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Result Content Idea Research
1 Opinion: As Marine Le Pen has proved in France, the rise of the populists is finally going into reverse
2 Anatomy of a Boris Brexit: ignore Europhobes or risk a Lehman moment
3 Ferdinand Mount · Superman Falls to Earth: Boris Johnson's First Year · LRB 2 July 2020
4 Those Brexit negotiations: The descent to hell
5 Finnish MEP warns Remainers 2nd Brexit referendum will fuel anti-Brussels 'Europhobes'
6 The British problem and what it means for Europe
7 Passionate politicians took us into Europe. A poisonous press is dragging us out
8 We marched with hope but few expectations. Yet history will side with us
9 British people hardly ever thought about the EU before Brexit, now it dominates their lives
10 Die, Europhobe scum
11 Europe killed the careers of the last three Conservative PMs – and now it's set to destroy Theresa May
12 The technocrat and the Europhobe: Siena race is test of Italy's future
13 Swinson, Corbyn and the SNP have condemned us to five years of Boris’ Britain, and they are not going to enjoy it
14 A hard Brexit looms
15 The slow demise of Conservative England
16 How Brexit revealed four new political factions | Politics
17 Remain is now a political identity that will shape Britain long after Brexit
18 Television review: Euro-pop for the Euro-phobes
19 Brexit Is Not Just a Tragedy for Britain
20 France's horror at the prospect of prime minister Boris
21 This Brexit deal still won’t ‘get it done’ – only a referendum can do that
22 Jeremy Corbyn is having a bad Brexit
23 How Brexit Became a Political Circus
24 'Politicians for sale': Far-right leaders face funding scandals ahead of EU vote
25 Why the Dutch won’t rush to Nexit and follow Britain out of the EU
26 Ukip thinks bashing Muslims wins votes – but this could spell its end
27 The Hungarian government is ending its anti-Juncker poster campaign
28 How could it be that the Tories have turned their back on the best of British industry?
29 Neo-Nazi wins local election in Slovakia
30 The ghost of Mrs T
31 'Boris Johnson is boxed in, vulnerable... but don't count him out'
32 After Brexit, a game plan for the EU: unleash Project Pain
33 Disunited UK drifts on to an uncertain future
34 Euroscepticism or Europhobia: Voice vs. Exit?
35 The Odyssey: Missing Presumed Dead review – Simon Armitage plunders Homer for political drama
36 Who rules in Europe?
37 Fascists, Europhobes, deluded imperialists. Anybody would think Eurosceptics were advocating all out war
38 Poundland launches red and blue passport covers before Brexit
39 Jeremy Corbyn back on the campaign trail as he begins national tour
40 Can Jacob Rees-Mogg become Britain's 55th prime minister—and Eton's 20th?
41 Vinnie Jones thinks immigration has ruined Britain. Is that why he lives in LA?
42 The road to Brexit was paved with Boris Johnson’s Euromyths
43 Europe's European Problem
44 Who don't young people vote? Self-confessed ignorance, and dislike of the mainstream
45 Most of the national press lashes David Cameron's EU 'settlement'