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Result Content Idea Research
1 Explained: Who is Neera Tanden, likely to be Joe Biden’s budget chief?
2 Explained: The significance of Joe Biden appointing an all-women media team
3 Explained: Why rights bodies, journalists are opposing France’s new security law
4 Explained: How a device that can take the weight of two elephants saved Grosjean’s life
5 Explained: Why are protesting farmers still talking of two 2018 private member Bills?
6 Explained: What are the new guidelines for cab aggregators in India?
7 Explained: Scientists identify zebrafish gene that can promote heart regeneration
8 Explained: Farmers’ big concern — and what the government could negotiate
9 Explained: What explains the blue tide spotted at beaches in Mumbai?
10 Explained: The rise of the ‘wild’ Arunachal kiwi
11 Explained: Can an algorithm prevent suicide?
12 An Expert Explains: The road to mass vaccination against Covid-19
13 Explained: Why France may soon pass a law banning discrimination on the basis of accents
14 Explained: Why influenza makes people vulnerable to bacterial infection
15 Explained: Why Belgians are protesting the name-change of a beloved biscuit
16 Explained: Should isolation periods be shorter for people with Covid-19?
17 Explained: India’s push for gender equity in science
18 Explained: Kashmir, India and the OIC
19 President’s powers to pardon — in US, India
20 Explained: Kerala’s Vigilance raid at KSFE and the controversy that followed
21 Explained: Who was Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, the assassinated Iranian nuclear scientist?
22 Explained: Why has New Zealand threatened to send the Pakistan cricket team back home?
23 Explained: The Guillain Barre Syndrome some Covid-19 patients develop
24 Explained: What is a climate emergency, which the New Zealand government may declare?
25 An Expert Explains: Why the Apple M1 chip could be the start of something big
26 Explained: The GSA’s role in US presidential transition process
27 The journey of an Annapurna idol, from Varanasi to Canada and back
28 ExplainSpeaking: Five main takeaways from the Q2 GDP data
29 Explained: The Uttar Pradesh ‘love jihad’ law, and why it could be implemented vigorously
30 Explained: Why China’s negative yield bonds are in demand
31 Explained: What is the Sentinel-6 satellite, and why is it important?
32 Explained: Who is Bibi Jagir Kaur, the new SGPC president?
33 Explained: The accused in Hathras rape case will undergo brain fingerprinting. What is it?
34 Explained: Who is Deep Sidhu, and why is he getting attention in the farmers’ protests?
35 Explained: Is lung fibrosis a lasting signature of Covid-19?
36 Explained: What will be America’s Covid-19 caseload when Joe Biden takes charge?
37 Explained: Why the ‘Burj Khalifa-sized’ asteroid approaching Earth isn’t a threat
38 Explained: The takeaways from Oxford’s Covid-19 vaccine error
39 Explained: Coastal security, after the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks
40 Explained: Why is SpaceX-NASA’s Crew-1 mission launch significant?
41 Explained: What is a radio burst, spotted by NASA for the first time in the Milky Way?
42 Coronavirus mutations do not increase its transmissibility: analysis
43 Explained: What is eVIN, and how will it be used for distributing Covid-19 vaccines?
44 Explained: Who is John Kerry, Joe Biden’s pick as US climate envoy?
45 Explained Ideas: Why permitting large industrial houses to own banks is a bad idea
46 Explained: Why right wing groups in Germany have compared a Covid-19 law to Nazi-era ‘Enabling Act’
47 Explained: Why Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine is better news than Pfizer, Moderna shots
48 Remains of two Vesuvius volcano victims found: What was the eruption of 79 AD?
49 Explained: What is the peace deal signed between Azerbaijan and Armenia?
50 Explained: Why Stanford University has a list of the top 2 per cent scientists
51 Explained: What challenges will the US face in undoing Trump’s climate legacy?
52 Explained: What obstacles stand between Joe Biden and the presidency?
53 Muslim ministers: Numbers lag far behind share in population
54 Explained: Likelihood of future pandemics, their damage potential, as per a new report
55 Explained: What is Germany’s new boardroom quota for women?
56 Explained: What next for Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine?
57 Explained: Why the sugar industry desperately needs export subsidy this season
58 Explained: Why Taylor Swift’s ‘Folklore’ has become a best-seller, despite the pandemic
59 Explained: Their teeth fell out. Was this another Covid-19 consequence?
60 Explained: Why is Denmark culling its 17-million strong mink population?
61 Explained: Similar symptoms in Covid-19, lung injury caused by vaping
62 Explained: The importance of Gilgit-Baltistan, and why Pakistan has given it provisional province status
63 Explained: The laws the UAE has relaxed
64 Explained: The markets are rallying. Should you invest?
65 Explained: Why has Northeast monsoon remained subdued this year?
66 Explained: Who was Muhammad al-Masri, what was his role in al-Qaeda, and who is next in line now?
67 Explained: Making facial recognition technology work for bears
68 Explained: What is the long-simmering dispute between Punjab and Haryana over Chandigarh?
69 Explained: Who are the Punjab and Haryana farmers protesting in Delhi, and why?
70 Explained: The significance of Bombay HC’s observation on sedition in Kangana Ranaut case
71 Explained Ideas: Why agricultural subsidies worsen air pollution in North India
72 Explained: When women hunted big game
73 Explained: Why prefixing 0 will be mandatory for fixed-line to mobile calls from Jan 15
74 Explained: Why has Tamil Nadu banned online games and gambling?
75 Explained: India has dismissed as ‘fake’ a report about China’s use of ‘microwave weapons’. What are these?
76 Explained: What are desalination plants and what is their feasibility?
77 Explained Ideas: Four phases of Indian multilateralism
78 Explained: The mystery of the glowing mushrooms in Meghalaya
79 Explained: Why France continues to be provocative
80 Explained: BrahMos missile, and significance of ongoing series of tests by Armed forces
81 Explained: India’s strategic thinking on RCEP, and the China factor
82 Explained: Delhi and other parts of north India are bracing for near cold wave conditions, here is why
83 Explained: The suicide case in which Republic TV’s Arnab Goswami has been arrested by Maharashtra Police
84 Thailand protests: What do the large yellow rubber ducks symbolise?
85 Explained: India, China, and Myanmar poll
86 Explained: What is the Ariel Space Mission adopted by the European Space Agency?
87 Explained: Who is Don McCullin, whose biopic Angelina Jolie will be directing?
88 Explained: Does winning the World Cup make Maradona greater than Messi?
89 Explained: A Hyderabad temple, and the city’s name
90 Royal Society unveils portrait of astrophysicist Jocelyn Burnell. Here’s why her discovery of pulsars was significant
91 Explained: The history of Thanksgiving, and the presidential turkey pardon
92 Explained: Brereton War Crimes Report, and why Australian special forces troops may be sacked
93 Moratorium on Lakshmi Vilas Bank: What does it mean for depositors, financial sector?
94 Explained: Why Sri Lanka is sending back waste to the United Kingdom
95 Explained: What is SpaceX-NASA’s Crew-1 mission?
96 India enters a ‘technical recession’: what exactly does this mean?
97 Explained: Travelling to Maharashtra? Here are the new Covid-19 guidelines
98 Explained: Behind colder days, normal temperature at nights in region, cloud cover
99 Explained: What does President-elect Joe Biden mean for India, its relationship with US?
100 Explained: Why has Harry Styles angered right-wingers, gender conformists?