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Result Content Idea Research
1 Explained: Who was Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, the assassinated Iranian nuclear scientist?
2 Explained: The politics of creating community-based corporations in Karnataka
3 Explained: Their teeth fell out. Was it another Covid-19 consequence?
4 Explained: India’s push for gender equity in science
5 Explained: The new guidelines for cab aggregators
6 Explained: What explains the blue tide spotted at Mumbai beaches?
7 Explained: Why Belgians are protesting against the name-change of a beloved biscuit
8 Explained: Why France may soon pass a law banning discrimination on the basis of accents
9 Explained: Who is Michael Flynn, and why has his pardon by Trump raised eyebrows?
10 Explained: What is a climate emergency, which the New Zealand government might declare?
11 Explained: Why the ‘Burj Khalifa-sized’ asteroid approaching Earth is not a threat
12 Explained: The accused in Hathras rape case will undergo brain fingerprinting. What is it?
13 Explained: Who are the women joining the Biden administration?
14 Explained: Why is November 26 observed as India’s Constitution Day?
15 Explained: Takeaways from Oxford University Covid-19 vaccine error
16 Here's a look at how the different coronavirus vaccines work
17 Explained: What is eVIN, and how will it be used for distributing Covid-19 vaccines?
18 Explained: Delhi and other parts of north India are bracing for near cold wave conditions, here is why
19 Explained: Why China’s negative yield bonds are in demand
20 Explained: Travelling to Maharashtra? Here are the new Covid-19 restrictions
21 Explained: Why has Northeast monsoon remained subdued this year?
22 Explained: What is Germany’s new boardroom quota for women?
23 Explained: Similar symptoms in Covid-19, lung injury caused by vaping
24 Explained: Why are Punjab, Haryana farmers protesting in Delhi and what are their demands
25 Tier 3 lockdown rules in England: latest coronavirus restrictions explained
26 Explained: Why prefixing 0 will be mandatory for fixed-line to mobile calls from Jan 15
27 Explained: Why Bombay HC’s observation on sedition in Kangana Ranaut case is significant
28 Explained: Lung fibrosis, a lasting signature of Covid-19
29 Explained: Can Donald Trump still win against Joe Biden? You may be surprised to know
30 Parler, the “free speech” Twitter wannabe, explained
31 Explained: Coastal security, after 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks
32 Charlie Brown on Apple TV: Why are people outraged?
33 Explained: The case against Karvy Broking Limited, and what next for its clients?
34 3D printed swabs now in use worldwide: developers
35 Explained: Does winning the World Cup make Diego Maradona greater than Lionel Messi?
36 Explained: How International Emmy winner ‘Delhi Crime’ came into being
37 Explained: What will be America’s Covid-19 caseload when Joe Biden takes charge?
38 Covid: England's new post-lockdown tier system explained
39 Fair Housing testers needed | News, Sports, Jobs
40 COVID-19 vaccines explained in maps and charts
41 Explained: Who is Janet Yellen, Joe Biden’s pick to head the US Treasury Department?
42 Explained | Why are short-term rates crashing?
43 Corporates as banks: What led to this recommendation, and why has it come in for criticism?
44 ExplainSpeaking: What’s driving Indian economy’s growth worries?
45 Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. rules, explained: Why 'no-knockout clause' could end the fight early
46 Explained: What are desalination plants and what is their feasibility?
47 Explained: Why the Dow topped 30000 for the first time
48 What is the Utah monolith? The mystery object, explained
49 Explained: The markets are rallying. Should you invest?
50 Explained | Why 2021 may not be a happy new year for showbiz
51 Taylor Swift broke her own AMAs record and explained why she couldn't be there
52 Explained: What is China’s Chang’e-5 probe to the Moon about?
53 Explained: Who is Don McCullin, whose biopic Angelina Jolie will be directing?
54 Explained: What you need to know about the certification process in the US elections
55 Explained: The mystery of the glowing mushrooms in Meghalaya
56 Explained: The history of Thanksgiving, and the presidential turkey pardon
57 Thailand protests: What do the large yellow rubber ducks symbolise?
58 Explained: Why has Tamil Nadu banned online games and gambling?
59 EXPLAINED: Has Italy's coronavirus second wave reached its peak?
60 Cyclone Nivar to make landfall near Chennai: Its intensity, impact right now
61 Explained: Why has Harry Styles angered right-wingers, gender conformists?
62 Explained: The legislation that makes Scotland the first country to make sanitary products free
63 Explained: Why have the #EndSARS protests rocked Nigeria?
64 Explained: What will a Covid-19 Christmas look like?
65 Pfizer's Covid Vaccine, Explained
66 WATCH: Colorado’s third wave of COVID-19 explained through 7 charts
67 Explained: Chandigarh’s heritage furniture, and how it reaches international auctions
68 Explained: The long-simmering dispute between Punjab and Haryana over Chandigarh
69 New research: Scientists probe cell membrane defence against coronavirus
70 Explained: India’s strategic thinking on RCEP, and the China factor
71 Explained: Brereton War Crimes Report, and why Australian special forces troops may be sacked
72 Explained: Sport’s terminology used during the US presidential election
73 Explained: Uttar Pradesh’s ‘love jihad’ law, and why it could be implemented vigorously
74 India enters a ‘technical recession’: what does this mean?
75 Quixplained: Socialising and Covid-19, amid the festive season
76 An Expert Explains: The road to economic recovery
77 Explained: Why Ibrahimovic and Bale are questioning the use of their images in FIFA 21
78 Explained: India has dismissed as ‘fake’ a report about China’s use of ‘microwave weapons’. What are these?
79 New research: Covid-19 can make tinnitus worse
80 Explained: Why Bumrah and Shami’s ODI, T20 outings in Australia can hurt India’s World Test Championship aspirations
81 Tier 3 explained – what is open and what remains closed; who you can meet, Christmas bubbles and where you can travel
82 Explained: Why right wing groups in Germany have compared a Covid-19 law to Nazi-era ‘Enabling Act’
83 Explained: BrahMos missile and significance of ongoing series of tests by Armed forces
84 Explained: Where are we in Covid-19 vaccine race?
85 Explained: Why France continues to be provocative
86 Explained: Why Jammu and Kashmir’s DDC elections are significant
87 Explained | Can India Afford Another Lockdown?
88 Explained: How Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine stability eases distribution challenges
89 The record-shattering 2020 hurricane season, explained
90 Exclusive: Doctor Who bosses reveal how COVID-19 changed season 13 filming
91 Explained: Why is SpaceX-NASA’s Crew-1 mission launch significant?
92 Explained: Why are diesel sales finally growing since lockdown?
93 Explained: How Corona Vaccine is being prepared? How is a vaccine developed? | ABP Uncut
94 Explained: The 100-year journey of SGPC, ‘mother of SAD’
95 Explained: What obstacles stand between Joe Biden and the presidency?
96 Explained: When women hunted big game
97 Explained: Why Maharashtra ministers wore black bands last Sunday
98 Explained: India, China, and Myanmar poll
99 Explained: Why were the Bihar election results slow this time?
100 Explained Ideas: Four phases of Indian multilateralism