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1 Radio waves from famous FRB surprisingly long and late
2 Periodic activity from a fast radio burst source
3 A bright millisecond-duration radio burst from a Galactic magnetar
4 Mysterious 'fast radio bursts' from deep space repeat themselves every 16 days
5 Fast Radio Burst from Galactic Magnetar SGR 1935+2154 is Repeating | Astronomy
6 The closest extragalactic fast radio burst yet?
7 Have We Found the Closest Extragalactic Fast Radio Burst?
8 Astronomers closer to cracking mystery of fast radio bursts
9 A second source of repeating fast radio bursts
10 Explained: What is a radio burst, spotted by NASA for the first time in the Milky Way?
11 Federal astronomers now determining where fast radio bursts come from
12 An Audacious Explanation for Fast Radio Bursts
13 More youths answer Xi's call in science
14 SETI project homes in on strange 'fast radio bursts'
15 Astronomers Discover Source of Fast Radio Burst
16 'Magnetic Star' Radio Waves Could Solve the Mystery of Fast Radio Bursts
17 CHIME telescope Fast Radio Burst project earns spot in Nature 2019 list
18 SETI Institute in the News – Media Roundup. March 16 – March 31, 2021
19 In China, a Telescope Offers Cosmic Data Amid Earthly Tensions
20 Ask Ethan: What In The Universe Is A Fast Radio Burst?
21 Mysterious, Repeating Radio Burst Identified in Our Own Galaxy for the First Time
22 A Repeating Signal Is Coming From Another Galaxy
23 After Arecibo, China's FAST Telescope Takes Centerstage – in Tense Climate
24 Fast radio burst detected in the Milky Way is repeating, scientists confirm
25 Scientists Find First Fast Radio Burst That Repeats At Regular Intervals
26 Cosmic flashes come in all different sizes
27 MIT researchers help discover first pattern of fast radio bursts in outer space
28 A repeating fast radio burst source localized to a nearby spiral galaxy
29 What Are Fast Radio Bursts?
30 Fast radio bursts could be distant magnetars, new evidence suggests
31 Signals from deep space: WVU students develop AI to detect fast radio bursts
32 Repeating cycle in unusual cosmic radio bursts
33 New telescope in works at Green Bank to detect, map Fast Radio Bursts
34 Cosmic Mystery: Integral High-Energy Space Observatory Detected a Unique Fast Radio Burst From a Dead Star in Our Galaxy
35 First fast radio burst to be discovered in the Milky Way is now repeating
36 Why hunting for fast radio bursts is an 'exploding field' in astronomy
37 Exclusive: We Might Have First-Ever Detection of a Fast Radio Burst in Our Own Galaxy
38 Radio burst in Milky Way sheds light on origins of mysterious phenomenon
39 Fast radio burst tracked down to a nearby galaxy
40 A census of baryons in the Universe from localized fast radio bursts
41 Astronomers Are Closer to Cracking the Mystery of Fast Radio Bursts
42 Breakthrough Listen Is Searching a Million Stars for One Sign of Intelligent Life
43 Scientists Have Discovered a New Pattern In a Repeating Signal from Space
44 Alien hunters detect mysterious radio signal from Proxima Centauri
45 Astronomers make history in a split second with localization of fast radio burst
46 A strange rhythm in space
47 Gigantic Chinese telescope opens to astronomers worldwide
48 Legendary Arecibo telescope will close forever — scientists are reeling One of astronomy's most renowned telescopes
49 E.T. signal from Proxima Centauri? A conversation with Breakthrough Initiatives' Pete Worden
50 New findings make fast radio bursts all the more intriguing
51 A fast radio burst localized to a massive galaxy
52 NASA's NICER finds X-ray boosts in the Crab Pulsar's radio bursts
53 China's FAST radio telescope to aid global research
54 Astronomy’s Most Exciting Puzzle Is About to Be Solved: Cosmic Flashes Come in All Different Sizes
55 AI helps track down mysterious cosmic radio bursts
56 Astronomers discover new, enigmatic fast radio burst
57 Mysterious radio signal from space traced to ‘zombie’ in our galaxy
58 New Telescope Could Solve Mystery Of Deep-Space Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs)
59 Alien-hunting Breakthrough Listen project tracks strange series of 15 radio bursts
60 Another fast radio burst in deep space that repeats has been found and scientists are stunned
61 Daily briefing: Origin of repeating fast radio burst deepens its mystery
62 Kansas Find New 'Intensity' During First Post-COVID Live Show
63 Astronomical Mystery Deepens After Fast Radio Burst Detected From Unknown Source
64 Flash of luck: Astronomers find cosmic radio burst source
65 The telescopes coming soon that could help us finally find life beyond planet Earth
66 Mildflowers (Engines, Coma Regalia) channel mid '90s emo on debut EP (listen + new video)
67 Focusing Squarely on FRBs with the Square Kilometre Array
68 How big money is powering a massive hunt for alien intelligence
69 Chrissie Hynde Announces New Album of Bob Dylan Covers
70 Fast Radio Bursts following pattern may be related to young neutron stars: Abraham Loeb
71 Arecibo Observatory has more science to do despite iconic radio telescope's collapse
72 Dark Energy Experiment 16 Years in the Making Could Illuminate Origin, Evolution, Fate of Universe
73 More 'bright' fast radio bursts revealed, but where do they all come from?
74 Extraterrestrial Origin Of Fast Radio Burst Phenomenon Confirmed
75 The Mystery of Astronomy's 'Fast Radio Bursts' Only Gets More Beautiful From Here
76 China Gives Foreign Scientists Access to World's Largest Radio Telescope
77 Dark Matter Clue: Strange Radio Bursts Finally Reveal Host Galaxy
78 'WTF?': newly discovered ghostly circles in the sky can't be explained by current theories, and astronomers are excited
79 Astrophysics students lead upgrades to Green Bank Telescope
80 Swinburne uses AI to detect fast radio bursts
81 The single strange repeating fast radio burst is at it again
82 Here are 10 of Arecibo’s coolest achievements
83 Arecibo's Collapse Sends Dire Warning to Other Aging Observatories
84 A Mysterious, Powerful Force Is Flinging Radio Waves at Us from Deep Space
85 Arecibo captures its first 'fast radio burst' | Cornell Chronicle
86 Why losing Arecibo is a big deal for astronomy
87 Not So Fast: Discovery of Radio Burst Source May Be Flawed
88 Space's mysterious fast radio bursts: What the heck are they?
89 Launch of Europe’s Largest Astronomy Network: OPTICON-RadioNet PILOT
90 Harvard Astronomer Says We Should Hunt for Alien Probes
91 Read Brenda Peynado's “The Kite Maker”
92 Team uses AI to detect fast radio bursts
93 Astronomers Detect Short Bursts of Radio Waves from Distant Magnetar | Astronomy
94 The Case of the 5-Millisecond Cosmic Radio Burst
95 China's premier astronomy and planetary resources lure foreign collaborators
96 Four ‘Mysterious Signals From Outer Space’ Are Coming From Galaxies Like Ours, Say Scientists
97 Canada's largest radio telescope unveiled in British Columbia
98 China’s Giant Radio Telescope ‘Sky Eye’ Now Open To Stargazers Around The World
99 Nature's most magnetic objects, ripped apart in starquakes, can unleash powerful flashes of light
100 Mysterious, looping space signal could be aliens, says Harvard scientist