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1 Support for Eurosceptic parties doubles in two decades across EU
2 The Eurosceptic mission will not be over until the EU withers away
3 Eurosceptic parties are thriving, but Brexit serves as a warning
4 EU's ticking time bomb: How Spain could follow UK out of bloc in fatal blow to Brussels
5 Retreating Eurosceptics now settle for 'reforms from within'
6 Euroskepticism is growing in the European Parliament
7 Is the Coronavirus Ushering in an Era of Eurosceptic Leaders?
8 Mark Francois compared to a '12 year old writing to a headmaster' for his widely ridiculed letter to the EU
9 Why Germany must spend to beat the eurosceptics
10 Playing with Fire: EU Must Be Careful of Fanning Euroscepticism in Spain
11 A Perfect Storm
12 ‘Goodbye to All That’: An Early Eurosceptic and Thatcher Aide Looks Back
13 How coalition dynamics affect Eurosceptic voting in European Parliament elections
14 Tory Eurosceptics rally round Boris Johnson as deal nears
15 The EU needs to counter Italy's coronavirus-induced Euroscepticism
16 Mavericks to mainstream: The long campaign for Brexit
17 David Frost: Whisky envoy's neat move to the top
18 Don't fear the eurosceptics
19 European elections: Eurosceptics and Greens rise, but big parties hold on
20 Boris Johnson prepares to face down hardline Eurosceptics
21 Eurosceptic and populist forces in the European Union
22 European governments are fuelling Euroscepticism
23 The coming Eurosceptic surge in the European Parliament
24 Is Britain the most Eurosceptic country?
25 Who is Sir Mark Sedwill? Everything you need to know about the outgoing top civil servant
26 Eurosceptics dismiss 'cliff-edge' Brexit warning
27 Eurosceptics vs Europhiles: Who wins the social media battle?
28 Tory Eurosceptics bring some fire to a drugged-up party conference
29 Eurosceptic fears as Boris Johnson shelves Trump talks
30 Why Eurosceptics still won't be able to crash the EU Parliament
31 British Euroscepticism: a brief history
32 Most populist radical right parties across Europe are not eager to leave the EU
33 Pro-EU alliance heads for majority but eurosceptic vote to rise: EU election survey
34 In Brexit chaos, UK eurosceptics see dream ticket: new leader, new deal
35 Coronavirus outbreak eats into EU unity
36 EU panic: French eurosceptics united to fight for Frexit against 'anti-democratic' bloc
37 Have the Conservative party’s Eurosceptics blown Brexit?
38 Eurosceptics get their way at opening of European Parliament
39 The road to Brexit: how euroscepticism tore the Conservative Party apart from within
40 Italy's Salvini says EU vote will lead to big changes in Europe
41 Euroscepticism on rise in Europe, poll suggests
42 Brexit: Nigel Farage pleads with Eurosceptics to reject Boris Johnson's 'reheated' deal
43 Nigel Farage attacks ‘arrogance’ of senior Eurosceptic Tories
44 Nigel Farage in secret talks with Tory Eurosceptics to stand down Brexit Party candidates
45 Euroscepticism MAPPED: Five countries threatening to ROCK the EU
46 Dutch Eurosceptics dream of united front to roll back EU
47 Brexiteer issues stunning rallying cry to Eurosceptic nations post-Brexit in warning to EU
48 Russia divides Europe's eurosceptic parties
49 The effect of public attitudes toward the EU on the European Commission's policy activity
50 ERG: New MPs flock to join Tory Eurosceptic group
51 Increasing Euroscepticism threatens to tear apart the European Union
52 Euroscepticism: More than a British phenomenon –
53 From euro to ESM, Italy's Salvini re-trains his eurosceptic fire
54 Euroscepticism defeated? Not exactly, if you take a closer look
55 MAPPED: How anti-EU sentiment is spreading across Europe
56 Euroscepticism in the Conservative Party: the role of nationalism and electoral pressures
57 Le Pen launches new eurosceptic group in European Parliament
58 How has Brexit, and other EU crises, affected party Euroscepticism across Europe?
59 Brexit shock: Real reason Labour went from being most eurosceptic party to pro-EU exposed
60 Europeanism Vs. Euroskepticism
61 Eurosceptic parties could win a third of seats or more in May elections: Study
62 How the UK killed Euroscepticism across Europe
63 Euroscepticism is here to stay
64 SNP rumbled: How Eurosceptic Scots 'don't believe Nicola Sturgeon's EU claims'
65 Dutch Eurosceptic party storms to victory in regional elections
66 Coronavirus: Are Italians losing faith in the EU?
67 Eurosceptics to head Italian parliamentary finance committees
68 European elections results: Winners and losers
69 Euroscepticism in the Czech Republic: A Central European disaster waiting to happen, or hot air?
70 Is Euroskepticism in Germany on the Rise?
71 Delivering Brexit won’t quell the forces of nationalism, as Eurosceptics might hope
72 EU elections revive Eurosceptic talks in Poland and Hungary
73 Macron takes on French eurosceptics in defence of EU flag
74 General election 2019: We are now the Brexit party, say Eurosceptic Tories
75 Merkel warned: Far-right eurosceptic force set to win German state election on Sunday
76 UK Parliament goes from Eurosceptic to China-sceptic
77 Exit polls in Netherlands suggest Eurosceptic gains not as big as expected
78 'It is also the economy, stupid!' The rise of economic euroscepticism in Central and Eastern Europe
79 A Rising Generation Of Eurosceptics
80 Eurosceptics still defiant over May’s Brexit deal
81 Populist eurosceptics have a nationalist vision of the future – but it rests on flawed assumptions
82 Centrist liberals gained the most power in the EU Parliament
83 Hard choices and few soft options: The implications of Brexit for Euroscepticism across Europe
84 Boris Johnson wins more backing from MPs for Brexit deal
85 Anti-EU parties MAPPED: The Eurosceptics successfully attempting to break up the EU...
86 Understanding populism: What role do crises play in the growth of Euroscepticism?
87 The closing of the conservative mind: Politics and the art of war
88 Danger lurks in complacency about Ireland's place in the EU
89 A guide to Europe's key eurosceptic parties, and how successful they are
90 How the Eurosceptics brought down David Cameron: a serious case of supplier lock-in
91 EU divided: Eurosceptic capitals face huge fines after ECJ says they broke migration laws
92 Brexit revelation: How Leave campaigners hoped for Corbyn win – 'He's a Eurosceptic!'
93 Spain elections: Right-wing populists and Eurosceptics now represented in 23 out of 28 EU member states
94 Don't Fear the Euroskeptics by Daniel Gros
95 Brexit bombshell: Shocking reason Labour went from being eurosceptic to pro-EU revealed
96 How Tory Eurosceptics turned against May’s Brexit deal
97 Austrian Euroscepticism has grown markedly, but voters still show little support for leaving the EU
98 Understanding Euroscepticism: How British hostility to the EU contrasts with opposition elsewhere in Europe
99 Brexit LIVE: Boris Johnson blames EU for missing crucial deadline -as trade talks collapse
100 Why Britain is so Eurosceptic