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1 Bill Evanina on the greatest foreign threats to the election
2 US Bracing for Attacks Before and After Election Day
3 William Evanina: Americans Have Role in Securing the Election, Being Observant of Foreign Sway
4 A Tight Election Could Mean a Surge of Russian Disinformation
5 William Evanina Issues Election Threat Update
6 Trump's Bogus Claim of 'Election Interference' and More
7 A 'Perception Hack': When Public Reaction Exceeds The Actual Hack
8 US counterintelligence chief says foreign adversaries are exploiting Trump's lies to influence election
9 Does America still interfere in foreign elections?
10 Ratcliffe went off script with Iran remarks, officials say
11 DHS Secretary Chad Wolf: No sign of foreign interference in 2020 election
12 U.S. Intelligence Official Says Social Media ‘Big Vulnerability’
13 William Evanina Offers Update on Foreign Actors' Activities Ahead of 2020 Elections
14 U.S. Senate approves Trump security nominee after nearly two-year hold
15 EXCLUSIVE: US intel leader warns Americans 'more aggressive' coronavirus disinformation coming
16 Putin won't congratulate Biden before 'official results' and 'legal procedures' are completed
17 U.S. Intelligence: China Opposes Trump Reelection; Russia Works Against Biden
18 Top intelligence official to take charge of briefing candidates on election threats
19 Trump administration, Democrats joust over warning on election interference
20 Fewer opportunities and a changed political environment in the U.S. may have curbed Moscow’s election interference this year, analysts say
21 EXCLUSIVE: 'Quarterback' of Election Day intel effort reveals more countries seeking to influence American voters
22 Statement by NCSC Director William Evanina: Election Threat Update for the American Public
23 ‘We better get worried if Bill gets silenced’
24 The need for clearances may drop as teleworking expands, Evanina says
25 Pelosi upbraids counterintel chief in private briefing over Russian meddling
26 US Intelligence Official Warns of Foreign Interference in US Elections
27 U.S. Tried a More Aggressive Cyberstrategy, and the Feared Attacks Never Came
28 IC Leader Details Present and Future Cyber Threats – MeriTalk
29 Russian Influence Peddlers Carving Out New Audiences on Fringes
30 After nearly 2 years, Grassley lifts hold on counterintel chief nominee
31 US Intelligence Chief Pushes 'Intelligence Sharing on Steroids'
32 US intelligence says Russia seeking to 'denigrate' Biden | TheHill
33 Director Of U.S. Counterintelligence William Evanina Outlines Espionage Threats
34 William Evanina, counterintelligence chief, warns China, Iran, Russia trying to influence election
35 NCSC Helps Federal Agencies Enact Telecom Supply Chain Restrictions; NCSC Director William Evanina Quoted
36 FBI, NSA confident in election: 'Security of your vote has never been higher,' says cyber security agency
37 ODNI Plans to Share More About Cyber Threats Under New Counterintelligence Strategy
38 No evidence yet that Russia has taken steps to help any candidate in 2020, intelligence official tells Congress
39 Official: US Adversaries Taking Sides, Wielding Influence Ahead of Election
40 Continued Transparency on Election Threats Critical for Defense, Says CISA's Krebs
41 Senior intelligence officials will no longer brief Congress in person on foreign threats to the 2020 election
42 Counterintelligence chief warns of threat to democracy from foreign hackers, spies
43 ODNI previews updated counterintelligence strategy, Trusted Workforce 2.0 rollout
44 U.S. Election Security Chief Warns of Threats During Slow Vote-Counting
45 Could the pandemic force the intelligence community to reconsider workplace flexibilities?
46 Why security clearance needs may dip as teleworking grows
47 North Korea working to influence November election, US intel official says
48 U.S. Officials: Beware Of China And Others Trying To Steal COVID-19 Research
49 High-Tech Spy Games Have US Revamping Its Strategy
50 Coronavirus: Cyber-spies seek coronavirus vaccine secrets
51 The Head of U.S. Counterintelligence Hoists the Red Flag
52 Intelligence community warns U.S. elections again at risk
53 Trump's own intelligence officials contradict his repeated claims of mail-in voting fraud
54 FBI director Wray says Russia is actively interfering in 2020 election to 'denigrate' Biden
55 As DCSA surpasses background investigation goal, is Trusted Workforce 2.5 likely?
56 Minneapolis Star Tribune: US must unite to fight foreign attacks on the 2020 election
57 Security clearance backlog continues to drop
58 Security Clearance Reformers Tout Progress Amid COVID-19
59 Hillicon Valley: Senior intelligence official warns Russia, Iran and China targeting elections | Trump says he 'often' regrets his tweets | Tech CEO hearing postponed for John Lewis services | TheHill
60 Trump Nominates Evanina To Stay On As Counterintel Head
61 Lawmakers plead with Trump admin to declassify more about 2020 meddling
62 Intelligence Official Warns Of More Interference In 2020 Presidential Election
63 Counterintelligence: COVID-19, Your Clearance, and Your Finances
64 How do Americans react when warned that other countries are meddling in U.S. elections?
65 Trump administration wants private sector to do more to counter foreign intelligence efforts
66 Roll Call | Latest Headlines
67 Intelligence officials are now warning about election interference in real time
68 Evanina Nomination as NCSC Director Lapses in Senate – MeriTalk
69 China, Russia Seek to Disrupt Elections, U.S. Official Warns
70 The director of national intelligence is providing cover for Putin
71 Federal Officials: Tackling the 'Most Insidious' Cyber Threat Takes Looking After Workers
72 New Counterintelligence Strategy to Boost Sharing on Cyber Threats
73 Background investigations reform shifts focus with backlog down
74 Trump needs to go public with threats to election security, top Democrats say
75 In reversal, intelligence panels to get election briefings
76 Countering Trump, US officials defend integrity of election
77 Ex-Trump adviser Fiona Hill: US now 'ripe for manipulation' by Russia | TheHill
78 Counterintel Chief: Wrap HR into Security to Fight Insider Threats
79 At least 3 nations aim to influence US vote
80 The reaction of DemoCorruptionists shows how accurately we hit the target – Derkach
81 US election 2020: Who do Russia, China and Iran want to win?
82 Intelligence Agencies Accuse Iran, Russia of Trying to Use Voter Registration Data to Sow Chaos Ahead of US Election
83 National Security Execs Talk Election Security
84 Trump Takes Election Interference Seriously
85 China, Iran targeting presidential campaigns with hacking attempts, Google announces
86 US Counterintelligence: Insider Threats Are Biggest Risk for Americans
87 Trump spy agency nominee marooned in Senate standoff
88 U.S. Counterintelligence Chief Warns of Meddling After Iowa Vote
89 Intelligence Chief Reduces Size of Counterterrorism Office
90 Zelensky calls on Ukrainians not to interfere in U.S. election
91 Trump administration's national counterintelligence strategy focuses on “hacktivists, leaktivists and public disclosure organizations”
92 Homeland Security steps up warnings about 2020 U.S. election security
93 Scranton business students lend time, skills to annual tax assistance program
94 Why COVID Could Usher in the Next Stage of Clearance Reform
95 September is National Insider Threat Awareness Month
96 Unwanted Truths: Inside Trump’s Battles With U.S. Intelligence Agencies
97 Putin is reckless because we allow him to be
98 National Counterintelligence and Security Center: 5 priorities for 2020
99 Senators say intel officials will give more details on 2020 election interference
100 The latest on the 2020 election: Live updates