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Result Content Idea Research
1 We won’t defeat Farage’s populism without a plan
2 This election may be the end of Farage, but not of Faragism
3 The Strange Relationship Between British and English Nationalism
4 Labour's target should be the Tory party, not Johnson's credibility
5 Five years on from Alan Kurdi’s death, it’s time to treat refugees crossing the Channel with humanity
6 Only Labour can stop Nigel Farage and his Thatcherite revival
7 James Meek · The Two Jacobs: The Faragist Future · LRB 1 August 2019
8 This Labour meltdown has been building for decades
9 On Friday I’ll get my country back. Britain will vote remain
10 Be very afraid. Boris Johnson will take revenge on all who stood up to him
11 Even With a New Leader, UKIP Still Has No Defined Path
12 Let's make Farage ambassador to North Korea | Comment
13 How to vote in the European elections? Our panel’s verdicts
14 Who is Raheem Kassam? Calls to ban the far-right speaker blur line between free speech and hate speech
15 Delivering Brexit won’t quell the forces of nationalism, as Eurosceptics might hope
16 Farage under fire for conspiracy claims linked to antisemitism
17 What effect will Nigel Farage's Brexit Party have on the Tory vote?
18 Shapeshifters: the hard lessons Labour must learn from 'Johnsonism'
19 Andrew Adonis: Michael Gove just a joined-up version of Nigel Farage
20 We are becoming a United Kingdom in name only. Politicians must heal the divide
21 A Fanatical Sect Has Hijacked British Politics
22 Corbyn adviser Andrew Murray on what's next for the left
23 Why is Farage's Brexit Party leading the polls and what is its plan for the UK? | Euronews answers
24 Britain is heading for a general election reboot, but it’s not going to fix Brexit
25 It’s hard to imagine. But could this really be the end for the Tories?
26 Narcissists and cliques control the main parties and threaten democracy
27 The Guardian view on Europe’s top jobs: the good, the bad and the compromise
28 Lessons for Labour as EU centre fails to hold
29 European elections: can anything halt the rise of the far right?
30 2017 should be a year for activist leaders
31 General election: Boris Johnson urges voters to reject 'Sturgeon-Corbyn alliance' – as it happened
32 Cameron may have fought Brexit. But it was his policies that made it happen | John Harris
33 Sinn Féin’s rhetoric is dangerous and its exclusion from power is justified
34 Populists are on the rise but this can be a moment for progressives too
35 Ex-Farage aide vows to 'make Ukip great again' but told he will 'publicly disgrace' party
36 LRB Contributors · How bad can it get? · LRB 15 August 2019
37 The Guardian view on Ukip: after Brexit, what’s the meaning of life?
38 Brexit has killed the sovereignty of Parliament
39 Labour must say what we mean and mean what we say
40 Commentary: Brexit has sparked a crisis of identity and what it means to be British
41 We need inclusive, not fake, populism
42 Brexit: a disaster decades in the making | Gary Younge
43 Former PM says by-election is not about Brexit but 'the fight against intolerance, prejudice and xenophobia'
44 Opinion | Black Sky Thinking | UKIP's Bizarre Howl & Why 'Peak Farage' Is A Long Way Off
45 Nigel Farage was the frontman for the biggest Establishment stitch-up in a generation
46 Ukip's manifesto: immigration, Europe – and that's it
47 What Does Rise Of Far-Right Populism Mean For Liberalism?
48 Hugo Rifkind reviews Love Island — 'Odd. No one is stupid'
49 Tamsin Greig's Malvolia is as funny as any Malvolio – and perhaps more painful too
50 Boris Johnson and Michael Gove are preparing to lose the EU referendum – and blame Nigel Farage
51 Football shouldn’t be allowed to deny cricket its moment in the sun
52 RADIO FREE KRAKOW: A Satirical Summer Playlist
53 Margaret Thatcher And The Road to Brexit… – Slugger O'Toole
54 Russell Brand, Ed Miliband and the search for a popular left
55 Should the north of England become part of Scotland?
56 Labour members heckle Tony Blair's former strategy chief over speech welcoming 'wave of privatisation'
57 It's England's Brexit
58 Sophie Walker: 'Put a woman in a political race and she is always the outsider'