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1 White House rips Fauci after criticism of Atlas and Trump's pandemic response
2 Fauci makes "final plea" to Americans before Thanksgiving
3 Fauci expects role in Biden’s coronavirus response, would consider Cabinet position
4 The question Dr. Fauci wants you to consider this Thanksgiving
5 During Roxbury Forum, Dr. Fauci Said Community Has ‘Responsibility’ To Get COVID-19 Vaccine
6 Biden says Fauci has been 'very helpful' in briefings with staff
7 Blame Dr. Fauci — and more tips for keeping politics away from your Thanksgiving feast
8 Fauci: Vaccines are an incentive to 'double down' on precautions
9 Here’s what Dr. Anthony Fauci says about vaccines, bars, hair salons and your Thanksgiving plans
10 Thanksgiving coronavirus surge could turn into the Christmas surge, health professor warns
11 Dr. Anthony Fauci to FOX 5: ‘It’s much better to close the bars and keep the schools open’
12 Fauci says he should've been 'more vocal' about Covid-19 testing early on
13 How Thanksgiving gatherings could put families at risk
14 Dr. Fauci says the Covid outbreak isn't a political issue: 'You can't run away from the data'
15 Fauci: US should double down because cavalry 'on the way'
16 Take It From an Expert: Fauci’s Hierarchy of Safety During COVID
17 Dr. Fauci issues further warning for Thanksgiving
18 Dr. Fauci: How mitigation saved Melbourne, and next steps for U.S.
19 KHN’s ‘What the Health?’: What Would Dr. Fauci Do?
20 Dr. Fauci says ‘help is on the way’ with vaccines, but doubts Covid can ever be eradicated
21 Opinion | The Fauci Awards: Health Officials Get the Praise They Deserve
22 Vaccinations To Prevent COVID-19 Could Begin Next Month, Fauci Says
23 Coronavirus updates: CDC may reduce quarantines; Dr. Anthony Fauci warns of 'stunning number of deaths'; Airlines report $157B in losses
24 Dr. Fauci offers 2021 forecast on COVID-19 vaccines, treatments
25 'The Vaccine Is On Its Way, Folks,' Fauci Says As Brooklyn Names Him A COVID-19 Hero
26 Dr. Fauci Sees ‘Terribly Painful Months’ Ahead
27 What Dr. Fauci wants to see during the Covid-19 pandemic
28 Dr. Fauci Makes The Case For The Coronavirus Vaccine To Roxbury
29 Transcript: Anthony Fauci on "Face the Nation," November 22, 2020
30 Dr. Fauci, essential workers among list of Time Person of the Year nominees
31 In Dr. Fauci's words: Why Americans shouldn't fear a COVID-19 vaccine authorized by the FDA
32 Dr. Fauci credits Trump administration in part for ‘extraordinarily’ effective coronavirus vaccines
33 In Running, Work And Parenting, Fauci Paces Himself For The 'Marathon'
34 Dr. Fauci warns of a ‘whole lot of pain’ due to coronavirus pandemic in the coming months
35 Fauci says he's worried about what coronavirus case numbers will be 3 weeks after Thanksgiving | NewsChannel 3-12
36 Fauci says delayed transition is a public health issue as Covid-19 cases soar
37 Fauci: 'It would be better' if government health officials could start working with incoming Biden-Harris administration
38 No thank you, Dr. Fauci | TheHill
39 Fauci wants to 'settle concerns' about vaccine
40 'Compromised position': Dr. Anthony Fauci on why he thinks he hasn't heard from Joe Biden's team
41 Hear Dr. Fauci's 'best words of hope' before holiday season
42 Fauci says Santa Claus has 'innate immunity,' won't be spreading COVID-19 to anyone this Christmas
43 Dr. Fauci: US may not be back to normal until 2022
44 Dr. Fauci orders takeout several times a week: 'I feel it's almost a neighborly obligation'
45 Report: Fauci says Santa Claus has immunity to COVID-19, will still bring holiday cheer this year
46 Dr. Fauci: Help is on the way to fight Covid-19
47 'Fauci' the Turkey gets pardon by Senator Blumenthal
48 Backstory: Anthony Fauci has had it with people who think COVID-19 is no worse than the flu
49 Coronavirus taskforce briefing: Fauci urges vigilance as vaccine is in sight
50 Polis, Fauci discuss COVID-19
51 Fauci discusses COVID-19 in Wisconsin
52 Fauci says vaccine could be available to all by April
53 Now you can determine your level of Fauci with this handy meme
54 Dr. Fauci reacts to Pfizer's vaccine announcement
55 As nation awaits transition of power, Fauci issues timely warning to his fellow scientists
56 November 10 coronavirus news
57 Fauci, Birx urge Americans to take precautions against virus in rare White House appearance | TheHill
58 U.S. reports record 153,400 new Covid cases as Dr. Fauci urges Americans to be careful: 'It is not futile'
59 Fauci reiterates 'cautious optimism' regarding COVID vaccine
60 Fauci says it’s ‘unrealistic’ to think we’ll be able to celebrate normally with families during spring holiday season
61 Fauci Calls for Americans to Pull Together, Says 'Help Is on the Way'
62 Dr. Fauci says masks, social distancing will still be needed after a Covid-19 vaccine—here's why
63 Dr. Fauci: Try to keep kids in school
64 Dr. Fauci warns: 'We are going in the wrong direction'
65 Fauci to speak during University of Montana lecture
66 Covid cases in the U.S. are 'extremely high and quite unacceptable' ahead of the winter, Fauci says
67 Anthony Fauci predicts when America will return to normal from coronavirus
68 STAT Summit: A conversation with Anthony Fauci, America's virologist
69 Dr. Fauci says COVID-19 vaccine could be widely available by April
70 Dr Anthony Fauci says US in 'very difficult situation' as Covid infections continue to grow – video
71 Fauci predicts positive data from second Covid-19 vaccine soon
72 Kim Kardashian West arranged a private Zoom call with Fauci and dozens of other celebrities
73 Dr. Fauci says Moderna COVID-19 vaccine news 'impressive'
74 Dr. Fauci says Pfizer's reported 90% vaccine efficacy rate is 'extraordinary'
75 Fauci: U.S. could begin distributing COVID vaccine by end of year
76 Fauci shares pandemic insights with CU Boulder students
77 Dr. Fauci says it appears Covid strain from Danish mink farms won't be a problem for vaccines
78 4 months after Dr. Fauci's prediction, US hits 100,000 new COVID cases in a single day
79 Dr. Anthony Fauci to Receive Award From SJSU Journalism School
80 Fauci: COVID-19 won't be pandemic 'for a lot longer' thanks to vaccines
81 Fauci and Biden team steer clear of each other — for now
82 Dr. Fauci warns Americans are headed into a 'precarious situation' this fall, urges mask wearing
83 Fauci encouraging people to wear masks during indoor Thanksgiving gatherings
84 Fauci Says Pfizer Vaccine’s Trial Success May Boost Acceptance
85 Ohio GOP governor says he follows Fauci and Birx who 'have given very good guidance' on Covid-19
86 Fauci calls Pfizer coronavirus vaccine findings 'extraordinary,' report says
87 Santa has ‘innate immunity’ from COVID-19, Fauci tells kids
88 Fauci to speak at UVa Medical Center Hour virtual event open to all
89 Steve Bannon Loses Lawyer After Suggesting Beheading of Fauci
90 Fauci, Neuzil address UAB at COVID-19 Research Symposium
91 Fauci says he's not leaving job after 2020 election, expects COVID vaccines by end of the year
92 (17) It could be 2022 "before we start having some semblances of normality," Fauci says
93 Fauci says first U.S. COVID-19 vaccines could ship late December or early January
94 Fauci says it might be time to mandate masks as Covid-19 surges across US
95 Fauci predicts data from Moderna COVID-19 vaccine within a week | TheHill
96 Coronavirus update: Fauci’s dire prediction comes true: U.S. counts more than 100,000 cases in a single day to set pandemic record
97 The Latest: Trump says he may fire disease specialist Fauci
98 F.D.A. Authorizes the First At-Home Coronavirus Test
99 Fauci and public health experts fear a post-Thanksgiving COVID-19 case and death spike
100 Dr. Fauci, Kanye West, Jesus Christ among presidential write-in candidates in Rowan County