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1 Why is Parliament calling for new EU revenue-raising powers? | News
2 Coming up in plenary: state of EU, budget, green transition | News
3 EU chair Germany tells parliament to get COVID recovery cash through
4 EP TODAY | News
5 The State of the European Union | SOTEU 2020
6 submitted its opinion to the European Parliament on the discharge for the financial year 2018 | Eiopa
7 State of the Union Address by President von der Leyen
8 Philippines: Speech on behalf of the HR/VP at the European Parliament
9 The European Parliament doesn’t want to spread the coronavirus by traveling to France. The French are furious.
10 Vote on Own Resources: MEPs clear way for COVID-19 recovery plan | News
11 Artificial intelligence: threats and opportunities | News
12 Statement of the UK Coordination Group and EP political group leaders | News
13 Israel, UAE and Bahrein Ambassadors in Brussels meet at European Parliament
14 Roma discrimination: MEPs call for stronger EU measures | News
15 Europe Invites a Trade Battle in its Fight Against Shipping Pollution
16 Belgium to declare government in European Parliament due to Covid-19
17 Sakharov Prize 2020: the nominees | News
18 Key Members of European Parliament ask for reshaping EU-China relations framework
19 Parliament this week: EU budget, climate law and Covid-19 | News
20 Coming up: EU long-term budget, human rights | News
21 Parliament in gold to support children fighting cancer | News
22 Democracy Week: how democracy is dealing with Covid-19 | News
23 Poland criticized in EU Parliament over courts, LGBT rights
24 LUX Award: audiences and MEPs to choose the winning film | News
25 New committees begin their work | News | European Parliament
26 New European Parliament Animal Transport Committee to investigate whether EU has failed to properly implement welfare rules
27 September plenary session opens in Brussels | News | European Parliament
28 EU Parliament plenary to stay out of Strasbourg next week
29 Do not jeopardise future-oriented EU programmes, say EP's budget negotiators | News
30 EU Parliament Votes to Stop Recognizing Belarus President When His Term Expires
31 European Parliament Meets on Future EU-US Data Flows
32 Parliament wants the EU to tackle pharmaceutical pollution | News
33 New Pact on Migration and Asylum | European Commission
34 European Parliament committee raps Bulgarian authorities over corruption
35 Parliament says shipping industry must contribute to climate neutrality | News
36 The Week Ahead in the European Parliament
37 European Parliament votes for new taxes in EU to repay recovery borrowing
38 Eastern Mediterranean: Turkey must immediately end illegal drilling activities | News
39 EU parliament votes to make ships pay for their pollution
40 LUX prize will be awarded jointly with European Film Academy | News
41 The European Parliament and the post-Brexit trade agreement: How long is needed for scrutiny?
42 International Democracy Week 2020: how democracy is dealing with COVID-19 | News
43 EU Parliament's environment committee votes to support 60% EU emissions cut by 2030
44 Brussels splintering: Germany lashes out at EU Parliament in huge budget row
45 European Parliament President cancels Strasbourg plenary amid COVID-19 concerns
46 Sassoli: The European Parliament rejects the results of last elections and will continue to support the people of Belarus
47 State of the Union 2020
48 EU takes action against fake news
49 Protesters Outside The European Parliament In Brussels Call For The Evacuation Of Moria Camp
50 European Parliament’s claims indicate foreign intelligence behind Navalny case — speaker
51 COVID-19 vaccines: MEPs seek answers from industry representatives | News
52 Nominees for European Parliament's Sakharov Prize announced
53 CMU: Commission to boost Europe's capital markets
54 European Parliament's environment committee votes to support 60% EU emissions cut by 2030
55 REACT-EU: EU support to mitigate immediate effects of the COVID-19 crisis | News
56 What is artificial intelligence and how is it used? | News
57 Pre-session press briefing on Friday 11 September at 11.00 | News
58 A European Union of unequal reproductive rights
59 Barnier's Brexit nightmare: EU Parliament set to spark chaos for Brussels in UK trade row
60 S&D Group in the European Parliament congratulates Zaev on his return as PM
61 European Parliament approves track access relief for operators
62 European Union’s proposed new migration pact generates dissatisfaction on all sides
63 EU recovery fund should endure beyond the crisis
64 MEPs question whether the new Migration Pact will bring about real change | News
65 European Parliament hearings into McGuinness suitability next week
66 Minority senators thank European Parliament for resolution on De Lima’s release
67 Questions and Answers: Digital Finance Strategy, legislative proposals on crypto-assets and digital operational resilience, Retail
68 Alfred Sant appointed member of the European Parliament tax sub-committee
69 UN Parliamentary Assembly discussed at Global Governance Forum
70 EU parliament calls for international investigation into alleged poisoning of Navalny
71 Protest over Moria camp held at European Parliament | Kathimerini
72 How Orbán broke the EU — and got away with it
73 Aung San Suu Kyi suspended from the Sakharov Prize Community | News
74 Why no EU progress on Black Lives Matter?
75 Calendrier du 21 septembre au 27 septembre 2020
76 Alfred Sant appointed to EU Parliament tax subcommittee
77 Statement by President Donohoe on the candidates for the post of ECB executive board member
78 State of the Union: Commission raises climate ambition
79 EU parliament lays down red line on Brexit talks – meaning no extension past October
80 European Parliament Committee votes to significantly increase climate targets
81 Parliament wants to top up EU budget with €110 billion
82 Hungary Acquits Politician of Spying on EU for Russia
83 MEPs asking for a reshaping of EU-China relations framework
84 FNC, UAE-EU Parliamentary Friendship Group explore joint cooperation, coordination
85 The EU says Lukashenko is not the legitimate Belarus president
86 What America's European allies want from a Biden presidency
87 'Era of EU naivety ends', MEP pledges on foreign meddling
88 EU Anti-racism Action Plan 2020-2025 | European Commission
89 Ambassador: China accepts EU criticism but not unfounded attacks or meddling
90 Why the EU shouldn't let tourism down
91 SOTEU 2020 was business as unusual, says FEPs Secretary General László Andor
92 Andrei Savinykh comments on resolutions of European Parliament and Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
93 Iraqi archbishop who saved ancient manuscripts nominated for EU prize
94 A potential new role for the EU in shaping global shipping norms
95 'Big Three' EP groups nominate homophobe for Sakharov prize
96 Pro-EU theme park Mini-Europe to close its doors thanks to coronavirus
97 EU Releases Proposed Cryptocurrency Rules
98 Artificial intelligence: keeping humans at its heart
99 EU Officials: Ukraine Risks Losing Visa-Free Regime and 1.5 Billion Euros
100 Daily News 22 / 09 / 2020