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1 Portland arrests put low-profile Federal Protective Service in the spotlight
2 Tickle The WireFederal Protective Service Archives
3 The federal crackdown in Portland is ‘legal.’ That’s the problem with it.
4 Homeland Security gets new role under Trump monument order
5 Your Illinois News Radar » *** UPDATED x1 *** Pritzker says state will resist deployment of Federal Protective Service agents, “And if they do come, we're going to do everything we can from a legal perspective to get them out”
6 Portland feds suffer 277 injuries, but no lasting blindness
7 Q&A: Here's What Is Happening on the Ground in Portland
8 Federal agents use tear gas to clear Portland protest
9 Federal Agents Heading to Cities 'Plagued by Violent Crime'
10 Federal Police Buy 1000 Pairs of Sunglasses to Protect Officers From Protesters' Lasers
11 DHS Official On Reports Of Federal Officers Detaining Protesters In Portland, Ore.
12 For Racial Justice Protests, US Taps Tactical Border Squads
13 7 arrested on charges including assault on law enforcement officers, destruction of federal property, and disorderly conduct
14 Constellis Reports Key Contract Wins; Tim Reardon Quoted
15 Federal agents sent to Seattle area in response to 'threats'
16 18 people face federal charges after arrests at courthouse protests in Portland
17 Sen. Bob Casey said federal agents 'kidnapped' protesters in Portland. Is that true?
18 Federal officers in Portland may have been permanently blinded by lasers, officials say
19 Dozens of federal law enforcement officers in Portland doxed amid riots, officials say
20 Constitutional crisis looms over federal agents in Portland
21 Census data shows how much the last recession hurt veterans
22 Who are the officers detaining protesters in Portland?
23 Like in Portland, federal agents were in Seattle
24 The Constitutional Case Against Trump’s Use of the Department of Homeland Security
25 Ridgely: President’s actions finally hit the bottom of the barrel | COMMENTARY
26 The Streets are Hot | No More Normal
27 Ridge: 'It would be a cold day in hell' before I'd let 'uninvited' federal agents into cities
28 Calm returns to Portland as federal agents withdraw
29 Fact Checking the Portland Protests: How Violent Are They?
30 Federal authorities answer questions about role in Portland
31 Press Briefing by Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany
32 Portland protests continue as feds curtail presence
33 Portland bans police from working with federal law enforcement, targeting journalists and legal observers dur
34 Analysis | Trump's Power and Limits in Policing U.S. Cities
35 Texas man charged with hammer attack on federal officer at Portland protest
36 Trump administration weighs a show of force in more cities
37 Commissioner Chloe Eudaly Says Portland Police Have “Collaborated With Federal Occupiers”
38 Unpacking DHS's Troubling Explanation of the Portland Van Video
39 Oregon governor says US agents will start leaving Portland
40 Watchdog group accuses police of excessive force in George Floyd protests
41 Letters: Tax hike plan | Kaepernick effect | Change electoral system | Battling COVID-19 | Federal force | The real problem
42 Homeland Security Turns to Defending Statues Amid Questions Over Priorities
43 Lawmakers question DHS crackdown tactics in protest cities
44 No More Normal: The Streets Are Hot
45 Trump Plans to Expand the Federal Invasion of American Cities
46 Judge denies Oregon attorney general’s motion to restrict federal police actions
47 Inside the Portland protest zone: ‘I don’t think there’s an end in sight’
48 Feds doing things amid general crabbiness
49 Federal agents to be deployed in Milwaukee as DOJ expands “Operation Legend”
50 Protections against Drones Lacking for Federal, Other Facilities, IG Says
51 Oregon’s attorney general argues for temporary restraining order against federal law enforcement
52 Left-wing activists planning protest on the Las Vegas Strip
53 Rethinking Domestic Terrorism Law After Boogaloo Movement Attacks
54 Protesters in Rittenhouse decry Trump threat to deploy federal officers to Philly
55 Atlanta immigration offices vandalized; Online posts claim responsibility
56 Federal Law Enforcement Agencies Deployed To Portland Protests
57 Judge sounds skeptical on Oregon's bid to rein in federal agents in Portland
58 Portland Police Officers Are Hiding Their Names. The Only Way to Find Out Who They Are: Tell the City Their Names.
59 Pinole basketball court project to honor slain federal officer
60 Six mayors ask Congress to act on federal deployments of uninvited, armed agents
61 NJ Man Admits Stealing 300 iPhones From Federal Evidence Storage
62 Thousands Protest at Portland Federal Courthouse | Time
63 Portland Police Describe Nightly Face-offs With Protesters As Unsustainable
64 Federal courthouse door shattered, fireworks exploded inside and at least 7 people arrested through weekend u
65 Blazers' Damian Lillard calls federal response to Portland protests 'disturbing'
66 Portland Standoff: State Asks Federal Agents to Be Reined in
67 Federal judge rejects Oregon's legal effort to put restrictions on federal agents there
68 Lasers, leaf blowers, fireworks: How Portland protesters battle their militarized foes in the streets (photo
69 Editorial: Portland's leaders, it is time
70 IRS managers, NTEU waiting on answers as agency looks at reopening more services
71 Judge refuses restraining order against federal law enforcement
72 Night 57 of Portland protests brings 'refocus' and new limits on federal response
73 Ex-Border Patrol agent describes unit in Portland as violent, racist
74 Tear gas fired again; Portland protest standoff continues
75 Save the battle uniforms for combat | TheHill
76 McGrath: No, SLCPD, a Tipped Car Does Not Justify Police Violence
77 Playing War While Dressed to Kill in Portland
78 Wall of Moms, Don’t Shoot Portland sue federal Homeland Security, Justice Departments
79 ACLU seeks contempt findings, sanctions against federal officers who have fired munitions at journalists, leg
80 Protests resurge across U.S. as clashes continue in Portland
81 A Group Of Moms Formed A Human Wall To Protect Portland Protesters From Federal Officers
82 Federal Protective Service officer killed, another injured in Oakland shooting amid George Floyd protests
83 Cuccinelli: Totally Legal and Totally Cool How CBP and ICE Now Control Your City
84 Mayor of Portland, Oregon, tear gassed by federal agents
85 Professor Crespo says events in Portland raise serious concerns about unlawful police tactics
86 Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty call for ‘cease fire’ by federal authorities
87 See What the Federal Response to D.C. Protests Looks Like
88 'Trump's Troops Are Breaking the Law and Creating Chaos'
89 Plainclothes NYC police grab protester and throw her into unmarked car
90 Federal Protective Service Recognized in 2019 'ASTORS' Awards Program
91 What's Really Going on in Portland, Explained
92 Portland protests bring early-morning clash with feds after more than 1,000 turn out Tuesday
93 Family, friends hold memorial for Federal protective service officer killed outside Federal Building in Oakland: 'Outstanding person'
94 Judge Proposes ACLU Define Who Is a Journalist at Portland Protests
95 State and local governments employ the highest share of essential workers. Congress is failing to protect them.
96 Sister of federal law enforcement officer killed in Oakland testifies before Congress
97 Two Defendants Charged With Murder And Aiding And Abetting In Slaying Of Federal Protective Service Officer At Oakland Courthouse Building, DOJ Reports
98 Federal Protective Service Automates Threat Assessment Processes
99 Why Was a Federal Protective Service Officer Stationed Outside Whole Foods in Northwest?
100 NASCO Mourns Loss of FPS Protective Security Officer Killed at Oakland Federal Building on May 29