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Result Content Idea Research
1 How Trump compares with other recent presidents in appointing federal judges
2 The Supreme Court's Failed Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic
3 Federal judiciary is overcharging for access to public records online, court says
4 Immigration Maximalism at the Supreme Court
5 Federal Court Denies Government's Motion to Dismiss in Immigration Court Case
6 Suspended Detroit judge sues court, alleges discrimination, harassment
7 Worried Progressives See Control of Supreme Court Hanging in Balance
8 After Conservative Backlash, Judiciary Drops Proposed Ban on Federalist Society, American Constitution Society Memberships | National Law Journal
9 Allegheny County judges again asked to allow proper public access to court proceedings
10 Courthouses Innovate to Safely Dispense Justice | Esquire Deposition Solutions, LLC
11 L.A. County Sheriff to further restrict transfers of immigrant inmates to ICE custody
12 Senate Panel Advances Five District Judge Nominees
13 Judge temporarily bars federal officers from using force, threats, dispersal orders against journalists, lega
14 Bills In Congress Would Grant Federal Whistleblowers Access To Courts
15 FBI says it will police violations of law, not ideology, in Portland protests
16 Medal of Honor recipient's life inspires Lyon leaders
17 County finalizes COVID-19 priorities | COVID-19 |
18 What California Knows About Kamala Harris | News Blog
19 Week in Review
20 An interview with Lévy Kaufmann-Kohler discussing dispute resolution in Switzerland
21 Examining the Demographic Compositions of US Circuit and District Courts
22 UR political science professor honored nationally for excellence in teaching and mentorship
23 A Conservative Agenda Unleashed on the Federal Courts
24 More Than 1600 Californians -- Including Many in Humboldt -- Have Been Evicted During Pandemic
25 How close is President Trump to his goal of record-setting judicial appointments?
27 Judicial appointments in Trump’s first three years: Myths and realities
28 SCOTUS & Federal Courts
29 The Trump Administration's Inaction on Coronavirus Is Hurting US Courts
30 Initial Court Responses to Covid-19 Leave a Patchwork of Policies
31 Trump and McConnell's Overwhelmingly White Male Judicial Appointments
32 Federal Judge in Kansas Resigns After Reprimand for Sexual Harassment
33 Chief Justice Roberts and the Legitimacy of the Judiciary
34 Brett Kavanaugh: A Representation of the Damaged US Judiciary
35 Biden pledged to put a black woman on the Supreme Court. Here's what he might have to do.
36 The Federal Judiciary Needs More Judges From Historically Underrepresented Groups
37 The Pressing Need To Support Courts During the Coronavirus Crisis
38 Trump Nears Post-Nixon First: No Black Circuit Judges (Corrected)
39 Native American judge blazes trail in federal courts
40 Congress Scrutinizes Federal Judiciary's Proposed Block on Federalist Society Memberships | National Law Journal
41 Promoting Diversity Among Federal Bankruptcy Judges
42 24 Former Federal Judges Support Emmet Sullivan in Flynn's DC Circuit Challenge | National Law Journal
43 What Joe Biden Can Learn From Jimmy Carter
44 The Senate Just Confirmed its 200th Judge of the Trump Era
45 There's Still More Judicial E-Discovery Education to Be Done | Legaltech News
46 Prep for Deep Cleaning and New Objections: Federal Judiciary Group Releases Guidelines for Resuming Jury Trials | National Law Journal
47 Courtroom access: Legislative efforts to allow cameras in Supreme Court chamber
48 Trump has shaped Supreme Court – and many other federal appeals courts
49 Coronavirus Disrupts U.S. Court System
50 Group of federal judges calls emergency meeting over concerns about DOJ's intervention in politically sensitive cases
51 A federal judge in D.C. hit ‘Reply All,’ and now there’s a formal question about his decorum
52 Federal Judicial Clerkship Hiring Process Revamped Due to COVID-19
53 The chief justice’s 2019 year-end report: The federal judiciary and civic education
54 Blue States Create Hurdle for Trump's 2020 Judicial Appointments
55 One R.I. court staff on self-quarantine as state and federal judiciary monitor virus
56 Federal judges: From political players to lifetime appointments
57 Federal judicial picks have become more contentious. Trump's are no exception.
58 Trump succeeds in remaking federal judiciary
59 McConnell Protégé Moves Toward Confirmation to D.C. Appeals Court
60 Judicial Conference Asks for More Money and Judges Due to Expected COVID-19 Backlog | National Law Journal
61 Trump’s judicial appointments record at the August recess: A little less than meets the eye
62 After Seeing Federal Bureau Of Prisons Up Close, Federal Judges May See Sentencing Differently In Future
63 Trump and McConnell's Political Judges in Wake of Impeachment
64 Democrats Accuse Conservatives of a ‘Dark Money’ Bid to Influence Judges
65 Maine courts cut back public hours to limit spread of coronavirus
66 'Failures of the System': Law Students, Advocates Push for Protections at the Judiciary | National Law Journal
67 Federal Appellate Bench Is A Prosecutorial Retirement Home
68 1 in every 4 circuit court judges is now a Trump appointee
69 Kentucky courts closed for month, federal trials delayed to avoid spreading COVID-19
70 Federal Judge in Kansas City Is Reprimanded for Sexual Harassment
71 Judiciary Prepares for Gradual Reopening During COVID-19, but Tells Courts to Heed Local Officials | National Law Journal
72 'Politicians in Robes': Democrats Launch Push to Counter Conservatives' Judicial Strategy | National Law Journal
73 Two Federal Judges on How They Interpret the Constitution | The
74 Federal Judges Question Constitutionality of Texas Governor's COVID-19 Orders | Texas Lawyer
75 How coronavirus is crippling courts and raising concerns among civil liberties advocates
76 Mitch McConnell stays focused on confirming federal judges amid coronavirus
77 Trump's Exaggerated Judicial Boasts
78 McConnell Has a Request for Veteran Federal Judges: Please Quit
79 Can Democrats Undo the Republican Takeover of the Federal Courts?
80 Michael Flynn Should Be Sentenced for Lying to FBI, Court-Appointed Amicus Tells Judge | National Law Journal
81 COVID-19: Legal impact in Mexico, measures issued by various authorities (Eight part | Federal Judicial Branch)
82 Judge Justin Walker is a window into McConnell's sway on federal courts
83 Senate Republicans to Push Ahead on Judges Over Democratic Objections
84 Trump Watch: How Questions About the Vacant Appellate Seat for Justin Walker Fell Flat
85 Simple Reforms to Improve Transparency and Public Trust in the Federal Judiciary
86 Senate Dems raise alarm on 'captured' federal courts as Trump, Republicans keep judicial confirmations coming
87 National Women's Law Center expert explains danger in Trump's ongoing judicial system takeover
88 Special Report: Thousands of U.S. judges who broke laws, oaths remained on the bench
89 A slew of federal and state courts suspend trials or close for coronavirus threat
90 Judges Rush to Learn Video Conferencing as Shelter-In-Place Orders Spread Across Texas Metros | Texas Lawyer
91 Playing the Bench Game: Progressive Groups Take Aim at the Federal Judiciary | National Law Journal
92 Federal courts in Michigan taking protective measures against coronavirus
93 2020 Census Litigation
94 McConnell's push to confirm judges may mean another tradition is dead
95 Should the public pay a dime for access to court records?
96 Federal judges make unprecedented decision to oust Utah magistrate
97 Reshaping the courts
98 Plaintiffs Ask Federal Court to Halt Dicamba Spraying, Hold EPA in Contempt
99 Kansas Supreme Court asks local courts for plans to continue operations amid COVID-19 outbreak
100 Coronavirus upends justice system as states close courts and halt trials