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1 Variants or "Scariants": Are the Threats Real or Just Media Hype?
2 COVID-19's Potential Effects On Asymptomatic Patients
3 What the NBA's Collaboration With Yale Reveals About COVID
4 'The Impact of the Vaccine Has Been Tremendous'
5 US vaccinating average of 1.7M people per day
6 Variants or 'Scariants': Are the Threats Real or Just Media Hype?
7 Scientists urge for investment now in highly potent vaccines to prevent the next pandemic
8 Could a single vaccine work against all coronaviruses? Scientists are working on one.
9 Scientists call for investment into novel, potentially pan-virus vaccines to prevent the next pandemic
10 Eric Topol on the U.S. response to COVID-19, the success of vaccines and when life will get back to 'normal'
11 WHO's treatment megatrial is at a standstill
12 "Everything Has Changed": You're Going to Need a Booster
13 One year since pandemic hit New York, new strain emerges in upper Manhattan
14 Pfizer Vaccine Cuts COVID-19 Symptoms by 90% in Real-World Study
15 The US Has a Covid 'Scariants' Problem. Here's How to Fix It
16 Health experts are split on when the U.S. will reach COVID-19 herd immunity
17 International megatrial of coronavirus treatments is at a standstill
18 In-Depth: Scientists seek universal vaccine for all coronavirus types
19 Daily briefing: Games to play with fellow researchers
20 Cardiologist Eric Topol's Encouraging Forecast for Five COVID-19 Vaccines
21 The one-shot vaccine from Johnson & Johnson now has FDA support in the US
22 FDA's Hahn to Topol: Decisions Will Be Made on Science Alone
23 New York Covid-19 Variant Expands Reach in U.S. With 735 Cases
24 Could a Single Vaccine Work Against All Coronaviruses?
25 COVID vaccine supply can’t keep up with demand right now. Experts think that will change in mere months
26 The Differences Between the Vaccines Matter
27 ‘Be Skeptical:' NYC Health Officials Race to Quell Concerns After NYT Variant Report
28 Is News of U.S. Virus Variants Too Much, Too Soon?
29 How Biden Was Asked to Refinance His House After Flailing in Iowa
30 A coronavirus variant identified in California seems more infectious and deadly, a study found, with cases tho
31 Health Highlights: Feb. 16, 2021
32 Coronavirus in Context: Eric Topol Explains Emerging Research
33 What you need to know about severe reactions to COVID vaccines
34 CDC watching COVID-19 variant in New York
35 Scientists ramp up work on vaccine that would address every type of coronavirus: report | TheHill
36 As fears of a politically-motivated vaccine EUA grow, Eric Topol delivers an ultimatum to commissioner Hahn: Stand up or resign
37 CDC watching new COVID-19 variant in New York City
38 And then there were three vaccines
39 How scientists saved Trump's FDA from politics | TheHill
40 Dear Commissioner Hahn: Tell the Truth or Resign
41 A universal Covid vaccine may be our best means of escape
42 Hopkins surgery professor says COVID-19 herd immunity could be near
43 A leaked report shows Pfizer’s vaccine is conquering covid-19 in its largest real-world test
44 Can Biden go bigger?
45 COVID-19 Reports on Cases and Vaccine Rollout: February 15-19 | THIRTEEN
46 Dr. Eric Topol: Why remote healthcare 'will be here to stay' after COVID-19
47 Doctors Whyte and Topol Discuss COVID-19 Vaccine Status and Future Direction With FDA
48 The new B.1.1.7 is a 'super-spreader' strain. Here's how the U.S. can control it, says Dr. Eric Topol
49 Grappling with questions about how COVID-19 can affect the heart
50 Researcher Criticizes FDA's Exaggeration Of Plasma's Efficacy In COVID-19 Treatment
51 Video Coronavirus in Context: Dr. Eric Topol Wants 100 Million Smart Watches Detecting COVID-19
52 COVID-19 variants vs vaccines: How it works and what to expect
53 Twitter round-up: Eric Topol's tweet most popular tweet in Q4 2020
54 A future Covid vaccine could be squirted up the nose. The nasal spray could stop transmission, especially in kids
55 How will COVID-19 change medicine? National expert part of UH panel discussion | University of Hawaiʻi System News
56 QUOTED. 3 November. Eric Topol. :: Medtech Insight
57 Fitch Rates The Scripps Research Institute (CA) Rev Bonds 'A'; Outlook Stable
58 Eric Topol says covid-19 is 'opportunistic and exponential', and we need to be too
59 16 Cases of 'Super-Spreader' COVID Strain Found in Mid-Hudson
60 Coronavirus in Context: The Importance of Rigorous Data Analysis When Discussing COVID Studies
61 Reducing Risk Now, While Preparing for the Next Pandemic
62 Dr. Eric Topol talks AI's potential to personalize medicine, curb mistakes, bring back the human touch
63 For COVID-19 Vaccines, ACIP Will Be a Critical Gatekeeper
64 Uché Blackstock, One of the Great Young Activists in Medicine
65 COVID-19 Case Counts Have Started Falling in the U.S. This May Be Why
66 Coronavirus in Context: Exploring COVID-19's Impact With Cardiologist Eric Topol
67 Eric Topol: American People Deserve to Know Trump's Status
68 Charting a Path Out of COVID Means Remembering Data and Humanity
69 Cardiologist Eric Topol on How AI Can Bring Humanity Back to Medicine
70 Cardiologist Eric Topol: 'AI can restore the care in healthcare'
71 Dr. Eric Topol: Physicians need a medical association not focused on business
72 Dr. Eric Topol: 10 potential AI applications for clinicians, hospitals
73 One doctor’s campaign to stop a covid-19 vaccine being rushed through before Election Day
74 Paul Offit's Biggest Concern About COVID Vaccines
75 PAWcast: Jeff Schwartz *87 on the Changing Nature of Work
76 We Still Don’t Know How Well Covid Vaccines Stop Transmission
77 'Everything Has Changed': You're Going to Need a COVID-19 Booster
78 What Accounts for the High Cost of Care? It's the People: A Q&A With Eric Topol, MD
79 Dr. Eric Topol talks artificial intelligence and the future of medicine
80 Intranasal COVID-19 vaccine spray could stem spread, researchers say
81 Eric Topol and Abraham Verghese: 'We Need to Be More Human'
82 Transcript: America’s Health Future: The Impact of COVID-19 on Our Health Systems
83 The Remarkable Value of Thinking Broadly: A COVID-19 Trifecta
84 Health Experts Blame Rapid Expansion for Vaccine Shortages
85 Eric Topol's tough prescription for improving medicine
86 Eric Goosby on COVID, Race, and Building Health
87 Dr. Eric Topol turns critical eye on landmark FDA-approved AI device
88 Cardiologist Eric Topol explains how artificial intelligence can make doctors more humane
89 Video: Vaccine expert Paul Offit talks with Medscape's Eric Topol on the pitfalls and promise of COVID 'Operation Warp Speed'
90 Dr. Eric Topol: Top 10 digital health technologies impacting the hospital workforce
91 Wearable technology: covid-19 and the rise of remote clinical monitoring
92 Can AI Exist in Medicine Without Human Oversight?
93 AHIP 2017: Eric Topol runs through the cost-cutting technologies that fit in the palm of a patient's hand
94 'We're Only Safe if We're All Safe': Global COVID Vaccination
95 America’s Health Future: The Impact of COVID-19 on our Health Systems
96 Telemedicine is essential amid the covid-19 crisis and after it
97 Dr. Eric Topol on finding the way back from the “abject failure” of EHR implementation
98 COVID-19 can affect the heart
99 Webinar: Healthcare of Tomorrow: Where Do We Go From Here?
100 Opinion | Coronavirus Vaccine Trials Could Suffer From Shortcuts