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1 Medical Leaders Launch Grassroots Doctors' Alliance
2 For COVID-19 Vaccines, ACIP Will Be a Critical Gatekeeper
3 The Remarkable Value of Thinking Broadly: A COVID-19 Trifecta
4 What Does COVID-19 Mean for the Future of Health Care?
5 Coronavirus News Roundup: November 7-November 13
6 Why Pfizer says it pushed for transparency and diversity in vaccine development process
7 SARS-CoV-2 Causes Heart Damage in 20% of People with Mild or No COVID-19 Symptoms
8 Healthcare of Tomorrow Conference Goes Virtual, Spotlights Insights on Pandemic Response and Health Equity
9 ‘Frightened eyes’: Doctor shares video of what dying Covid patients see in final moments
10 'Breakthrough finding' reveals why certain Covid-19 patients die
11 The disturbing surge in Covid-19 hospitalizations, in one chart
12 These Algorithms Could End the Scourge of Tuberculosis
13 Early results from DETECT study suggest fitness trackers can predict COVID-19 infections: Sensor data from wearable devices can complement virus testing and conventional screening to signal new infections
14 The 'very, very bad look' of remdesivir, the first FDA-approved COVID-19 drug
15 Vivek Murthy: Everyone Gets Lonely; Here's How to Counter It
16 Los Angeles virus surge raises specter of stay-home order
17 Pfizer says its coronavirus vaccine is safe and 95% effective and that it will seek regulatory review within days
18 AstraZeneca and Oxford Say Vaccine Is Up to 90 Percent Effective
19 Pfizer’s Vaccine Announcement Was Always Going To Be Political
20 The Health 202: The U.S. is poised for another wave of covid-19 deaths, public health experts warn
21 Eli Lilly said its antibody treatment does not work on patients hospitalized with Covid-19.
22 Covid superspreader risk is linked to restaurants, gyms, hotels
23 Trump’s pandemic agenda shoved government scientists aside. They’re attempting an 11th-hour comeback.
24 As fears of a politically-motivated vaccine EUA grow, Eric Topol delivers an ultimatum to commissioner Hahn: Stand up or resign
25 Pill for OCD and anxiety may prevent worsening Covid-19, early study says
26 Strict Stay-at-Home Order Could Start Sunday if Daily Case Count Continues at This Rate in LA County
27 Coronavirus in Context: Eric Topol Explains Emerging Research
28 CEOs of UCLA Hospital System, Houston Methodist on Where Providers Go From Here
29 Dear Commissioner Hahn: Tell the Truth or Resign
30 Pressure rises for rapid COVID-19 testing | TheHill
31 FDA's Hahn to Topol: Decisions Will Be Made on Science Alone
32 WIRED Health:Tech 2020: Latest advances and the fight against COVID-19
33 ‘We can’t give up.’ U.S. can still control the spread of COVID-19, experts say
34 Dr. Eric Topol: Why remote healthcare 'will be here to stay' after COVID-19
35 Are Trump's rallies spreading coronavirus? Why it's hard to know the full impact
36 Lab tests show risks of using CRISPR gene editing on embryos
37 Did Trump Delay the Arrival of At-Home Coronavirus Testing?
38 Researcher Criticizes FDA's Exaggeration Of Plasma's Efficacy In COVID-19 Treatment
39 After Rocky Start, FDA’s Hahn Wins Over Skeptics
40 Regeneron halts trial of antibody treatment in seriously ill Covid patients
41 Biden sought referendum on Covid-19 but voters disagreed
42 The U.S. COVID-19 Outbreak Is Worse Than It's Ever Been. Why Aren't We Acting Like It?
43 Coronavirus in Context: Dr. Eric Topol Wants 100 Million Smart Watches Detecting COVID-19
44 Dr. Eric Topol: How AI will restore 'humanity of medicine' this decade
45 Coronavirus Video: Exploring COVID-19's Impact With Cardiologist Eric Topol
46 Trump causes distrust of science: Medical expert Dr. Eric Topol
47 What Accounts for the High Cost of Care? It's the People: A Q&A With Eric Topol, MD
48 Coronavirus in Context: The Importance of Rigorous Data Analysis When Discussing COVID Studies
49 Why the Success of the Pfizer Vaccine Trial Is Personal for Me
50 Dr. Eric Topol talks AI's potential to personalize medicine, curb mistakes, bring back the human touch
51 Vaccinating a nation: Can Biden manage America's biggest health project?
52 Video: Vaccine expert Paul Offit talks with Medscape's Eric Topol on the pitfalls and promise of COVID 'Operation Warp Speed'
53 Pandemic Financial Counselling ~ Dr. Eric Topol on Vaccines ~ Author Russell Rowland
54 US Election 2020: Trumps COVID-19 vaccine before Nov 3 promises blasted by health experts
55 Eric Topol: EHRs have 'taken us astray,' but AI could fix healthcare in a 'meaningful and positive way'
56 Cardiologist Eric Topol: 'AI can restore the care in healthcare'
57 Telemedicine is essential amid the covid-19 crisis and after it
58 Eric Topol: American People Deserve to Know Trump's Status
59 US engulfed in crisis as Covid death toll hits 250000 – but there are signs of hope
60 Doctors Need to Move Beyond Medical Societies, Eric Topol Says
61 Dr. Eric Topol talks artificial intelligence and the future of medicine
62 Paul Offit's Biggest Concern About COVID Vaccines
63 Cardiologist Eric Topol on How AI Can Bring Humanity Back to Medicine
64 Coronavirus Pandemic Makes Telemedicine Mainstream, And It's Probably Here To Stay
65 Why artificial intelligence is so important in the coronavirus era
66 And then there were two
67 Eric Topol's tough prescription for improving medicine
68 Wearable Tech May Detect COVID-19 Infection Before Symptoms
69 COVID Immune Responses Explained
70 Clinicians' 'Number-One Wish' for Artificial Intelligence
71 One doctor’s campaign to stop a covid-19 vaccine being rushed through before Election Day
72 Coronavirus Vaccine Trials Could Suffer From Shortcuts
73 America’s Health Future: The Impact of COVID-19 on our Health Systems
74 Fauci to Medscape: 'We're Gonna Get Through It'
75 Uché Blackstock, One of the Great Young Activists in Medicine
76 Eric Topol and Abraham Verghese: 'We Need to Be More Human'
77 Dr. Eric Topol on finding the way back from the “abject failure” of EHR implementation
78 CHIME19 Fall CIO Forum: Dr. Eric Topol on the Future of AI in Healthcare
79 Webinar: Healthcare of Tomorrow: Where Do We Go From Here?
80 AHIP 2017: Eric Topol runs through the cost-cutting technologies that fit in the palm of a patient's hand
81 Rushing a COVID-19 Vaccine Could Lead to 'Perpetual Limbo'
82 'The AI will see you now.' How tech might alter the doctor-patient relationship
83 Will AI Make Medicine More Human?
84 Grappling with questions about how COVID-19 can affect the heart
85 Cardiologist Eric Topol explains how artificial intelligence can make doctors more humane
86 Wearable Fitness Trackers Could Help Detect Covid-19 Cases
87 What To Know About Coronavirus Vaccine Development
88 Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government concludes phase one of the 6th virtual Global Symposium on Health Systems Research
89 Bringing Humanity Back Is the 'Greatest Gift AI Can Give'
90 Harnessing wearable device data to improve state-level real-time surveillance of influenza-like illness in the USA: a population-based study
91 Danish face mask study did not show that masks were ineffective at reducing spread of COVID-19; study was underpowered and results were inconclusive
92 Grasping the multidimensional narrative of Topol's 'Deep Medicine'
93 Q&A: Scripps' Eric Topol Sees Enormous Promise in Healthcare AI
94 Dr. Eric Topol: Top 10 digital health technologies impacting the hospital workforce
95 Coronavirus in the United States
96 Destroying Medicine to Rebuild It: Eric Topol on Patients Using Data
97 Charting a Path Out of COVID Means Remembering Data and Humanity
98 Remdesivir and interferon fall flat in WHO's megastudy of COVID-19 treatments
99 Dr. Eric Topol turns critical eye on landmark FDA-approved AI device
100 We were warned what to expect in the pandemic, shows health-care league table