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1 Felice J. Freyer
2 A COVID-19 vaccine hinges on people volunteering as test subjects. These participants explain why they did it
3 How to have a safer Thanksgiving during the pandemic
4 What you should know about the Pfizer vaccine news
5 Medical professionals confront the second wave of COVID-19 with grief and grit
6 Tracker: The latest on COVID-19 vaccine front-runners
7 Pediatricians struggle to win over vaccine refusers
8 Worst-case scenarios predicted Mass. hospitals would be overwhelmed by COVID-19 patients. Here’s why that didn’t happen
9 In cold white boxes, the first vaccine against COVID-19 starts arriving
10 At the Brigham, ‘battle-weary’ staff may have allowed virus to slip in
11 For some, COVID-19 symptoms linger for months
12 For the first Black president of Mass. psychology group, racism is a mental health issue
13 Ten pressing questions about coronavirus, answered by experts
14 Lack of coordination in reopenings could lead to more coronavirus spread, spillover between states
15 Amid a rising tide of COVID-19, hospitals stock up on protective gear
16 New MIT research center seeks precise treatments for brain disorders
17 Brigham and Women’s hospital completes investigation of coronavirus outbreak
18 In calm before the storm, hospitals prepare for second wave of COVID-19
19 Vaccinations boost spirits at hospitals throughout Mass.
20 Is Massachusetts ready for a second wave of COVID-19?
21 Alkermes sued over death of man who overdosed after taking addiction treatment Vivitrol
22 Infected children can carry high levels of coronavirus, Mass. General study says
23 Forced by the pandemic, health care plunges into the digital age
24 What’s behind Trump’s hospitalization?
25 Public health experts fear politics will taint COVID-19 vaccine approval
26 Biden picks MGH infectious diseases chief Rochelle Walensky to oversee CDC
27 Wait, is this legal? When it comes to safe consumption sites, the law is unclear.
28 Boston research team says it has enrolled a diverse group in Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine study
29 Trump’s recovery looks likely but not guaranteed, local doctors say
30 Improvisation and medical mysteries in the COVID-19 ICU
31 Field hospitals open in Rhode Island as COVID-19 cases surge
32 Recalling wounds of racism through the eyes of a friend
33 Stop sending men to prison for addiction treatment, group recommends
34 Local physicians form group to advocate on COVID-19
35 Mass. to open monitoring centers for drug users who overdose
36 Two-thirds of Americans say they would accept a coronavirus vaccine
37 Worried about in-person school? Here are six key points to consider
38 Parents worried about coronavirus are missing vaccination appointments — opening the door to outbreaks of a different kind
39 Surviving ventilators, only to find lives diminished
40 Everyone — including Trump — has an opinion about this potential COVID-19 treatment, and that’s making it hard to find out if it works
41 Inside Boston Medical Center: The heart of the coronavirus storm
42 Late-stage clinical trial for Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine is launched nationwide
43 ‘This is not how you do science’: Cambridge biotech Moderna’s potential COVID-19 vaccine stirs hope — and criticism
44 Treating addiction on the streets of Boston. Over the phone.
45 Questions about coronavirus? Here are some answers
46 Should you send your child back to school? The expert consensus leans toward ‘yes,’ with caveats
47 Facing the challenges of climate change at the bedside
48 A fine of $500 a day for violators. That’s part of the strict new rules for people traveling to Massachusetts
49 Opioid-related deaths decline in Mass., but ‘we’ve gone from horrible to less horrible’
50 Blue Cross hangs out ‘help wanted’ sign for child psychiatrists
51 Influential research group concludes safe injection sites ‘save lives and money’
52 When COVID-19 patients need to recuperate at home, but have no home
53 A slow, cautious slog toward opening a safe injection site
54 Can you get COVID-19 twice? A veteran at the Holyoke Soldiers’ Home who had seemingly recovered from virus tests positive
55 You had coronavirus questions. We had doctors answer them
56 Court orders Essex County to provide methadone to inmate
57 Major Mass. hospitals pledge to train doctors in addiction care
58 Now that the coronavirus is everywhere, what can you do to avoid severe illness?
59 A new warning: Vaping and smoking may increase risk that COVID-19 will hit you hard
60 Expectant mothers face searing anxieties over how coronavirus will affect pregnancy and childbirth
61 As CDC warns of coronavirus’s spread in US, officials reveal that more than 600 in Mass. have been monitored for illness
62 Baker declares state of emergency as coronavirus cases more than double
63 Coronavirus outbreak is officially declared a pandemic, as events, schools are closed and Dow continues to plummet
64 Coronavirus outbreak at Biogen meeting in Boston shows widening impact of illness
65 Mass. insurers to cover full cost of coronavirus testing, treatment
66 Gilead study finds five days of remdesivir works against COVID-19 as well as 10
67 Cam Newton tests positive for COVID-19, prompting NFL to postpone Patriots-Chiefs game
68 Flu shot mandate for Mass. students leaves key questions unanswered
69 Massachusetts life-sciences industry at forefront of worldwide fight against coronavirus
70 Michael Pollan, describing a drug trip: ‘I saw myself dissolve’
71 Why does it take so long to make a vaccine?
72 This Mass. nonprofit makes Thanksgiving feasts for people with dietary restrictions
73 What you need to know about the new coronavirus
74 Feeling feverish? Worried about coronavirus? Here’s why tests have been hard to get.
75 In a flash of clarity, lives marred by drugs find meaning
76 Drugs took their children, but not their hope that others might be saved
77 Should drug users have a safe place to inject? State panel says yes
78 Does covering your face protect you, or not? What’s behind the change in coronavirus recommendations
79 Massachusetts reports first confirmed case of coronavirus
80 Coronavirus is new, but don’t forget: ‘This is a very severe influenza season’
81 For workers in the time of coronavirus, a troubling choice: work sick, or lose pay?
82 N.H. woman gets second face transplant
83 State moves to prevent surge in HIV infections among homeless drug users
84 Suicides soar among teenagers, Harvard study says
85 Legislative committee approves bill allowing safe injection sites in Mass.
86 ‘This virus is everywhere.’ Experts deride Europe travel ban as useless
87 ‘Loneliness kills’: Former surgeon general sounds alarm on emotional well-being
89 Diplomat sickened in China pledges to donate his brain
90 Tensions flare as homeless and drug users spread into South End
91 WARREN to stump for BIDEN — The case for keeping DAYLIGHT SAVINGS — Tech snafus hamper ONLINE LEARNING
92 Emergency rooms once offered little for drug users. That's starting to change
93 Overdose deaths in Massachusetts show little change
94 2 people in NH being tested for coronavirus
95 Most doctors don’t screen for dementia, but that may change in Massachusetts
96 Meth has taken hold in Massachusetts
97 ‘Pressure to work in pain.’ A quarter of Mass. opioid deaths are in construction
98 Rethinking dialysis: Giving patients choices
99 ‘Sick passenger’ from China arrives at Logan, but doesn’t have symptoms of coronavirus
100 Many people don’t know how to administer overdose-reversing drugs. Blue Cross is trying to change that