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1 Making Sense of the Debates Over FISA (Part One)
2 FISA's Current Controversies and Room for Improvement (Part Two)
3 Weakening FISA: Despite dubious motives, Trump right to target law
4 Top Republicans urge GOP colleagues to support FISA reform, probe how tool was 'weaponized'
5 POTUS should veto 'weak sauce' fake FISA reform bill – The News Journal
6 Jim Jordan’s Big Idea: Enact FISA reform to fix 'system-wide problem'
7 FBI’s FISA review suggests Carter Page investigation was uniquely flawed
8 Sen. Graham refuses to let FISA abuse get pinned on low-level FBI staff: 'I believe it goes to the very top'
9 Rosenstein Testifies He Would Not Have Approved FISA Warrant Application for Trump Aide If He Had Known of Faulty Evidence
10 DOJ official Bruce Ohr meets with Senate Judiciary Committee behind closed doors
11 A Chance to Fix FISA
12 Justice Department watchdog finds widespread problems with FISA warrant process
13 The Political Landscape of FISA Reauthorization
14 Scathing Report Puts Secret FISA Court Into The Spotlight. Will Congress Act?
15 The FISA Bill Flops
16 FISA Reauthorized By Senate, With Some Changes
17 Two of four FISA warrants against Carter Page declared invalid
18 Justice Department says it found mistakes in more FISA applications
19 The Justice Department's Unconvincing Explanation for Its Reversal on FISA
20 FISA court slams FBI conduct in Carter Page surveillance warrant applications
21 With Old GOP Consensus Changed, Senate Set To Resume Debate On FISA
22 World Rowing announces hosts of five World Championships
23 The FISA court has taken steps to correct the Carter Page abuses. But more reform is needed.
24 A Response to “End the FISA”: Why It's a Good Law and Sound Policy
25 Graham vows to call witnesses in accelerating probe of FISA failures
26 What Happened to FISA Reform?
27 House lawmakers strike agreement to renew surveillance law and address Carter Page FISA issues
28 Report Discloses Unlawful "Backdoor Searches" of FISA Database
29 Court Bans Agents Who Botched Carter Page Surveillance From Seeking Wiretaps
30 What is the FISA Agenda as the New Decade Begins?
31 New DOJ IG Report: 100% Random FISA Warrant Samples Lacked Evidence
32 FISA reform to hit the Senate floor: Here’s what to know
33 Democrats pull bill to reauthorize government surveillance powers after Trump threatens to veto it
34 Federal court orders government to assess whether FISA applications were so flawed they should not have been approved
35 FISA Slams FBI Over Surveillance Of Trump Adviser Carter Page
36 FISA Renewal Controversy: The Suddenly Very Conspicuous Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act
37 Deciphering the FISC's Order on the Carter Page FISA Application
38 After the IG Report: 'Next Steps' for Congress, DOJ, and the FISA Court
39 FISA Court Order in Response to Inspector General Report
40 Summary: The House Judiciary Committee's Proposed Changes to FISA
41 House Departs Without Vote to Extend Expired F.B.I. Spy Tools
42 House Republicans demand to know what "disciplinary action" FISA court will take over flawed FBI wiretap applications
43 OPINION | Stu Evans' lonely, failed quest to save the FBI from itself
44 Pumping the Brakes a Bit on FISA "Reform"
45 FBI Responds to FISA Court Order Regarding Inspector General Report
46 READ: FISA court on FBI conduct
47 FISA concerns | Toledo Blade
48 The Senate Proposes Five Amendments to FISA Reform
49 House to Vote on Limiting F.B.I. Power to Collect Americans’ Internet Data
50 Barr Heads To Senate With His Work Cut Out: Selling Republicans On FISA
51 We Just Got a Rare Look at National Security Surveillance. It Was Ugly.
52 The Need for Increased Amicus Role in the FISA Process
53 Improve FISA on Civil Liberties by Strengthening Amici
54 Inspector General report on FBI's FISA abuse tells us one thing: We need radical reform.
55 FISA needs reform. Our amendment would do that — and protect constitutional rights.
56 Trump's positions on FISA and coronavirus responses stoking anxiety on Capitol Hill
57 Clock ticks to surveillance expiration with no FISA deal in sight
58 National Security Surveillance on U.S. Soil Fell Amid Scrutiny of Russia Inquiry
59 FISA concerns mount: Congress should rewrite or repeal surveillance law
60 Diagnosing the FBI Failures in the Inspector General's FISA Report
61 Rampant FISA abuses demand overhaul
62 FISA court review order leaves out key FBI players implicated in Horowitz report
63 Video of Expert Panel: Reforming the FISA Process — Proposals for the Future
64 Fixing FISA after the Carter Page Report
65 Opinion: FISA court safeguards are woefully inadequate
66 The FISA Court's 702 Opinions, Part I: A History of Non-Compliance Repeats Itself
67 The FBI’s Malfeasance Shocks the FISA Court
68 Trump says he was 'purposely' hands off on FISA bill, but will 'be studying it'
69 Justice Department Inspector General's Report Raises Troubling Questions About FBI's Role in FISA Cases
70 The FBI's FISA Process Is Broken, But It Won't Be Fixed by Legislative Manipulation of the FISA Statute
71 FISA Update
72 FBI earned an F for its performance on FISA applications
73 FBI FISA report: Report on Justice Department and FBI conduct regarding FISA warrants during 2016 election to be released by watchdog
74 Senate to vote on surveillance authorities Congress let expire earlier this year
75 Judge Collyer Owes Us a Follow Up on FISA
76 Trump Admin Drafting Major FISA Reform ahead of March Expiration
77 'Crossfire Hurricane' and the FISA Court: An expert's view | TheHill
78 Graham starts closed-door depositions in FISA probe | TheHill
79 Senate returns to FISA debate with lingering questions about Trump support
80 FISA Reform and National Security
81 House slated to vote on FISA before end of the month | TheHill
82 House Withdraws FISA Bill, Sends to Conference Committee
83 The ACLU On FISA Concerns
84 Unusual Alliance Seeks Reforms in Foreign Intelligence Surveillance
85 The great FISA debate: Politics puts us at risk once again | TheHill
86 House Expected to Consider Senate-Amended FISA Reauthorization Bill on May 27; Passage Unclear
87 The FBI's Sloppy FISA Surveillance Is Exposed
89 The FBI, The FISA Court And Your iPhone
90 FISA provisions expiration endangers national security | TheHill
91 FISA court downplays role of new overseer amid GOP criticism over Obama link
92 The House Judiciary Committee's FISA Oversight Hearing: An Overview
93 What to Expect for the PATRIOT Act Reauthorization
94 Reauthorizing the USA Freedom Act of 2015 — FBI
95 FISA 'reform': Groundhog Day edition | TheHill
96 The FISA Court's Section 702 Opinions, Part II: Improper Queries and Echoes of “Bulk Collection”
97 The FISA Oversight Hearing Confirmed That Things Need to Change
98 Leahy Absent From Vermont, Sanders From the Senate
99 Michael Horowitz: Finalizing of FISA probe report 'nearing completion'
100 FISA court delays deadline for DOJ's proposed reforms amid coronavirus