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1 Air Force to End Launch Services Agreements with Northrop Grumman, Blue Origin by End of Year
2 Atlas V successfully launches NROL-101
3 EELV is no more. It is now 'National Security Space Launch'
4 Satellite Bus Market
5 Air Force awards three Launch Service Agreements > US Air Force > Article Display
6 Rocket Report: SpaceX set for second crew launch, Chinese firm reaches orbit
7 demonstrator satellite reprogrammable
8 L3Harris Launches Classified Satellite for US Air Force Constellation
9 EELV isn't what it used to be: Air Force changes launch program name
10 SLS continuing engine upgrades, tech development to support launcher evolution
11 General Atomics Business Opens Satellite Factory in Colorado; Scott Forney, Nick Bucci Quoted
12 Op-ed | National security launch not ready to commit to commercial practices
13 ULA, SpaceX win massive Pentagon contracts
14 ULA to launch Delta 4 Heavy for its 12th mission, four more to go before rocket is retired
15 USAF Confident Only Two Launch Providers Needed for NSSL
16 DoD reports higher costs for National Security Space Launch program
17 Exolaunch arranges rides for Loft Orbital satellites
18 Northrop Delivers Motors for USAF's Atlas V Rocket
19 Next Generation Launcher considered under U.S. Air Force's EELV program
20 Air Force to end agreements with Blue Origin and Northrop Grumman, prepares for launch contract protests
21 After 25 years, military told to move from “expendable” to “reusable” rockets
22 United Launch Alliance Names Vernon Thorp Director of Global Commercial Sales
23 Tory Bruno Outlines ULA Transition to Vulcan and National Security Launches
24 Swarm works with Exolaunch to fly 24 SpaceBees on SpaceX Falcon 9
25 USSF's SMC To Reuse SpaceX Launch Vehicles for GPS Satellites
26 Air Force awards $98.5 million 'completion contract' to ULA for launch services for three Atlas 5 missions
27 ULA studying long-term upgrades to Vulcan
28 Blue Origin Delivers First BE-4 Engine for New ULA Rocket
29 Air Force requests bids for space launch services, will select two companies in 2020
30 Compatibility issue adds new wrinkle to Europa Clipper launch vehicle selection
31 Blue Origin, Northrop, ULA Win Development Contracts for Next-Generation Rocket
32 Government agencies prepare for piggyback flights, secondary payloads
33 General Atomics opens satellite factory in Colorado
34 Sierra Nevada Corporation Reveals 2 New Satellite Platforms
35 Made In Space highlights defense applications for manufacturing and robotic assembly technology
36 SDA Issues Launch Services Solicitation for Space Defense Architecture Program
37 The launch showdown
38 Military launch quality issues flagged by DoD watchdog
39 L3Harris developing a constellation of small spy satellites for U.S. Air Force
40 Air Force awards $739 million in launch contracts to ULA and SpaceX
41 Military launch poised for new era as Air Force prepares to move beyond EELV
42 Air Force poised to release final solicitation notice for national security space launch
43 Air Force awards big launch contracts to SpaceX and ULA
44 SNC Unveils New Satellite Platforms
45 Momentus to offer last-miles service from SpaceX rideshare flights
46 Pentagon inspector will review Air Force's certification process for SpaceX rockets
47 SpaceX and ULA poised to face off in the next round of military launch competition
48 Momentus announces contracts with Sen, Alba Orbital and SatRevolution
49 Sierra Nevada Corporation Adds Two New Satellite Platforms
50 VOX Space adds retired Air Force major general Mashiko to board of directors
51 The Mighty Minotaur Successfully Pushes the NROL-129 Mission from Wallops
52 USAF awards $792m EELV LSA to Northrop's OmegA rocket development
53 Air Force's Space and Missile Systems Center Certifies SpaceX for National Security Space
54 U.S. Air Force Aims to Launch Space Plane Next Year
55 Elon Musk seems furious that SpaceX has to split Space Force contracts worth billions with his biggest rival,
56 SpaceX launches third GPS Block III satellite
57 Meet OmegA: Orbital ATK Unveils Name, Upper Stage Pick for Next-Gen Rocket
58 Air Force certified Falcon Heavy for national security launch but more work needed to meet required orbits
59 ULA suffers another abort during Delta IV Heavy's attempt to launch NROL-44
60 FAA Environmental Assessment details SpaceX plans at Cape Canaveral
61 Congressional auditors raise red flags on EELV costs, national security launch industrial base
62 ULA receives contract for what could be the final Delta 4 Heavy mission
63 DoD Swats Away Blue Origin Launch Protest
64 Air Force open to reusable rockets, but SpaceX must first demonstrate performance
65 US military to launch spacecraft from Cape Canaveral in May, signaling end of reliance on Russians, Air Force secretary says
66 Rocket Report: South Korea's SpaceX dilemma, Rocket Lab finds a quick fix
67 The last ever 'single stick' Delta IV scheduled to launch; here's what that means
68 USAF awards $642m EELV launch services contracts to SpaceX and ULA
69 Advancing Military SATCOM Through WGS 11+ | SIGNAL Magazine
70 SpaceX, ULA win military contracts, Air Force renames EELV program
71 Air Force awards ULA $1.18 billion contract to complete five Delta 4 Heavy NRO missions
72 Brandywine Photonics conducts design study of constellation of hundreds of small weather satellites
73 Satnews Publishers: Daily Satellite News
74 Space Launch Competition
75 Air Force firmly opposed to delaying National Security Space Launch competition
76 Air Force launches experiment to boost satellite communications
77 Cost of Delta 4 Heavy launches is down but the real price is a secret
78 Air Force Releases RFP for Phase 2 of Launch Services Procurement Program
79 For OmegA, US Air Force launch competition is a must-win
80 SpaceX, ULA each get Air Force contracts for trio of space launches
81 Space Force Has A Unit Dedicated To Orbital Warfare That Now Operates The X-37B Spaceplane
82 ULA wins US Air Force contract to launch STP-3 in 2019
83 National spaceports: the past
84 SpaceX Is Teaching US Space Force How to Execute Successful Launches
85 Orbital ATK, EELV, and the Chinese word for crisis
86 Camp Blaz is the first new USMC base in nearly 70 years
87 Pushback continues as Air Force prepares to request bids for space launch services
88 Milestone-setting 100th EELV rocket moves to launch pad
89 Air Force Successfully Launches New Satellite From Cape Canaveral
90 Crown tightens anti-money laundering ops
91 Last 'single-stick' Delta IV rocket soars from Cape Canaveral with GPS satellite
92 When Will Boeing and Lockheed Martin Lose This $1 Billion Government Subsidy?
93 US Air Force Plans Annual Piggyback Flights Starting in 2014
94 SpaceX wins $130 million military launch contract for Falcon Heavy
95 NSSL Competitors Differ on Right Path Ahead
96 SpaceX and Air Force Settle Dispute Over Military Launches
97 Orbital ATK Announces U.S. Air Force Contract for Long Duration Propulsive ESPA Spacecraft
98 Atlas 5 launches the most advanced US weather satellite in history
99 Is the cost of military space programs going up or down? Depends on how you count
100 Atlas V: Reliable, Flexible Rocket