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1 Catch La Crosse chef on 'Matter of Fact with Soledad O'Brien'
2 Reflections from a former Republican on the fact-free GOP [opinion]
3 Fact check: Pennsylvania mail-in ballot claim mixes primary, general election data
4 The Social Media Fact-Check Farce
5 AP FACT CHECK: Trump distorts military role in vaccines
6 Commentary: Belief in Trump fiction can be worn down by fact
7 Fact check: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced he would defer his annual raise
8 Fact-checking ‘The Crown’: Did Margaret Thatcher really look down on women?
9 Fact check: Barack Obama favored Hillary Clinton over Joe Biden in 2016
10 Chris Hayes haunted by 2016 'fun fact' when MSNBC host suggested electors abandon POTUS-elect
11 The Sunday Drive: Did the real Penn State just stand up? Let’s play fact or fiction for the final three weeks
12 Fact check: The warrant for Joe Biden's arrest circulating online is from a fake court
13 Fact-checking Trump’s cellphone rant of election falsehoods
14 The Crown: Culture secretary wants Netflix to affirm the show is fictitious
15 Latin America
16 Belief in Trump Fiction Can Be Worn Down by Fact
17 Did Detroit Record More Votes Than Eligible Voters in 2020?
18 Fact check: Facebook did not remove 'President-elect' from Joe Biden's page
19 Fact-check: Are shutdowns ‘ineffective’?
20 21 Disturbing Historical Facts That I Kind Of Wish I Hadn’t Heard
21 Fact-checking Giuliani and the Trump legal team's wild, fact-free press conference
22 Fact checking McEnany's first White House press briefing since Trump's election loss
23 Post-Trump, the need for fact checking isn't going away
24 23 Facts About Kamala Harris That Everyone Should Know
25 US election 2020: Fact-checking Trump team's main fraud claims
26 5 Fun Facts You Might Not Know About Mike Tyson
27 US election 2020: Fact-checking Trump and Biden's final week
28 Fact Check: Trump continues to tweet baseless claims of election fraud in swing states
29 SARS-CoV-2 and the risk of Parkinson's disease: facts and fantasy
30 AP FACT CHECK: Trump legal team's batch of false vote claims
31 The Facts on Trump's Post-Election Legal Challenges
32 Fact-checking the craziest news conference of the Trump presidency
33 Facebook fact-checker forced to issue correction after Candace Owens challenged 'false' rating
34 AP FACT CHECK: Trump baselessly cites fraud in virus toll
35 How Claims of Dead Michigan Voters Spread Faster Than the Facts
36 The First Thanksgiving: Separating Myth From Fact
37 The media have responsibility to report facts without bias [column]
38 Fact check: False claim that electronic voting software companies Dominion and Smartmatic have closed
39 AP FACT CHECK: Trump tweets a tall tale of 'deleted' votes
40 AP FACT CHECK: Trump's vote falsehoods, into day of defeat
41 Fact check: Evidence undermines Trump campaign's claims of dead people voting in Georgia
42 UK concerned over Iran situation, awaiting full facts on scientist killing
43 Fact-checking the US and China on climate and environment
44 False reports claim election servers were seized in Germany
45 16 things you probably didn't know about 'The Queen's Gambit'
46 Five Days of Facebook Fact-Checking
47 AP FACT CHECK: Trump fabricates election corruption
48 Claims that dead people voted went viral. These are the facts
49 State Officials Announce Latest COVID-19 Facts Nov. 28
50 Fact-checking ‘The Crown’: Did Princess Diana’s battle with bulimia ruin her marriage?
51 Trump Speech Thursday: False Claims Of Fraud, Rigged Election
52 Fact Residency: Ash Koosha
53 Election Fact Check: No, 21,000 Dead People in Pennsylvania Did Not Vote
54 FACT CHECK: Trump Falsely Claims That Votes Shouldn't Be Counted After Election Day
55 FACT CHECK: Gov. Noem’s COVID-19 comments
56 Trump allies, largely unconstrained by Facebook’s rules against repeated falsehoods, cement pre-election dominance
57 Patriots-Cardinals: 3 keys to game, fun facts, prediction
58 Carlsons should have been fact checked | Letters |
59 AP FACT CHECK: Trump wrong on Georgia voter signature checks
60 Papadopoulos applauds Flynn pardon, hopes forthcoming 'facts' will lead to similar order for himself
61 Game time: Fast facts, injury report and key info for Miami Dolphins (6-4) at New York Jets (0-10)
62 Fact check: Dominion voting machines didn't delete votes from Trump, switch them to Biden
63 Trump should have lost in a landslide. The fact that he didn’t speaks volumes
64 Nutrition facts
65 Facts & Figures: Tough fight continues against COVID-19 |
66 Here Are The Facts About Heaters for Both Indoors and Outdoors
67 Qualifying facts and stats: More joy for Mercedes but Verstappen has reasons to smile in Bahrain
68 10 Quick Facts About the Chiefs' Week 11 Victory Over Las Vegas | Upon Further Review
69 Fact check: Nevada's AG did not admit to changing signature verification manually in election
70 FACTS FOR FAMILIES: An attitude of gratitude this holiday season
71 COVID-19 in Ottawa: Fast Facts for Nov. 29, 2020
72 Fun current facts and interesting history: Can you ace this Thanksgiving Day quiz?
73 No, Wisconsin Did Not Count More Votes Than Registered Voters in 2020
74 Most of us can still discern facts from foolishness
75 Sports Management Software Market Revenue, Facts, Statastics By IBM Corporation, Stack Sports, Daktronics, Inc. and More
76 Bogus ‘vote fraud’ claims proliferate on social media
77 Sarah Fuller: 5 things to know about the Vanderbilt football kicker, women's soccer goalie
78 One person’s ethics is another’s fanaticism. That’s where arguments are born
79 50 fascinating facts about the automotive industry | Personal Finance
80 Letter | Please deal with facts on library plan
81 5 facts about the QAnon conspiracy theories
82 YouTube, Facebook and Twitter align to fight Covid vaccine conspiracies
83 Election 2020: Two broad voting coalitions fundamentally at odds
84 US election 2020: Donald Trump's speech fact-checked
85 COVID Vaccine Facts |
86 Marko on engine freeze: Not blackmail, fact | F1 News by PlanetF1
87 Governor nixes parole for Manson follower Leslie Van Houten
88 How Some Conservatives Have Switched to Parler, Rumble and Newsmax
89 US election 2020: Five viral vote claims fact-checked
90 Fact Bag
91 Andy Cohen Net Worth: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
92 Candace Owens sues Facebook fact-checkers for defamation: 'Time to fact-check the fact-checkers'
93 Año: Gov’t to conduct fact-finding on mass gatherings attended by Roque, Pacquiao
94 Black Fact of the Day: Sunday, November 29, 2020 – Brought to you by Black365
95 The Psychology of Fact-Checking
96 Fact check: Toned-down Trump continues his onslaught of falsehoods
97 Fact check: Competing town halls highlight Trump's dishonesty
98 Fact-Checking the First 2020 Presidential Debate
99 When are readers likely to believe a fact-check?
100 Fact-Checking the Final Presidential Debate