacks on France will backfire
85 Erdogan Offers to Aid Azerbaijan After Skirmishes With Armenia
86 Generation Z puts pressure on Turkey's Erdogan
87 Erdogan’s Rivals Face New Barrier to Entering Turkish Parliament
88 Erdogan’s crumbling superpower dreams make Turkey even more dangerous
89 Erdogan says Turkey, US reached agreements on Libya
90 Turkey: shaky economy destabilises Erdoğan's authoritarian presidency
91 Past friction between Biden and Erdoğan foreshadows future tensions
92 Cocooned by sycophants, Erdogan sheds layers of reality and support
93 Turkey's Economic Problem Is Erdogan. Improvement Won't Come Until He Leaves.
94 Analysis: Biden risk looms for Turkey's Erdogan and beleaguered lira
95 Erdogan’s take on the Holocaust is cynical, selective and self-serving
96 Erdogan hopes new Turkey-Greece talks will herald new era
97 Turkey: Erdogan vows social media controls over insults to family
98 Erdogan is planning a new world order in which Turkey is the rising star
99 Erdogan says any attack on Turkish ship in Mediterranean dispute will exact 'high price'
100 Turkey to take legal, diplomatic steps against French caricature of Erdogan