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1 Documentary to introduce spread of Anatolian Neolithic culture to Europe | Daily Sabah
2 The Lost Forest Gardens of Europe
3 Stonehenge bombshell: Mystery of ancient monument deepens after DNA anomaly pinpointed
4 Heightened interaction between neolithic migrants and hunter-gatherers in Western Europe
5 A genomic and historical synthesis of plague in 18th century Eurasia
6 Historic Environment Scotland 3D prints face of ancient Neolithic dog
7 Neolithic, Bronze Age Population Dynamics Drawn From Ancient Central European Genomes
8 Ancient genome-wide DNA from France highlights the complexity of interactions between Mesolithic hunter-gatherers and Neolithic farmers
9 Study offers new insight into the impact of ancient migrations on the European landscape
10 Multi-isotope evidence for the emergence of cultural alterity in Late Neolithic Europe
11 Researchers Map How Ancient Human Migrations Changed Europe's Landscape Forever
12 Genetic testing reveals that Europe is a melting pot, made of immigrants
13 Incest in the elite of Neolithic Ireland
14 Archaeologists uncover a Neolithic massacre in early Europe
15 Five-year project repairing wall at Gould's Hill is complete
16 Puzzle of early Neolithic house orientations finally solved
17 New Guinea’s Neolithic period may have started without outside help
18 DNA study shows Neolithic Europeans interbred with Anatolian migrants
19 Plague linked to the mysterious decline of Europe's first farmers
20 New study reveals Europe's earliest house mouse—followed swiftly by the house cat
21 Complex pattern of ancient immigration from Africa, Asia and Europe: Researchers reconstruct migration movements through ancient DNA
22 Remains of 17th century bishop support neolithic emergence of tuberculosis
23 Neolithic farmers coexisted with hunter-gatherers for centuries in Europe: New research shows that early farmers who migrated to Europe from the Near East spread quickly across the continent, where they lived side-by-side with existing local hunter-gatherers while slowly mixing with those groups over time
24 Incest in ancient Ireland suggests an elite ruled early farmers
25 Ancient DNA from Sardinia reveals 6000 years of genetic history
26 5,000 years of history of domestic cats in Central Europe
27 New insights into what Neolithic people ate in Southeastern Europe
28 Neolithic Britain: where did the first farmers come from?
29 French Genetic Study Provides Insights Into Pre-Agriculture to Iron Age Populations
30 Debt, Land and Money, From Polanyi to the New Economic Archaeology
31 Stonehenge: DNA reveals origin of builders
32 New light shed on prehistoric human migration in Europe
33 How did the plague reshape Bronze Age Europe?
34 The House Mouse First Invaded Europe 6500 Years Ago
35 8000-year-old statue could ‘push back’ Europe’s Neolithic era
36 Daily briefing: DNA hints at an ancient dynasty in Neolithic Ireland
37 New research shows climate was the key factor impacting the movement of the first farmers across Europe
38 Humans were brewing beer in central Europe 6,000 years ago
39 “Woodhenge” Discovered in the Iberian Peninsula
40 E.U.-China Talks, Sweden, Working From Home: Your Tuesday Briefing
41 Stonehenge-Like 'Timber Circles' Found in Portugal | Smart News
42 Busts Followed Booms for Europe's Ancient Farmers
43 The Astronaut of Casar Is An Unsolved Mystery, But Can We Explain It?
44 DNA from Stone Age ‘chewing gum’ tells an incredible story
45 Ancient teeth show history of epidemics is much older than we thought
46 New Stonehenge discovery: Neolithic pit structure around Durrington Walls adds more mystery to England's pre-history
47 Archaeological discovery finds Neolithic Irish were dairy farmers
48 This 7000-year-old well is the oldest wooden structure ever discovered, archeologists say
49 Neolithic bling provides clues to spread of farming in Europe
50 Beer was brewed in Central Europe 6000 years ago •
51 Genetic prehistory of Iberia differs from central and northern Europe
52 This Is 'Lola,' a 5,700-Year-Old Woman Whose Entire Life Is Revealed in Her 'Chewing Gum'
53 Northern European population history revealed by ancient human genomes: Analysis of ancient DNA found that Scandinavia was settled by hunter-gatherers via a southern and a northern route, and reveals that agriculture was likely introduced by migrating agriculturalists.
54 Europe's First Dogs Disappeared After Neolithic Farmers Arrived With Their Own Pups
55 Plague reached Europe by Stone Age
56 Britain's prehistoric catastrophe revealed: How 90% of the neolithic population vanished in just 300 years
57 Megalith tombs were family graves in European Stone Age
58 Ancient Britons among the first Europeans to shift to dairy farming
59 European Inequality traced back to the Neolithic-age
60 Neolithic Europe hunter-gatherers, farmers coexisted -- but no sex
61 Neolithic chefs spiced their food
62 10 of the world’s best virtual museum and art gallery tours
63 Face of a 7,500-year-old woman reveals Gibraltar's earliest humans
64 Is it time for Japan to legalize cannabis?
65 Important Missing Piece of Human History Uncovered From Ancient DNA
66 Population structure of modern-day Italians reveals patterns of ancient and archaic ancestries in Southern Europe
67 Stone Age beer? How to analyse archaeological evidence of processed grain malt | News
68 Archaeologists discovered Neolithic-era pits very close to Stonehenge
69 The spread of Europe’s giant stone monuments may trace back to one region
70 Prehistoric peoples of the Baltic had oddly broad cuisines
71 Scandinavia's earliest farmers exchanged terminology with Indo-Europeans
72 From boom to bust in Neolithic Europe
73 Europeans descended from Neolithic Turks in Çatalhöyük, genomic evidence suggests | Daily Sabah
74 First farmers in Britain were horsemen from the Steppes
75 Dairy consumption in Neolithic Britain
76 Ancient DNA sheds light on Viking origins, travels
77 Earliest evidence of Italians' extraordinary genetic diversity dates back to 19,000 years ago
78 Who Built Stonehenge?
79 Late Neolithic Italy was home to complex networks of metal exchange
80 The Myth of the Basajaun: A Basque Story of an Ancient Encounter
81 Dog Breeding in the Neolithic Age
82 The Battle Axe Culture: Piecing Together the Age of Crushed Skulls
83 DNA study sheds new light on the people of the Neolithic battle axe culture
84 Thousands of horsemen may have swept into Bronze Age Europe, transforming the local population
85 Plague shock: Major discovery gives clues over mysterious Neolithic civilisation collapse
86 Divided by DNA: The uneasy relationship between archaeology and ancient genomics
87 Culture Change: War Bands Hooked Up With Neolithic Farm Women
88 European Neolithic Farmers Used Fertilizers 8,000 Years Ago, Study Shows | Archaeology
89 Modern Europe's Genetic History Starts in Stone Age
90 Study indicates Neolithic people from Near East migrated to Europe via island hopping
91 Evidence of dogs accompanying humans to Europe during Neolithic
92 Ancient migration transformed Spain's DNA
93 Native American 8,000-year-old stone tool technology discovered in Arabia
94 Check Out These Amazing Virtual Museum Tours
95 Smallpox and other viruses plagued humans much earlier than suspected
96 Mysteriously Complex Geometric Architecture Discovered in Neolithic Temple – Built 6,000 Years Before Stonehenge
97 Ancient “chewing gum” contains a 5,700-year-old genome
98 Were Europe's megalithic societies patrilineal?
99 Mass grave reveals prehistoric warfare in ancient European farming community
100 Prehistoric women's manual labor exceeded that of athletes through the first 5500 years of farming in Central Europe