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1 Fauci Thanks US Health Workers for Sacrifices but Admits PPE Shortages Drove Up Death Toll
2 U.S. could start vaccinating young kids in early 2022, Dr. Fauci says
3 Dr. Anthony Fauci explains what the U.S. pause on J&J's Covid vaccine means
4 Dr. Fauci reveals how to ‘turnaround’ the COVID-19 pandemic
5 In His Continued Sparring With Fauci, Sen. Rand Paul Oversimplified the Science
6 The Interview
7 Fauci fatigue sets in as top doc sows doubt in vaccine effectiveness | TheHill
8 Dr. Anthony Fauci on Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine pause
9 Dr. Fauci says to stop concentrating on herd immunity
10 Fauci talks about what he is comfortable doing now that he's fully vaccinated
11 Fauci warns of COVID-19 spread in youth sports --- and parents call for better enforcement of virus protocols
12 Trump said Anthony Fauci is 'full of crap' in an expletive-laden speech to Republican donors
13 No, Dr. Fauci, We Are Not ‘Ruled by the Science’
14 Fauci: US might not need AstraZeneca vaccine, has enough other shots
15 ‘Less than 1 in a million,’ Fauci says to concern over potential rare clots and J&J vaccine
16 Fauci, COVID-19 response chief provide update on vaccinations ::
17 Fauci Expects Surge In Vaccinations To Keep A 4th Coronavirus Wave At Bay
18 ‘This is not going to last forever’: Fauci talks challenges, looks ahead on pandemic
19 Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jen Psaki, NIAID Director and Chief Medical Advisor to the President Dr. Anthony Fauci, and COVID-19 Response Coordinator Jeff Zients, April 13, 2021
20 Fauci warns against potential new COVID-19 surge as cases remain high
21 Fauci warns against relaxing public health measures as summer approaches
22 Anthony Fauci on what the US can learn from Australia's COVID-19 response — and vice versa
23 Rand Paul calls Fauci a 'petty tyrant' | TheHill
24 The next few weeks 'are going to be critical,' Fauci warns
25 Dr. Fauci warns of possible virus surge in US
26 Fauci says AstraZeneca will likely issue modified statement on Covid vaccine
27 'Data is in': Dr. Makary on Fauci cautioning against indoor dining after being vaccinated
28 Fauci to Speak at Yale Commencement Ceremony
29 The Latest: Dr. Fauci warns of possible virus surge in US
30 Fauci comments on 'pause' of J&J vaccine
31 Article Lifetime Achievement: Anthony Fauci, MD
32 Fauci and others look ahead to the holidays: Put another leaf in the table
33 Fauci says U.S. may not need AstraZeneca Covid vaccine
34 An Israeli study says a COVID-19 variant can still infect vaccinated people — here's what Fauci says the research means
35 Children's book on Dr. Anthony Fauci set for June
36 Dr. Fauci: This is not going to last forever
37 Dr. Fauci dismisses concerns about COVID-19 vaccines impacting children's genetics
38 Editorial: Fauci’s mixed hope, fear messages not helping
39 Fauci says the variant from the U.K. likely accounts for up to 30% of Covid infections in U.S.
40 Fauci pushes back on GOP criticisms, calls claims ‘bizarre’
41 'I totally disagree with you,' Fauci tells GOP senator in fiery exchange over masks
42 Dr. Fauci Hails U.S. Progress Fighting Covid-19, Warns Against Easing Curbs
43 Murphy leads letter to Fauci urging him to express concern over ‘health crisis at southern border’
44 UPDATE: Fauci says vaccines are offering protection against new, more infectious COVID variants
45 Dr. Fauci discusses the 'pause' for Johnson & Johnson vaccine over clot reports
46 Fauci warns possible 4th surge in COVID-19 cases could undermine progress
47 Fauci says federal government won't mandate COVID vaccine passports
48 Fauci 'not sure' why Texas doesn't have COVID uptick after nixing masks
49 Anthony Fauci's limitless publicity thirst is undermining the war on COVID
50 Rutgers Presents Moral Courage in Medicine Award to Anthony Fauci
51 Pastor Says Fauci Should Be Waterboarded Until He Admits to Working With China to Create COVID
52 Dr. Fauci: "Herd immunity is an elusive concept"
53 Fauci claims credit for COVID vaccines: 'Best decision I've ever made'
54 Dr. Fauci weighs in on the risk of flying
55 Fauci reminds of small risk for J&J vaccine
56 News Fauci: Child Vaccinations Needed for Herd Immunity
57 Dr. Fauci speaks on Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine pause
58 The Latest: Dr. Fauci reminds of tiny risk for J&J vaccine
59 Fauci Slams ‘Bizarre’ Right-Wing Critics in Fox Interview
60 Fauci: Federal government won't require COVID vaccine passports
61 Fauci Says Russian Covid Vaccine Looks 'Quite Effective'
62 Fauci explains what the pause on the J&J vaccine means: 6 details
63 Why tearing down Fauci is essential to the MAGA myth
64 US likely needs to include vaccinating children to reach herd immunity, Fauci says
65 Dr. Fauci: ‘It’s a race between the vaccine and the virus’
66 Dr. Fauci, Tear Off These Masks
68 Fauci at NASCAR? White House looks to appeal to vaccine-hesitant conservatives and evangelicals
69 ‘It’s really a critical time’: Fauci warns of ‘disturbingly high’ COVID case numbers
70 Here's what can help the US soon see a COVID-19 'turnaround,' Fauci says
71 ABC7 Sports goes 1-on-1 with Dr. Anthony Fauci about sports safety ahead of Opening Day
72 March 26 coronavirus news
73 Marjorie Taylor Greene Proposes Making Fauci’s Salary $0 And Requiring Businesses To Serve The Unvaccinated
74 Walensky Fauci can start being candid, by Ramesh Ponnuru
76 Herd Immunity Is Near, Despite Fauci’s Denial
77 Fauci: Don’t Rely on Summer Weather to Curb Coronavirus Pandemic
78 Fauci discusses concerns about Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine data
79 Press Briefing by White House COVID-19 Response Team and Public Health Officials
80 Fauci unleashed: Doc takes 'liberating' turn at center stage
81 Fauci talks 'liberating feeling' serving under Biden versus Trump
82 Dr. Fauci On Vaccinations And Biden's 'Refreshing' Approach To COVID-19
83 Dr. Fauci: Variants reveal COVID-19 vaccination as global job
84 Dr. Anthony Fauci Relishes A 'Hallelujah' Moment : Coronavirus Updates
85 Americans Won't Vaccinate If Fauci Keeps Telling Them It's Pointless
86 In The '24th Mile' Of A Marathon, Fauci And Collins Reflect On Their Pandemic Year
87 Dr. Fauci says ‘help is on the way’ with vaccines, but doubts Covid can ever be eradicated
88 Fauci: Vaccine Results Are 'Important Advance,' But Virus Precautions Are Still Vital
89 Fauci says drop in Covid cases not due to vaccine: 'We don't want to get complacent'
90 Vaccinations To Prevent COVID-19 Could Begin Next Month, Fauci Says
91 Dr. Fauci warns of a ‘whole lot of pain’ due to coronavirus pandemic in the coming months
92 Anthony Fauci offers a timeline for ending COVID-19 pandemic
93 Coronavirus herd immunity will take team effort, says Dr. Fauci
94 Fauci shares Biden's concern that 'darkest days' may be ahead in Covid-19 fight
95 Fauci Says U.S. Needs More Time To 'Catch Up' On Vaccine Rollout
96 Dr Fauci Tackles the Issue of Antiscience Sentiments
97 Fauci says U.S. needs to 'hunker down' for fall and winter
98 Dr. Fauci: ‘For the first time in more than 30 years, I’m not spending the Christmas holidays with my daughters’
99 Dr. Fauci offers 2021 forecast on COVID-19 vaccines, treatments
100 Dr. Fauci's 18-hour workday includes two breaks and answering 'emails until I'm so tired I can't do anymore'