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1 Eskimo Pie is getting rid of its derogatory name
2 Eskimo Pies get a new name and Pabst Blue Ribbon is making a cannabis seltzer
3 'Eskimo Pie' has been officially renamed to 'Edy's Pie'
4 Eskimo Pie to become Edy's Pie in 2021
5 Ice Cream Bars Formerly Known as ‘Eskimo Pies’ Are Now ‘Edy’s Pies’
6 Eskimo Pie is getting rid of its derogatory name, will now be called Edy's Pie
7 Kunstkamera provides insight into Taimyr nomad and Ekven Eskimo culture
8 Eskimo Pie Is Changing Its Name
9 Eskimo Pie changes 'derogatory' name in wake of George Floyd protests in US
10 NYMHM: Older People Are Happiest, Eskimo Pies New Name
11 The Inuit Artists of the West Baffin Eskimo Cooperative
12 Eskimo Pie no more: Ice cream owners will drop 'derogatory' name
13 Poker Pro Sam Grizzle Passes Away
14 11 Virtual And IRL Things To Do This Week In DC
15 Letter: Science is not absolute
16 Netizens speculate YG Entertainment's new girl group is coming soon
17 Richard "Todd" Johnson | Obituaries |
18 Eskimo Pie will rebrand to be 'part of the solution on racial equality'
19 Earth Matters: The Best Classroom Is Outdoors
20 Edmonton finally drops the Eskimos — and may my grandchildren never hear the E-word again
21 Eskimo Joe's taking heat over mascot | Local News
22 Danish ice cream maker drops 'Eskimo' name to avoiding offending people from Greenland
23 Petition calls for Eskimo Joe’s to be renamed
24 Eskimo Joe's is sticking with name and logo after online survey
25 Danish national museum to remove term of "Eskimo" from Arctic exhibition
26 The Term 'Eskimo' Has A Controversial Past : Goats and Soda
27 Eskimo Joe's debate: Petition created to rebrand restaurant, other to leave it alone
28 Eskimo Joe's sponsorship of OSU's Coaches vs. Cancer ended due to name, logo
29 Owner of Eskimo Pie to change its ‘derogatory’ name
30 'Slanderous and outdated': Should the Edmonton Eskimos change their name?
31 CFL's Edmonton Eskimos keeping name after 'engagement program'
32 Reports: Edmonton CFL club will drop 'Eskimos' name
33 Eskimo Joe's seeks community input about logo
34 Danish ice cream maker removes the brand “Eskimo” from one of its products
35 Tootoo says Eskimos name discussion should centre on feelings of Inuit
36 Edmonton Eskimos team name inspired by "hardiness of Inuit culture," says franchise
37 Ricky Ray right in predicting no CFL football in 2020
38 In celebration of the ‘Eskimo’ exit from NZ grocery shelves
39 Survey asks Edmonton Eskimos’ shareholders, others if CFL team should change its name
40 Ricky Ray in no rush to return from retirement and join CFL's coaching ranks
41 Eskimo Joe's Launches Public Input Page After Petition Demands Of Rebranding
42 'Start by changing your team name': Inuk MP responds to Edmonton Eskimos post referencing racism
43 Eskimo Pie, Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben's and Cream of Wheat are changing. Are the Washington Redskins next?
44 Palaeo-Eskimo genetic ancestry and the peopling of Chukotka and North America
45 Ed Hervey resigns as the general manager of the BC Lions
46 Eskimo Joe's keeping name, logo
47 Dreyer's drops 'inappropriate' Eskimo Pie name | 2020-06-25
48 CFL's Edmonton Eskimos keep team name following consultations
49 The complicated history of the now-former name of Edmonton’s CFL club
50 FRIESEN: Edmonton finally listening, appear ready to drop Eskimos
51 CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION: Mineral Wells veteran, avid fisherman turning 100
52 Eskimo Pie company vows change, calls branding derogatory
53 I'm proud to be "a true Eskimo,” Nunavut MLA declares
54 COMMENTARY || As other leagues rethink racist team names, it's time to rename the Edmonton Eskimos
55 From Eskimo Joe to Hearts and Rockets: Australia's best new music for July
56 Edmonton football club responds to new calls for a name change
57 Nunavut MP calls on Eskimos to change name after club tweets support for George Floyd protests
58 Eskimo Pie will have a new name in 2021 [Updated]
59 Pets of the Week: Oct. 18, 2020 | Lifestyle |
60 Why Some Say Eskimo Pies Should Be Renamed
61 Eskimo Pie’s plan to rebrand incites outrage on Twitter: 'It's downright pathetic'
62 Manitoba senior hockey team changes Indigenous name to Bombers
63 Eskimos lose $1.1 million in 2019; release survey results about team name
64 Eskimo Pie To Be Renamed Over "Derogatory" Name
65 IRC has no qualms with Edmonton CFL team keeping Eskimos name
66 Ticker: Hundreds test positive at Tyson plant; Eskimo Pie to change ‘derogatory’ name
67 Confused about the word 'Eskimo'? It helps to look deeper.
68 Better hurry for your Eskimo pie
69 Pascall to change contentious name of iconic Kiwi lolly Eskimos
70 Eskimo Joe's new single, Say Something, has taken on new meaning
71 Sidelined CFL season 'not a lot of fun right now' for new Edmonton coaches
72 Unilever to review Eskimo ice-cream in Denmark
73 Eskimo Pies to be renamed after nearly a century
74 Obama signs measure to get rid of the word 'Eskimo' in federal laws
75 NASA drops 'harmful' celestial nicknames such as Eskimo Nebula
76 Black Lives Matter impact: Red Skins, Chicos and Eskimos axed down under as big brands act
77 Edmonton Eskimos to keep name. Did they make the right choice?
78 Landry: Scary Terry set to bring electricity to Eskimos
79 NASA to Reexamine Nicknames for Cosmic Objects
80 Bob Weir & Phish Perform 'Miss You' On Fall Tour 2016
81 Edmonton Eskimos face backlash after releasing statement on racism | Offside
82 Liberty's first Eskimo graduate reflects on school's spiritual and professional impact » Liberty
83 West coast shocker: Ed Hervey steps down as Lions general manager
84 Eskimo Pie, patented 98 years ago on Friday
85 Big Ears and Eskimo Pies: Neighborhood research unearths trove of fun Omaha stories
86 Edmonton Eskimos is a racial slur and it's time to stop using it
87 Edmonton Eskimos release player for posting homophobic tweet
88 Making akutuk, or 'Eskimo ice cream,' takes time and strength
89 'Eskimo Ninja' offers at-home workout series via GCI
90 Push underway to rename Canadian Eskimo Dog as Inuit Qimmiq
91 Shadai Farm Lands Eskimo Kisses for $2.3 Million
92 Eskimo Pro Staff Talk New Products Ahead of Arrowhead Ice Fishing & Winter Show
93 Eskimo Joe return after seven years to Say Something with comeback single
94 Canadian Football League's Edmonton Eskimos looking to change nickname
95 Gene “Eskimo” Lee Sr.
96 What Is Eskimo Ice Cream? | Travel
97 Eskimo curlew, a lost bird, deserves to be remembered
98 Armanti Edwards signs with Edmonton Eskimos of CFL
99 Why the Edmonton Eskimos still need to change their name
100 Ancient DNA Sheds New Light on Arctic's Earliest People