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1 Kim Jong Un apologizes over fatal shooting of South Korean official
2 Kim Jong Un offers 'extremely unusual' apology to South Korea over killing of official
3 Kim Jong-un Offers South Korea Rare Apology for Killing of Official
4 Campus businesses are early victims of pandemic
5 Emptied campuses prompt college festivals to move online, cancel
6 South Korea demands explanation from North over grisly death
7 K-Pop to offer support for South Korea's pandemic-hit economy
8 Amid pandemic, annual campus festivals go online
9 FSS stresses need for environment monitoring system in financial sector
10 Korean Student Teachers Experience Duluth
11 South Korea’s Public and Private Sectors to Invest $200 Million in AI Semiconductor Design for the Next 10 Years
13 World's largest women's university alumni and its president reunite in Seattle
14 [Herald Interview] ‘Masks can become new type of wearable device’
15 Factors affecting the self-rated health of immigrant women married to native men and raising children in South Korea: a cross-sectional study
16 Team's flexible micro LEDs may reshape future of wearable technology
17 Gov't in hot seat over detained South Koreans in North Korea
18 New hospital of Ewha Womans University starts service in February
19 Ewha hospital enjoys PR effect from medical drama 'Hospital Playlist'
20 Ewha Womans University / Dominique Perrault Architecture
21 SOM Biotech Announces the In Vitro Confirmation of Three Drug Candidates for COVID-19 in Collaboration with the Ewha Womans University
22 Researchers use graphene to create detachable flexible microLED devices
23 Flexible micro LEDs may reshape future of wearables
24 Japan's Abe Announces Resignation for Health Reasons
25 Possible case of COVID-19 reinfection reported in Korea
26 Protest at Ewha Womans University escalates
27 Universities face dilemmas as elementary, middle, high schools decide to start spring semester online
28 Spate of arrests in Ewha University 'favours' scandal
29 (LEAD) Gov't urges universities to postpone start of spring semester as coronavirus spreads
30 Fear of new coronavirus spreading on university campuses
31 Universities lack suicide prevention system
32 What drove Ewha students to streets?
33 UCI extends partnership with South Korea
34 Chinese tourists cause headache for Ewha Womans University
35 President of Ewha Womans University under pressure to resign
36 Good oral hygiene may lower risk for HF, AF
38 Universities in Seoul shift to online classes amid virus fears
39 Kindergarten student, 5, contracts coronavirus in Seoul
40 Ewha president quits amid scandals
41 Universities to Hold Online Commencement Ceremony to Prevent Coronavirus Spread
42 [News Analysis] No drastic change in Seoul-Tokyo ties expected under new PM Suga
43 How protests at a South Korean university led to the downfall of President Park Geun-hye
44 Ewha gets first directly elected president
45 Ewha Womans University to freeze tuition
46 Moon replaces five secretaries
47 Exchange Students Bring a Piece of South Korea to ESU
48 A French-South Korean International Joint Unit inaugurated in Seoul
49 Ewha inundated by influx of Chinese tourists
50 Hand Surgeon Loses 7 Papers for 'Serious Misconduct'
51 Starbucks celebrates its 20th year in Korea in style: boutique store at Ewha site
52 Real change on campus elusive despite #MeToo movement
53 'In era of AI, women will thrive in men’s world'
54 Students left in limbo as universities continually change plans for spring semester
55 College students unhappy with online lectures
56 Universities extend online lectures 2 more weeks
57 Faculty Positions in the Department of Finance of SUSTech job with Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) | 278199
58 Foreign Line
59 The COVID-19 squeeze on South Korea's labour market
60 Ewha students set new form of protest
61 Shaping South Korea's middle-power future
62 The Top 3 Female Focused Universities You Need To Know About
63 Ewha students bring Korean cultural education to adoptees and their families in Minnesota
64 Good Oral Hygiene May Reduce Risk of Heart Problems, Study Says | Medicine
65 A Beginner's Guide To Applying To Korean Universities
66 Students move to take legal action against universities refusing to refund tuition
67 Breast cancer patient delivers baby safely after chemo
68 Too Much School Pride Led to Protests at Ewha
69 Ewha hospital raided over newborns' deaths
70 Two Tenure-Track Positions
71 Ewha president vows open leadership
72 [Photo] Konkuk Univ. to pay US$241-249 to all students in response to tuition refund demands
73 [News analysis] The comfort women movement at crossroads after 30 years
74 Push for jail terms over university admissions scandal
75 Effect of Statins on the Risk of Poststroke Pneumonia: National Popula | IDR
76 Brush your teeth to protect your heart
77 [Photo] Hot nights at Ewha Womans University : National : News
78 [Photo] Backlash to hasty decision at Ewha Womans University
79 'Koreans don't recognize suicidal signals well' < People < 기사본문
80 Local governments throughout S. Korea cancel festivals and public events amid coronavirus fears
81 Ewha invaded by tourists from Middle Kingdom
82 The Heroine of This Korean Best Seller Is Extremely Ordinary. That’s the Point.
83 Seoul City to implement 'Green New Deal' to mitigate pandemic fallout
84 Coddling of ‘Gold-Spoon’ Children Shakes South Korea’s Political Elite
85 [Korean Startups] POD Startup Pierces Trend With Unlimited Design Possibilities
86 Brush your teeth to protect the heart
87 [Multicultural Korea] College chapel requirements leave some students uneasy
88 [Herald Interview] Wild flowers the love of 94-year-old painter
89 Closing elite university feeder schools won't end inequity
90 Top Office Reshuffles 5 Vice Ministerial, Secretary Posts l KBS WORLD Radio
91 [Photo] Ewha Womans University sit end, but… : National : News
92 Ohbet Cheon Appointed Assistant Professor of Healthcare Management at Clarkson University
93 The drums of war in Asia grow louder
94 Literature as women's liberation
95 North Korea Cuts Off Communications With South Over Leaflet Launches
96 How One Firm's Covid-19 Tests Help Control The Virus In South Korea
97 'GSOMIA termination may provoke US backlash'
98 Scientist argues infectious diseases have emerged with increase in electricity use
99 South Korea says detected North Korea missile fire 'inapproriate' amid coronavirus
100 POSCO sets new guidelines for 'Corporate Citizenship'